Colin Cowherd Embarrasses Himself With Ultimate Warrior Death Coverage

Colin Cowherd is no stranger to pro wrestling fans and I'll admit, I'm actually a fan of the ESPN radio personality, however, he had a glaring error during the 11 AM ET hour of his "The Herd" radio show on Friday.

Cowherd called out CM Punk, who he referred to as "Mr. Punk," for Tweets he made about the death of the Ultimate Warrior. The problem is, Punk hasn't commented on the death of Ultimate Warrior and hasn't used his verified Twitter account since departing WWE back in January.

While Colin is an entertaining guy, he embarrassed himself and is now in the unfortunate category of Nancy Grace.

11:49 AM ET Update: Colin Cowherd was actually referencing a fan account located at Oh dear, Twitter verifies accounts for a reason. End update

  • eskymi

    This guy and others sicken me. Why is it when a pro wrestler dies they slam WWE, wrestlers, steroids, etc…it’s a horrible thing they say.

    But when a football player dies, a musician or actor OD’s we must do more research and we pay tribute etc. There is an outpouring of sympathy for the drug addled musicians and actors and the steroid abusing athletes but they sure damn the pro wrestler.

    • Patrick

      I agree with you….it’s sickening how the media bad mouths the Wrestlers over steroids or drug use…but Movie and TV Stars, Musicians and others die over abuse of drugs or steroids and they get a pass on it.

      • Lance UpperCutt

        They even have a club for it….provided your 27

    • Bon Crue Fadley

      Football players, Baseball Players, Basketball Players, Hockey Players, Soccer Players, Musicians, Actors. also use drugs. i mean Hell Barry Bonds. the biggest man known to use Roids or HGH. i dont see Cowherd on his ass

  • El Logico

    Everytime this guy decides to say anything negative about professional wrestling or the wrestlers themselves, he embarasses himself. I remember deciding to tune this guy out due to the remark he made after Eddie Guerrero’s death, he jumped the gun and automatically said that the death was due to steroid use.

  • jman72485

    It’s sucks man. I hate when that happens. I also remember how much they were talking about Eddie and steroids when he passed. Some people can’t accept that these people can pass away of natural causes like Eddies heart attack. They immediately go to “oh he was a steroid user”. Read his autobiography and you’ll see he was clean for some years before his death…

    • Brian Kerk

      If someone was a smoker for years, then quit, they’re still at a far, far higher risk of lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease than someone who never smoked is. It’s not like the damage done all magically goes away.

      He might have been clean for some years, but steroid abuse causes irreversible permanent damage to the body. Eddie’s death was NOT from “natural causes” by any stretch of the imagination. Steroids enlarge the heart, and the various other drugs he had taken weakened it. He died young because he abused his body. And it’s insulting to him and younger athletes who could learn a valuable lesson from it to brush that under the rug.

    • Rus

      Do you know anything about steroids………… Eddie died 100% due to steroid abuse in his life, the steroids made his heart grow twice or 3 times the size of a normal heart. Which is why ALOT of steroid users die from heart attacks at a young age

  • Stephen Heim

    Has anyone noticed that neither Colin or Nancy has said this stuff in front of any active wrestlers? They would get the hell knocked out of them.

    • Bryan Smith

      I dunno. She had some pretty brazen comments when she was interviewing DDP.

  • Brian Kerk

    Please. The idea that we don’t talk about drug abuse when actors or musicians die young is BS. When Heath Ledger died, the first thing most news outlets talked about was “was it drugs?” – when Peaches Geldof died just a few days ago, it was drugs drugs drugs. Amy Winehouse. Drugs. Come on… Yes, they’re also celebrated for what they contributed, just as some have been celebrating Warrior on wrestling sites as well.

    But the news outlets are going to focus on the greater story, which – in this case – is that wrestlers of Jim Hellwig’s generation destroyed their bodies (for god’s sake, the guy looked 74, not 54) and are now paying the price. He was unashamed of his steroid use, made lots of excuses for it and tried to rationalize “use vs. abuse” – check out his interview on Hannity & Colmes after the Benoit incident. And it caught up with him.

  • _JIM_

    These so called “news reporters” are nothing but parasites. They are ambulance chasing ratings whores who never let something like the truth get in the way of what they consider to be a good story. How they aren’t constantly sued for slander is a mystery to me. The fact that they do absolutely zero fact checking before they open their fat mouths, and hurt so many people, is deplorable. It’s almost like they don’t even try to report facts. Which is sad because the networks that they work for have employees whose sole responsibility for their job is to be fact checkers for these shows. Someone having false or slanderous info reported about them, by these people, needs to take a stand against these false reports being made about them. Some of these poor people have to have legal grounds for a lawsuit. Maybe if these blood suckers started being sued everytime they reported something like this their networks would do something about it finally.

  • Steve pritchard

    I actually listen to Colin everyday. I’m a sports fanatic sue me. While I find it entertaining , I also think he tends to say things just to get people talking. Even though that’s his job. And I respect him for it. Him and Nancy grace really need to research they’re comments . As journalists you should have some kind of clue what your talking about. Anyone that follows professional wrestling knows punk has been virtually silent since January . So this goes to show how much mr cowherd actually follows pro wrestling. I love his show. Listen or watch everyday . But I think he should stick to NFL , NBA, and other sports that he has better knowledge of. I don’t think he’s anything like nancy. When it comes pro an college sports . Colin knows his shit. Nancy just babbles on about non sense.

  • Howard Stern

    Twitter twitter twitter, needs to be completely disregarded when it comes to any news. Worse than grabbing news out of a LiveJournal.