Comparing Anderson/Swagger, Chair Shots, AJ's Title Shot, WWE App, Rebuilding Orton

Why does Jack Swagger still have a job when Ken Anderson was released from WWE for being "reckless"?

Ken Anderson was released from his WWE contract because both John Cena and Randy Orton went to WWE officials about him. Orton was so upset after this blown suplex on the 5/25/09 episode of Raw, he said he wouldn't work with Anderson again. This was Anderson's final WWE match. Jack Swagger is a different situation but I think many were surprised that he wasn't released after his arrest only days after winning the 2013 Elimination Chamber. I don't wish for anyone to lose their job and understand mistakes in the ring happen. I do find it mind boggling with guys get big opportunities and go out and get arrested.

So far I've seen 3-4 classic matches with chair shots to the head. Every time I watch, the frame freezes and skips to the second after the chair was used (example here). Why is WWE doing this?

In January 2010, in accordance with their Wellness Program, WWE enacted an outright ban on chair shots to the head. Past footage is edited to reflect the company's position so it is not interpreted that they condone them. I'm usually pretty liberal when it comes to what is off-limits but I absolutely agree with banning chair shots to the head. Given what we now know about concussions and long-term effects on the brain, there's no reason for someone to take a steel chair over the head.

When will AJ Lee get her shot at the WWE Divas Championship?

I felt like AJ Lee would challenge for the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules on Sunday, however, I'm under the impression the match was pulled when Dolph Ziggler was ruled out. I'll still be surprised if they do nothing with the Divas [at the pay-per-view] but there's nothing on the card heading into the show.

Do you find it annoying how much WWE promoted their App on Raw this week?

A lot of readers get annoyed with constant Twitter mentions or App plugs on Monday Night Raw but I'm not as bothered by them. They're promoting things they feel engage their viewers and will ultimately help retain and grow audience. I have the WWE App and while I'm bias, I think the Wrestling News World iPhone App and Dirt Sheet win hands down. See what I did there?

I'm a big fan of Randy Orton but what's the reason for his regression over the years and is there any way his career can be saved?

Randy Orton was sent back to the mid-card following another Wellness violation last year, however, Orton fans have reason to be very optimistic about his future a year later. Not only is WWE light on top talent but they're clearly building Orton back up. No, they haven't turned him heel but he's in a better position now than he's been since he was suspended.

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  • Nostaljack

    Orton can’t be depended upon. He’s proven it. They can’t give him the ball – over or not.

    • I definitely see your point, especially since he’s actually had 5 violations (with only 2 counted as strikes), but Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio both had 2 strikes and were able to make it back to the main event. I was more skeptical about Hardy than Rey, but I’m just as skeptical about Orton as I was Hardy.

  • Illdecide

    I’m sorry but editing chairs out of past footage is ridiculous. Time for people to grow up, the past was what it was, and just cause Benoit was messed up doesn’t mean history should be edited or rewritten

    • Totally Agree. I hate it when WWE acts like things aren’t the way they are, or where in this case.

      • sir-rusty82

        You do realise the WWE ring has that much padding its almost as soft as a bed & Benoit spent most of his career in New Japan, ECW, WCW, Canada etc back in the old days of wrestling were the rings were more like boxing rings

    • John

      I seem to remember that Chris Benoit’s signature diving headbutt was deemed a significant factor in Benoit suffering brain damage, yet they are allowing Daniel Bryan to use that move.

    • Totally agree they edit benoit out of ppvs etc and,while i dont condone what he did at all, he was exceptional in the ring and people of this generation should be able to see what wwe/ecw/wcw was like

      • K!NG

        well you don’t see espn running clips of how great OJ was do you?

    • JR Texx

      I agree, but its chair shots to the head we’re talking about here.. chair shots to anywhere else apart from the head shouldn’t be skipped, but chair shots to the head, I think should be skipped.

  • John

    I agree with banning full blown chair shots to the head like the ones that Mick Foley took from The Rock all those years ago in an i quit match. That was just brutal ! However why can’t we still have protected chair shots to the “head”? If they put there hands up correctly then the chair obviously doesn’t even connect with the head at all!

    I could list a ton of moves that would led to concussions if they weren’t executed properly.. What is the difference?

    • sir-rusty82

      It all came in when they started the PG era, try explaining to a 10 year old kid they only hit eachother softly

      • John

        Is a 10 year old kid going to get more upset seeing someone get hit over the head with a chair than they would seeing Big Show “KO” someone with a punch?

        • sir-rusty82

          Ok what would be worse a 10 year old kid copying Bigshow or copying someone hit someone else over the head with a chair. Its not about about being offended its about kids not treying it at home & as it does cause injury & with very little effort

  • tomcatjerrymouse

    Well obviously there’s less tolerance in pissing off John Cena and Randy Orton than there is in violating the wellness program.

  • Kleck

    I did

  • K!NG

    I dont think Swagger is any diffrent then RVD. both burnouts, both work stiff and both Screwed up when they where being handed Gold.

    • Smart Mark

      How the hell could you compare Swagger to RVD? Ring wise RVD was more entertaining, actually had a core fan base that supported him heavily and i’m sure that if you were asked to book a dream ladder match, 7 out of 10 people would include the name RVD.

  • Alexi

    Randy is washed up you can’t “build someone back up” when they already have 9 world title reigns. As far as I am concerned Randy is nothing more than Jeff Jarrett 2.0 minus the mic skills and some likeability Also definitely agree that the diving headbutt had more to do with Benoit’s concussions then chair shots to the head.

  • Lacey McIlysh

    Speaking of Jack Swagger,I guessMcMahon perfers racists over justice, so Swagger gets off with a tap on the wrist for his DUI? And is continuing his racist crap on MNR? One thing I would LOVE to see; Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Epico, Primo, Khali, And ALL the immigrant wrestlers surround the ring with those two racists in it, and climb in and beat the red, white and blue shit outta those two racist assholes. THEN see if the “ALL AMERICAN AMERICAN” still looks good covered in red, white and blue whelts. Besides, Canadians and Mexicans ARE as American as Swagger and Colter. The Canadians are from North AMERICA, and the Mexicans are from Central AMERICA! Stop and think no THAT bone a while.

    • RikardoVGV

      As a matter of fact, North America is Canada, USA and Mexico. Central America begins where Belize and Guatemala.

    • Smart Mark

      You realize that its just a storyline right? They’re not really racists