CM Punk's WWE Return Pushed Back - New Date Revealed

There has been a development in CM Punk's return to WWE following the "walk out" angle on Raw a couple of weeks ago. Originally scheduled for next week's Raw in Columbus, Ohio, dot com has pulled Punk from all upcoming shows.

His new return date is the May 27th episode of WWE Raw from the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. While the feeling was Punk was off Extreme Rules, the possibility was still there with him being advertised for shows prior to the pay-per-view. With him now removed from the schedule, it appears he's certainly off next month's event.

Punk has been Tweeting photos from various baseball parks across the current during his time off.

You can follow on Punk on Twitter @CMPunk. Make sure to follow us at @wnwnews.

  • Chris

    He deserves a break, he needs to heal.

    • Kleck

      I hope he heels

  • PainOfDemise

    Glad he’s taking the time off. He needs to just sit back and heal. Not come back too soon before he’s not fully healed. He’s done that enough times. He has the chance to rest and he needs to take advantage of it, because it doesn’t happen very often.

  • H.M.

    I’m not even burnt out on the guy after seeing him week after week. He just gets better and better and I’m glad to see him healing up. An unexpected Punk return would be pretty sick; regardless, seeing him after a long break will only make watching him all the more exciting. I love me some good big name returns.

  • Big M

    By the sounds of it he has only been given a month off I know thats a long break by wrestling standards but i thought being really banged up he would have been given 3 or 4 months i think triple h got 5 months of in 2005 for the same thing it seems they are doing him a disservice in my book give the man time to heal already.

    • Matt

      Difference being HHH is the bosses son in law. CM Punk isn’t.

      • Xavier

        HHH still worked a majority of the house shows from June thru October of 05 even though he didn’t appear on TV

  • Kacie

    Looks like I wont be tuning in until May 27th.

    • Chris

      Looks like I’ll be changing the channel on May 27th

      • If CM Punk comes back and works with guys he claims to be “fighting” for than I want to see him back. If Punk wants to send a message to management by wearing Cesaro’s shirt he should request to work with him when he comes back. He should also be willing to work with his buddy Daniel Bryan abd really put him over by tapping out to him. I guess we will see if Punk is really the Voice of the Pushless.

        • Churchill

          That will never happen becuz Punk is only in it for Punk. he pretends to have the best interest of the underdogs and has managed 2 create a fake persona which most of these CM fan virgin boys have bought into but if you look at his track record it clearly shows that hes never actually put over any new up incomers. Punk has all these sheep fooled but not me. Punk will comeback and cut some stupid promo crying about something like he always does, same shit different day, I use to think that Cena was stale but Punk has surpassed him on that. Only reason i put up with cena is becuz hes not a fake hypercrate like Punk

          • Domenico

            You sound like a hater, insulting fans of Punk as if that was necessary to make a point.. Well hater’s comments lose all respect…. and you just don’t know how to appreciate a good “wrestler” in the whole sense of the word.

          • Churchill

            Not hating at all, just calling it like it is. Punk is a whiny crybaby hypercrate he bitches & moans backstage everytime something doesnt go his way. He claims hes going to bat for all these guys and if thats the case then how come he wont volunteer to work with the guys hes suposedly going to bat for and out them over? Sheep fans like yourself cant name a time were Punk really helped elevate another guy becuz ihe never has. Oh and BTW werent you the one hating on Cena and his fans yesterday on ewrestlingNews,thought so. And punk is not that good. Austin Aries, Daniel Bryan & Samoa Joe would wrestle circles around that douche bag.

          • f_caus

            “hypercrate” Your argument is invalid, bro.

          • shaun jones

            your not “calling it as it is” your being an asshole and insulting his fans, making any point after that mute. well done.

          • shaun jones

            “hypercrate” lol yeah mr insider, apparently you buy into the act more than anyone xD his character is decided on by WWE execs, he acts it out, and you are judging the man based on his WWE character, are you 5?

  • Xavier

    Maybe we’ll get a Punk/Lesnar feud out of this hopefully.

  • Flow

    As long as he comes back by the new payback PPV that’s In Chicago. Can’t wait to see his massive ovation at home

  • Noelz

    I wish they wouldn’t say anything about his return…take the old school route and just let him show up and blow the roof off the place…I feel like knowing when he’s coming back isn’t as fun as just sitting there watching raw and his music just hits out of nowhere

    • Loren Goldstein

      If that’s what you want, then checking out websites like this won’t help you. People can’t have it both ways, either you want to know things or you don’t.

  • -|AZ|-

    I hope he returns back as a face. Given the reaction the crowds have been giving to Sheamus and Randy, a “face” Punk can fit into the mix…


  • Hussein

    Going to the the show its going to be awesome #WWECALGARY

  • I like this, he does need the time. I say he comes back as a heel….we need to return to the times where heels were the face, and faces got boo’d. Turn Sheamus and Randy Orton heel, but a face typed heel…..Ryback NEEDS to beat John Cena. Shield should be stopped. break up Team Hell No and return the old Kane, Brothers of Destruction return…..etc.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Walks out and returns at a top spot knocking somebody else out of theirs after all the hard work they have put in covering for him. That’s the Punk way. I just can’t wait to hear his promos about how much harder he works than everyone else and of course he’s the best in the world. Let’s forget all the good story lines that are going on and turn it back to all about Punk or he will quit again. I hope they let Cesaro bury him but it will probably be the other way around.

  • Fred Knapp Copier Guru

    some things never change

  • shaun jones

    and in the end, we got….. drum roll….. nothing