Cody Rhodes Pulled From Survivor Series; Replaced By David Otunga

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Cody Rhodes has been pulled from Team Ziggler in the Traditional Survivor Series match due to the injuries he suffered at the WWE Main Event taping last Tuesday night.

Rhodes will be replaced by David Otunga.

  • Stupid, that would have been a perfect chance for Fandango to debut. Damn WWE. Give Curtis a chance already

  • Andrew Ace

    Boooooooo. Cody deserves to be captain and the money in the back brief case. Forget about ziggler

    • How does one become a Money in the Bank briefcase?

      • Andrew Ace

        Don’t be a Jobber you know what I meant

        • David f

          sorry Ziggler is way more entertaining than Cody. Ziggler has the it factor and Cody doesn't. I do agree that Fandango should have debuted tonight

          • Andrew Ace

            How so when Cody is just as good in the ring and better on the Mic. Notice how zigglers Mic skills flow on z true long island stories where it can be retaped or edited but on a live Mic he doesn’t live to the hype. I give it to ziggler that he can sell a move but thats it