Cody Rhodes Injury Update - Suffered Strained Muscles & A Concussion

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The official WWE website has an update on Cody Rhodes' condition following a botched back body drop on this week's WWE Main Event. According to WWE's ringside physician, Dr. Michael Sampson, Rhodes sustained strained muscles and a concussion. More tests will be done and more details on the severity will be available tomorrow.

Click here to view the video.

  • jdl

    Yeah, great, a picture of Cody smiling away while he's injured. Nice.

    • Bishop

      And he happens to look concussed in that pic

    • Howard Stern


    • Jd88

      Really?? …….really???

    • Ken

      It's a stock photo you muppet.

    • XKonn247

      What do want? A picture of him crying? Jesus…

  • Gary

    That wasn't taken after the injury. Its simply a picture, genius.

  • Nick B

    Really? Again? You HAVE to complain!?

  • @jblack424

    Why do you even use this website if you keep crying about pictures. They are picture of who the story is about. If this ruins your day, you’ll probably have a bad day all of your life

  • Aly

    Hope he won’t have to miss the SS match! Would suck to have to find another heel member… But then again wouldn’t want him to work injured…

  • Chris

    So who’s to blame for the injury – Cody or Kane?

  • Its so easy to troll people nowadays….