Cody Rhodes Feels The Rhodes Family Is Better Than #8 In The 15 Greatest Families In WWE History

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Cody Rhodes wasn't impressed with dot com's article of "The 15 Greatest Families in WWE History" in which the Rhodes family is ranked #8. Rhodes had the following to say about the article that is online at this link:

Rhodes is currently in Turkey doing promotional work for WWE.

  • H.M.


  • Monty

    Lol yeh his family should be top 5. Goldust character was never used right so his potential could have been a lot more.

    Also now with Cody not sure what Vince is waiting for, in my opinion he is ready for a huge main event push. How many times could you put him in IC title match before pushing him a bit more

    Also what the heck happened to us title? That title is suppose to be the next step

    Besides wwe and whc wwe have kind of forgotten about other titles

  • Levi Aldebol

    The U.S. Title has become something of an afterthought since Santino Marella won it. When you look at the history, you realize the U.S. Title is the last of the WCW Titles still active. I think they're going to discontinue it if this trend continues.

    I agree the Rhodes Family should be at least Top 5. I guess because Dustin Rhodes never really made main event status (in either WWE or WCW) was the reason for the low rank.

    Lump Cody Rhodes with Dolph Ziggler and The Miz as people who should be main eventing by now but for some reason aren't.