Cody Rhodes Denies Wellness Failure

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Cody Rhodes posted the following on Twitter:

We originally reported here on Premium that Rhodes along with Ezekiel Jackson failed WWE Wellness Tests around the same time Randy Orton failed, however, both cleared with valid prescriptions. I stand 100% behind my source and my story.

  • Toby

    Well maybe your source is wrong?

    • Richard Gray

      It's possible but I'm calling BS. My sources know what they are talking about and have broken numerous stories. It's Cody's word vs. mine but I'm not backing down unless my source informs me otherwise.

  • Logan_Walker

    It’s Cody’s word against your source’s word Richard.

    • Richard Gray

      One in the same

      • Ken

        Who's the source? Without a name, you could just be making it up. 😛

        • Richard Gray

          I would never name a source. More info:

          • Logan_Walker

            Why Would Richard Ever give up his source? now then people who read the premium section will get less backstage / insider rumbling and no doubt but the source would get Sacked from WWE. and properly sued. (im not sure how strict they are on leakers)

    • Logan_Walker

      wow someone must not like me.

  • Frenchfry

    Ill go with Cody on this one

    • J-Dub

      Really Really Really. WNW has broke numerous stories and you go against them not smart Really not smart!

      • Logan_Walker

        Well as you said Richard & WNW have broke many a stories but you will listen to Cody Rhodes who would have everything to gain from this… now ill read this take it into account but richard has broke so many stories, i'd belive him over any wrestling or "Sports Entertainer"

  • Tony P.

    If they had valid prescriptions wouldn’t that effectively negate the positive results on the drug tests?

  • Ian D.

    This was reported months ago and Cody is just not finding out??

  • Johnnyboy

    Its amazing how people come on here and talk trash to everyone IE Logan Walker and Toby, but yet you guys still paid the money needed to read this story aka Premium membership. What does this say to the majority of us who are grateful for Richards hard work and dedication? That maybe you guys should either A) find a new site if you dont like his reports B) realize that you guys need a life to argue about some premadona and whether he pissed hot or not or C) all of the above!!! I choose C!!!!

    • Christ 4 Life

      Very well said

    • Logan_Walker

      Excuse me what do you mean by this ? one i dont have a Prem Membership to this site or any wrestling oriented website, i do appreaciate all the work that Richard and the Rest of the WNW team posts.

      could you just clear this up for me ?

    • Logan_Walker

      are you talking about this account or the fake acount that has been going around

  • scurto

    I agree with Richard!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Possible that they were flagged by the wellness policy but later produced valid prescriptions?
    I have no idea but someone is either wrong or lying.

  • CrankyVince

    Wonder what “luchas” site it was. Why would you care if he tested amyways? Just saying, not.everyone is on roids. To say that is pretty ignorant. Not everyone that has a good physique is on drugs.

  • Christ 4 Life

    Why would you guys doubt Richard?! Superstars have been known to lie, Jericho said he wasn't returning and that the claims that he was at 1-2-12 episode of Raw were false! Richard Gray runs the best, and most reliable professional wrestling website. He puts his time, talents, effort, and I'm sure money into giving wrestling fans the breaking news and rumors that we want. Trust him, and his source!

  • Ger

    you cant just take steroids and magically grow muscles, u still need to put the work in in the gym to see any effect

  • Luke

    Shawn, WWE talent dedicate themselves to being in the best condition (well, the names you mentioned minus vince) do you seriously think Ziggler takes roids and suddenly grows abs? Have you ever heard of a wellness test?

    • Logan_Walker

      well as it happened to Rey M, Sin Cara, Even Bourne TWICE, R-Truth and thats just from this year. & Randy Orton. They Do get tested.

  • Logan_Walker

    I am such a boy scout when it comes to WNW. Proud of it too. Lol.

    • Logan_Walker

      Well Nice Try Weird Person's Fake Account.

  • True. Probably every wrestler takes some form of “steroid”/”supplement” to stay in shape. But i disagree about why UFC guys dont look as jacked as WWE guys. It all comes down to their training. Ufc guys train to be good fighters. You dont need big muscles to fight. Wwe guys train like bodybuilders, to look good, because theyre entertainers, not fighters.

    • And another thing i wanted to point out is you CAN look as good, if not better than these wrestlers if you “workout every single day”. You dont need drugs to get jacked, just time and hard work. The problem is these wrestlers dont have the time, so they need a little help.

  • Bluetrooperair

    If guys like Rhodes and Orton are on steroids it must be some cheap shit!!!

  • RobUK

    I’ve been visiting this website for sometime now, and whenever Richard has been wrong he always retracts the post and admits it. So i’m sticking with Richard on this one.

    Side note – can we not have a discussion without the name calling or abuse like we’re 5 year olds? Really…. always the same problem with the net. People sit behind names and blog/comment and feel they can be as abusive as they want. Sad.

  • Bluetrooperair

    If guys like Rhodes and Orton are on steroids it must be some cheap ……

  • Bluetrooperair

    Ryback, Lesnar, and HHH….look at the bowed out foreheads and eye brows. That will give you some clues.

  • Bluetrooperair

    Ryback, Lesnar, and HHH….look at the bowed out foreheads and eye brows.

  • Luke

    I’m not being a troll. I was saying half the roster do not take roids? And who says you can’t get a body like Morrison? It’s called hard work. Of course I’m not denying some wrestlers have used roids in the past, that’d be stupid of me to say… as “no time for gym, but time for roids is” just my view.

  • Kevin

    Here's my question: When a talent tests positive, does he have to produce a prescription immediately, or is he given time to produce it? I'm thinking that if he's given time, he could come up with a prescription in order to have the results negated. I know that in my world, aka the REAL world, when I was given a drug test (being ex-military and a 12 year casino worker, I was tested plenty of times), I was questioned BEFORE the test. If I had any prescriptions, I had to show them then. A fellow casino worker was fired because he failed the test, and prior to the test didn't reveal that he had a prescription because he didn't think it would be tested for.