Cody Rhodes Suffers A Black Eye At WWE Live Event

Cody Rhodes suffered a black eye at Sunday's WWE Smackdown live event in Reno, Nevada. Rhodes, in-character, posted the following on Twitter:

Rhodes tag team partner Damien Sandow Tweeted the following:

  • Terry

    It was a real good show last night .

  • sweeeeeet

    Who gave him the black eye?

    • Behind the scenes

      Clearly not as tough as his father, somebody call the waaaaabulance. Wish golddust or the son of a Plummer whipped his tail.

    • Terry

      Him and Mix vs Mysterio and Sin Cara so I assume one of them but there was also a lumberjack match so it could have happend then .

  • What a hazardous work environment!

  • jdl

    Oh, no, a black eye.

    Is this seriously worth a news report? It's a black eye, and unless it turns out to be from massive damage to his eye socket causing him to be unable to work, who cares?

  • Maz

    So is he gonna wear a mask again

  • chelu671

    How could no one not point out that Mr. Sandow’s computer skills aren’t good. He has mispelled “altered.”

    Sincerely Mr. Chelu671