Cody Rhodes Says What WWE Does Is Like A Dance, Says CM Punk Is Better Than John Cena

Cody Rhodes, who was recently in Egypt, did an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly On-Line. The piece offers some pretty funny quotes considering the way the business is covered in the Middle East. Below is an excerpt:

"What we do is sports entertainment; it's not just wrestling and not just entertainment," he explained. "What we do is like a dance,"

"I have a whole lot of respect for John Cena and all what he has done for the business," he said. "But I think CM Punk is better and he is the future of the WWE," he added

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  • izblack

    Cody Rhodes is dullsional

    • snap

      I take it you prefer Cena? Fair enough, but isn’t Cody Rhodes allowed to have his own opinion? Or, does his opinion only matter if it matches your own?

      It doesn’t really matter who is “better” as Cena fans will be Cena fans no matter what, just like CM Punk fans will be CM Punk fans.

      At this stage in his career, particularly with the wear and tear his body is taking, Cena should really take on the position Shawn Michaels had during the latter years of his career. He’s at a point where he doesn’t need a championship and can really make guys like Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes and Antonio Cesaro into bigger stars.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I agree CM Punk is better then Cena and I'm a fan of both wrestlers..

  • Satan

    Of course Punk is better than Cena!

  • Shawn

    Cody Rhodes really does respect cena he was his lackey on the road drove cena from place to place it’s true what the mans saying even though cena is still sl rite cm pizzle is wayyyy better in ring and on the mic

  • John cena

    Punk better than me hahahhaha I’m superman of the wwe and punks batman… can’t see me

    • SRP

      According to Superman, Batman is the most dangerous person in the world.

  • Btb

    Ever occur to you that because he is a heel he is supporting another heel?

    • H.M.

      Ever occur to you that he's praising Cena? Something he wouldn't really do when in-character; or at least I highly doubt it.

  • outkazt09

    who betta than kanyon????

  • Osfan1

    Well duh,Cody. Santino is a better wrestler than Cena is. Whats your point?

  • AnacondaVise

    They don't call him The Best In The World because it sounds cool.

    • Bishop

      Best in the World (Wrestling Entertainment)

      He’s up there in the overall package department

    • robert

      catch phrase is a catchphrase , Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle are better wrestlers than Punk and to that point Punk is my 3rd fav wrestler. John Cena is the Rock; entertaining wanting to act. Punk, Bryan, Angle are all true to there craft Cena is more of the entertainment, he hasn't really improved since he started. in the ring.

      as far as Cody i haven't see much improvement in his character kind of dry was gifted a spot like Orton was working with HHH but hasn't really set himself apart from the pack.

      • AnacondaVise

        I don't disagree that DB and Angle are better wrestlers but when it comes to total package in-ring, on the mic ect Punk has them and everyone else beat. That is why he is The Best in the World.

    • Pluto

      Punk is nowhere near Cena when it comes too the total package (in-ring ability, merchandise sales, make-a-wish, selling your opponents moves, telling a story in the ring, work ethic) comparing Punk too Cena is like comparing Clyde Drexler too Michael Jordan, no knock on Drexler or Punk because he was a hall of famer but he was nowhere near MJ, just like Punk is great but he is only doing about 30 percent of what Cena contributes. And if anyone wants too debate me on that then be my guest. The contributions that Cena has done for this business for outweight what Punk has done. While I'm not knocking Cody's opinion I certainly disagree.

  • proud

    C’mon Cody lift your game mate, take a deep look in a mirror (we know youve been fond of them) and realize that YOU are the future of WWE