Cody & Brandi Rhodes On Mother's Day, WWE 2K15 Release Pushed Back?, Benoit On WWE Network

- Cody and Brandi Rhodes spent Mother's Day at the dog park. Check out their day in Brandi's new video blog that's online at this link or embedded in the video below:

- A new report by Capsule Computers indicates that WWE 2K15 will not be released in October like usual but will be released in March 2015 instead. You can read their report at this link.

- Wrestling News World reader Catarino Donias sent word that Chris Benoit's name was used in the description of ECW Hardcore TV episode #92 on the WWE Network. I'm not sure how prevalent the use of Benoit's name is, however, you can check it out in the screen capture below:

  • Avalanchian

    Can you not find matches of Benoit on WWE Network?

    • Dave Barton

      They disabled “Benoit” as a searchable keyword, so if you want to see any of his matches, you need to know who his opponent was or what show it was from to find him.

      • Simon Veitch

        That’s the one thing that really annoys me with the WWE Network, that and I’d love the ability to list all of the PPV’s in chronological order on the PS4 so I can watch them in order, I can only seem to sort them like that on PC, on the consoles it just lists the PPV’s in alphabetical order

  • Vic Jose

    What difference does it make if they use Benoit’s name.

  • Dave Barton

    The Benoit thing is something I’m sure just fell through the cracks. Kinda like how if you watch Spring Stampede 1997 on the Network, they left in Booker T’s most famous botch…”Hulk Hogan, we comin’ fa you, n***a!

    • Huh, I missed that the last time I saw it. Guess I have to go back and find it!

  • Scott Davies

    Its funny that WWE try to erase Benoit, but if you look at the old shows of ECW & WCW & Even in WWE just how much part of history he was.