Cody Rhodes Injury Update

Cody Rhodes didn't work the Smackdown taping after being injured in his match with Damien Sandow against Team Hell No taped for WWE Main Event. We still haven't heard the specifics of Rhodes' injury but are told it was either a shoulder injury, concussion or both.

There is no word as of this writing if he'll work Survivor Series but his absence on Smackdown was acknowledged by Sandow on the air as he said Rhodes was absent due to Kane's physicality.

We broke the news of Cody's initial injury here at

  • jdl

    What in the hell does a picture of Orton and Rhodes playing video games have to do with Rhodes possibly getting injured? You're downplaying the potential injury by showing something completely unrelated, and that's without taking into account how silly Orton and Rhodes look. This is very poor form.

    • Richard Gray

      Haha #AreYouSeriousBro

      • Richard, I too am offended by that unrelated picture. We demand that you give the WNW Universe a public apology for posting such an offensive picture.

        • J-Dub

          Are you SERIOUS with that crap?

        • Einar

          I love sarcasm 😀

      • Zach folsom

        Lets fly off the handle about….Rhodes and orton playing X-box? Guys, how is that offensive? I'm fine with it. And i hope cody is alright and wish him a possible speedy recovery.

  • D Block

    lol its a picture , if u noticed most of the pictures for the articles are just pictures of the wrestler/s being talked about..grow up, there used to be no pictures and get complaints and now pictures and get complaints…you can't please everyone and dude..its a picture like richard said #areyouseriousbro?!