Cody Rhodes Taking Time Off?; Lilian Garcia Says Argument With Justin Roberts Is News To Her

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- Cody Rhodes posted the following today on Twitter:

- In a follow-up to an earlier item, Lilian Garcia followed-up on Justin Roberts' denial that the two had an argument at WWE Over the Limit:

  • Austin

    NO!! NO!! NO!!

  • Philip Thompson

    Why did Lilian get to sit on a comfortable leather chair whilst Justin had to sit on a crappy steal chair? He's a far better announcer! She always makes mistakes – I'm pretty sure I heard her announce that Hunico was fighting last night, which wasn't the case… she didn't know who was accompanying who.

    • Alex

      I disagree. I think Lilian is a better announcer. She's been over for over a year so sue her if she make a mistake and hasn't learn anyone's names yet. Micheal Cole has made far more mistakes over the years and sadly he's still there.