Colt Cabana, Kharma & Sting To WWE?, Taz & TNA Changes, Laurinaitis To Blame?

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I was curious if you had heard any more about the response from WWE to Colt Cabana's tryouts as a commentator?

We haven't hard anything new regarding Colt Cabana's tryout as a WWE commentator. The only thing I can tell you is he had two separate tryouts earlier this year and one of the things that intrigued the company was the work he does on the "Art of Wrestling" podcast. Obviously having CM Punk as a best friend doesn't hurt but there was genuine interest in Cabana's mic skills.

Is there any truth to Kharma and/or Sting returning to WWE?

Kharma has been teasing her "return to television" but I am not aware of anything with WWE. As for Sting, he recently put the word out that he was interested when his contract with TNA Wrestling comes up later this year but this isn't as glamorous as it sounds. Sting has thought about WWE for years now and purposely keeps his options open by working year-to-year in TNA. Negotiations cannot take place until Sting's contract with TNA expires later this year.

Why has Taz not been announcing on Impact Wrestling the past two weeks? What happened to the 3-man booth?

Taz had last week's Destination X/Impact Wrestling tapings off and is scheduled to return at next week's tapings in Wichita Falls, Texas. TNA tested out a 3-man booth with Todd Keneley but ultimately decided against it. There was talk that Keneley was there as leverage in contract negotiations [between TNA and Taz] but Taz ended up re-signing with TNA Wrestling.

Is it fair to blame John Laurinaitis, who worked as Vice President of Talent Relations for 9 years, for WWE's lack of new stars and main event talent?

I understand the criticism of John Laurinaitis but I'm not sure I agree with it. Sure, the signings under Jim Ross (when he was running Talent) saw more success but not every talent is going to turn out to be Steve Austin or The Rock. I remember Vince McMahon once laughed off an investor [on a conference call] that questioned whether or not the company had the next Rock in developmental. To use a sports analogy, it's like trying to predict the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Sometimes there are periods of time that just see better talent. I'll use one more sports analogy. Take a look at the 2000 NBA Draft and compare it to the draft three years later in 2003. People always want someone to blame. They blame who is running talent, they blame the trainers and a key favorite is to blame the writers. Sometimes it's not so easy to pinpoint blame and if the problem were that easy it would be resolved quickly.

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  • Wally


    • Kenneth

      Gratz, man. It’ll look good on your resume one day.

  • jackkedx10

    We all know by know that sting has some interest in coming in to maybe work against the undertaker but what are the thoughts of the undertaker? is he interested in working WrestleMania against Sting?

    • Robert Olley

      Ive often thought about that taker usually has some big say who he works with so maybe he doesnt like stings inring work?

  • David

    2003 NBA Draft, maybe the greatest collection of NBA talent to come out of this century. Yet, where I’m from, we despise that draft. And our team had the 2nd overall pick.

  • rise8604

    Colt Cabana could be damn entertaining on commentary. But I’m not sure if WWE is looking for that.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Of course not, WWE wants a parot with no personality who will say what he is told.

  • Xavier

    Colt Cabana would literally add nothing to the WWE. Him on commentary would only serve to stroke CM Punk’s ego and nothing more. I’ll pass.

    • Matt

      Well that’s good as only your word counts for anything.

      • Xavier

        My #1 groupie is back, how you been bro?

        • Matt

          A gay joke from Mr. LikesHisOwnPosts. Your life must be full of excitement.

          • Xavier

            When do I ever like my own post old wise one? My life must be more exciting then yours seeing how you make it a point to follow me around to troll on everything I post. Just saying.

    • Robert Olley

      Stop complaining cobana is good in the ring so bring him on commentary then work a story to put him in the ring

      • Xavier

        Not complaining about anything, just speaking truth. He’s overrated. Punk wants him there so he can kiss his ass.

        • Terra Ryzing

          Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re speaking opinion when you say Cabana is overrated. I’ve read a lot of your comments on here and while I respect your wrestling knowledge,your word is far from gospel. Not trying to start an argument, just calling a spade a spade.

          • Xavier

            I understand my word is far from gospel, this is an opinion based forum, I get that. People seem to have a problem with my opinions most of the time because I don’t fall into line with the typical IWC’er, I actually like Cena, and don’t think Punk is as great as everyone on this page makes him out to be.

        • Scottyo614

          I mean he did make main roster already once. Of course if you were saddled with Scotty Goldman, could you get over?

          • Xavier

            Triple H was once saddled with Hunter Hearst Helmsey: The American Blue Blood. Steve Austin was once saddled with The Ring Master. The Rock was once saddled with Rocky Maivia. John Cena was once saddled with Vanilla Ice. Batista was once saddled as a Church Decon. They all ended up getting over in a huge way, so what’s your point?

          • TheBigKing1

            Vanilla Ice LOL

    • steve pritchard

      I agree . Colt cabana has no business back in wwe period. As far as ego goes . Just about every athelete on the roster that’s on the main event scene has huge ego problems . Punks ego is mild compared to that of stone cold . I remember attending a raw taping in 2002 in Atlanta . Where stone cold actually walked out and quit because he didn’t like where creative was going with his character . Vince even came out not in character and apologized to the crowd about this . Which sucked for me cuz I always wanted to see him live. I agree with most of what you say . Your actually one of the few intelligent ones on here. I disagree with your stance on punk. But it’s your opinion and your entitled to it. Just like I’m entitled to disagree . So who cares what the haters think. We should all just talk wrestling and be happy. I think it’s vet silly when some of these people argue and insult over somthing they no control over.

      • Xavier

        Say bro, do you have a facebook page? I started a wrestling group on facebook a few months ago. So far I only have 25 members and I am looking to add more knowledgeable wrestling fans. Feel free to to join if you want. Here’s the link at the bottom

        • steve pritchard

          Unfortunately my Facebook page was hacked a few months back. And while doing so they also got my Xbox live account which had very personal info on it ! Had get new debit card and everything , wiped my bank account clean. So I’ve been pretty shaky starting another one! But if I do I would be more than happy to join . I hope they catch the bastards that did this .

          • Xavier

            Damn bro, I’m sorry to hear about that. I don’t blame you for not wanting anything to do with Facebook.

  • monty

    thing about sting is let me know when he signs, too many of these damn i may sign with wwe, come to wwe on part time contract and have them release best of sting volume 1 so we can get some of the classics

    you have done all you can for wcw/tna now time for one last run,

    i know for a fact if sting signs and somehow wwe was able to keep it as a secret it would get huge shock value