Cody Rhodes Hits Intercontinental Championship Milestone; Watch The Latest Episode Of WWE Inbox Here

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- Cody Rhodes has held the WWE Intercontinental Championship for 200 days as of February 28, 2012. WWE has posted an article about the milestone over on dot com. Click here to read it. (Thanks to WNW reader Ryan for sending us the link.)

- The latest episode of "WWE Inbox" is embedded in the video below courtesy of the official WWE YouTube channel:

  • Fernando

    And how many times has Cody defended the title? As long as I can remember, none.

    • I agree I like Cody but use the title

    • Aly

      He's defended a few times. Sure, not in the past few months, but it's not really a title that everyone's wanting to fight over. He sucessfully defended it in a 10 man battle royal, along with in a match against Sheamus and at Hell In A Cell against Jo-Mo. He then went on to defend against Booker T at TLC and on the Jan 6th addition of Smackdown. Sure he hasn't had any recent title defends, but like I already said, the IC championship isn't a belt that many SuperStars have their eyes on. It's seen as a stepping stone in furthering a persons career. And it has been doing just that for Cody, even if its hard for some people to see that. He certainly has improved and moved further in his career, especially when you compare it to his 'dashing' days and the time before that.

      • Glen

        Talking like a true mark! I’m pretty sure guys like Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, Alex Riley, Santino, Zack Ryder among many others would kill to have a chance to be called the Intercontinetal champion! Obviously your not gonna see John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Undertaker, Kane going after it
        For obvious reasons but most guys on the roster would LOVE to hold a championship. That equals to more tv time and exposure! Look at Primo and Epico! Promo was lost and forgotten after Carlito was released and Epico has not even been in the wwe for a year and is already champion!

      • MonsterMike42

        He's probably defended at house shows. They have title matches all the time.

    • DAMN

      Wow are you kidding me? do you even watch the shows?

      • Jay

        @DAMN: Is that a reply to aly or Fernando? I for one completely agree with aly.

    • Alejandro

      So the recent Booker T vs Cody rivalry for the IC title never happened then?

      • Alex

        That rivalry wasn't for the title. One match was. The rivalry was over pride.

  • Alex

    I love Cody Rhodes, but I actually forgot that he was the IC champ.