Cody Rhodes A Future World Champ?, Fox Sports 1/Pro Wrestling, TNA Investors, CM Punk Still A Top Guy?

When Cody Rhodes returns do you think he will get a World Title push?

We heard this summer WWE planned to push both Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow. They put Sandow over for the Money in the Bank briefcase but have stopped on him since. Cody Rhodes seems to be getting his but will now take approved time off for his wedding and honeymoon. There is no way I can predict a World Title push upon his return as there are too many things to factor. As I've stated previously, Rhodes was very impressive on Monday night and he should be in a good place going forward.

Do you see Fox Sports 1 adding pro wrestling programming?

I have not heard of their being interest in pro wrestling programming on Fox Sports 1. The pro wrestling connection I draw when I think of Fox Sports 1 is that WWE wanted to do what Fox did with the former Speed network with the WWE Network. At one point WWE tried to purchase the former G4 network and revamp it as their own. The thinking here was to take a network that already had wide clearance and revamp it.  That's how Fox Sports is hoping to compete with ESPN.

What would be your thoughts be if someone like a Mark Cuban or a Donald Trump were to invest in TNA?

I heard at one point that Jeff Jarrett was interested in bringing on Royal Capital Corporation as an investor in TNA Wrestling. Nothing ever materialized but right now, TNA doesn't have a problem with their financial backer. The Carter family has plenty of money, the only question is how long will they remain committed to the TNA product? A good piece of news is Viacom is high up on the TNA brand and would entertain the thought of doing what they do with Bellator should Panda Energy back out. Now, keep in mind these are just some whispers we've heard and it may be a different situation if Viacom had to put their money where their mouth is.  However, TNA has a good relationship with their network and that's important to the company's long-term viability.

Is CM Punk no longer considered a main event talent considering another pay-per-view loss last month?

I didn't like CM Punk's loss to Brock Lesnar and feel he's done way too many jobs but the fact of the matter is it's easier to rebuild a guy that's on TV every week than it is to put Lesnar under and have it kill his long-term value. CM Punk is still a top-level guy in WWE but has clearly taken a backseat to Randy Orton with John Cena out.

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  • James

    I would eat Cody Rhodes wife’s ass out with a spoon!

    • Jay


      • James

        i’m kidding lol She is hot though

    • GODSENT68

      That’s finger food

      • One-liner


    • Justin

      I don’t find her attractive.

      • Rus

        Because you find Darren Young attractive

        • Justin


  • Alexi

    Stopping on Sandow is an understatement more like killing any credibilty he has as he has yet, to my knowledge, won a match since winning money in the bank. Way to build up new stars Vince.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      That is how they do with MITB winners. Their mentality is, we can job this guy out as much as possible because in the end he will be champion regardless. It’s a shitty mentality but once they are champions things change. Obviously it didn’t work for Ziggler but that was Swagger’s fault for giving him a concussion.

      • Xavier

        Not necessarily the case most of the time. They didn’t job out Edge (the two times he won it), Randy Orton, Kane, John Cena, CM Punk (the second time he won it), Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger or The Miz when they won the briefcase.

        • jomo12

          Think about who you just mentioned.Of course those guys are not gonna job out to others before cashing in. The Miz didn’t job but by faking like he’s gonna cash in as many times as he did, still didn’t make him look strong.

      • GODSENT68

        Typical Swags.

  • steve pritchard

    Punk just came back in June. I’m sure once this heyman storyline is over . He will be right back in the main event picture. I just can’t see him not getting involved with this hhh / McMahon corporation storyline at some point

    • Danny_Boy

      God I hope not, he’ll just try to hijack Bryan’s momentum. Punkhas always been about himself and himself only.

      • Rus

        Wow Danny boy not hard to see you don’t like Punk, well our option is either Punk comes to back up Bryan or drag this out until Super Cena comes back to save the day. My choice is Punk

  • Scott Davies

    CM Punk did have a good 2 year run. I kinda expected a drop off on Punk.

  • Jay El Bee

    Punk has only been pinned one time I believe since he returned, I think the guy is going to be just fine.

  • Justin

    I could see Smackdown on Fox Sports 1.

  • Razmos

    Cody could come straight back from time off in to a massive story line that has a championship pay off, all because of the way he went out, he was fired in perhaps one of the best storylines WWE has had since……dare i say it…..the attitude era, so i dont see this time off for Cody as a “push derailed”

  • Vanisha Kissun

    To the idiot above, Punk took time off post WM coz he injured himself AT WRESTLEMANIA.

    • Danny_Boy

      To the idiot Vanisha Kissun above me, you mean those fake injuries that were never reported by any major wrestling source. Punk wasn’t hurt, he was just mad because he had to job to Taker, so he took his ball and went home for a little bit. CM “crybaby” Punk will always be overrated

      • Rus

        Who cares after the year Punk did before he deserved some time off, Id like to see your work half as hard as him and not want time off but then again 1 week of work that he does would be too much to handle for a hole year for someone like you. I believe all the top talent should receive a month or so time off atleast once every couple of years especially when their job still doesn’t end because people and media still follow them around like a fly on sh*t

  • Rus

    How can loses to the rock, undertaker and brock lesnar be considered him not being a main event star or going down hill especially after beating Cena so many times and the rest of the entire WWE roster the man has to lose sometime, then again if he loses to Curtis Axel then he might be on his way down. I might be going out on a limb but in my opinion his work with Brock Lesnar was the best match I have EVER seen on WWE