Cody Rhodes Says WWE Tribute To The Troops Is Even More Important Than Wrestlemania

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The New York Daily News has a new article online today featuring quotes from WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. In the piece, Rhodes explained the importance of WWE Tribute to the Troops. Below is an excerpt:

“I won’t lie to you; I choked up,” he said, when he saw the WWE performers and other stars mingling with troops after the show.

“You try to give your best show every night,” said Wallace, “but for this you want to give your better-than-best show. I have about five hours of material and I tried to do my best seven minutes.”

Rhodes said the troop salute, which WWE has been doing for nine years, is one of the most important things the organization does.

“You work all year to be on Wrestlemania,” he said. “This kind of sneaks up on you. But when you get there, you realize this is even more important, because it’s for the troops. It’s real.”

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  • Alex

    How many times have we heard wrestlers say this little line. It's all good what they doing for the troops and it may be more special to them but to the rest of us fans its no where near as a great as wrestlemania. Now this isn't a knock on the troops far from it, I'm just saying look at this from the perspective of us who isn't there. No storylines get advanced at TTTT, no real suspense as the faces almost always go over at the event. I love that they are performing for the troops cause they deserve to see it, but compared to other shows that they do TTTT tends to be the most boring one of the year.

    • paulw3000

      I’m from the UK, and I whole heartedly disagree with your point… So what there’s no storyline progression, its a celebration of the brave men and women in the forces and the sacrifices they make, its all about respect

    • GODSENT83

      For the performers, celebrities included, and the troops personally it must be as big as WM. I think it’s great they do it and hope even though the war is over they still continue going to the bases to do it

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I don't think it's boring I enjoy the Tribute to the Troops show.

    • MonsterMike42

      I have a cousin in the Army, my dad and grandfather were in the military(I forget which branch), and my uncle was in the Marines. To me, Tribute To The Troops means more than WrestleMania. TTTT also tends to be a little more entertaining, especially after this year's mess of a 'Mania.

    • Alex

      Well no disrespect but everything you just stated with the no story progression and faces going over…that's what happens at this event…it's not about story lines at all and it's all about the reality that we have our troops fight for our freedom. To the everyday fan it probably isn't as important, but Rhodes is talking about himself…as a worker perforiming for these guys. He's right..all year they build towards wrestlemania and all of the sudden you get a big dose of reality hitting you. It has to be amazing.

  • joe

    no disrespect but its nowhere near as important as wrestlemania