Comparing Ryback To Goldberg, Rey Mysterio's Suspension, Surprises On 1000th Raw, Shooting On The WWE Wellness Policy

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It seems like a lot of fans are comparing Ryback to Goldberg, however, just giving him two jobbers every week cannot prove his caliber. Why not feed him someone established like Kane or Big Show?

Goldberg was built by going over enhancement workers much in the same way WWE is trying to build Ryback. It wasn't until he really got over that WCW began pushing him as a main eventer. WWE is certainly hopeful the same thing happens for Ryback but it's not something that can be built overnight. The only way he'll go over someone in the top of the card is if he's clearly established as a top star. Things like this take time and I can't imagine WWE officials being thrilled with the "Goldberg" chants.

When does Rey Mysterio's suspension end and when can we expect to see him back on television?

Rey Mysterio was suspended on April 26, 2012 for 60 days so he'll be eligible to return the week of June 25, 2012. Remember he's also coming back from a knee injury so he has to be healthy before WWE is going to put him in a storyline.

Do you know if there are plans to have The Undertaker appear on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw next month?

I haven't heard if there are plans for The Undertaker to appear on the 1000th episode of WWE Raw, however, I can tell you the company is hoping for a huge rating. The writers know the expectations are very high for the show and there will be surprise appearances. We should get a clearer picture as time gets closer as to who the surprise appearances will be. Not only is the show a milestone for WWE but the company will look to gain tremendous momentum with their new 3-hour timeslot.

I just don't get it. WWE workers know they are subject to random Wellness Tests yet they take the chance and use banned substances.

If it were really just this cut and dry, it would be very simple. Don't take this or a suspension will happen. The thing is it is much more complicated than this as workers can clear positive tests by producing valid prescriptions. There are substances that are banned outright but there are many others that can be cleared. Given the way WWE handled Rey Mysterio's suspension - knowing he failed a Wellness test in February but still trying to get him back for Wrestlemania only to suspend him when they knew he couldn't go because of injury - I have a lot of questions about the validity of the WWE Wellness Policy. While it's clear things are cleaner than they were before the Wellness Policy, it's more of a public relations thing than a legitimate testing system.

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  • Dave Barton

    At first I viewed Ryback as "just the latest attempt to make another Goldberg," but I've reconsidered. As a fan of nearly 35 years, I've seen many "newcomers" squash a series of opponents before being given a challenge, not all of them being powerhouses. If anything, I'd think this should satisfy those who've been complaining for years that "wrestling needs jobbers again, not everyone should be a superstar."

    Just give it some thought.

    • Craig

      Jobbers never got mic time in the past. These guys get more mic time than ziggler

    • Philip Thompson

      I couldn't agree more when it comes to the part about needing jobbers/enhancement talents because what happens now is that they have guys like Curt Hawkins who go under so often that even if they're talented the WWE are going to struggle to ever convince them that they're the next Main Event star. I mean, who thinks Heath Slater will ever headline Wrestlemania?

  • craig

    i bet Ryback isn't happy with the chants either. he will never get over if the chants dont stop.

    • Anand

      The only way the chants will stop is if he faces some real competition and loses a match here and there by DQ or by some other means. If he continues to squash jobbers like he is doing now, he is sure to get his goldberg chant…

  • Aldo T

    One of these days, Ryback is going to impress the hell out of some of the higher ups and soon give him a bigger push.

    To me, it looks like he'll be able to put up with most of the upper middle card workers.

    The only thing that they might have to work on (in my honest opinion) is his mic skills.

    I wasn't that impressed when he was on NXT, but thats just me.

  • Ian P.

    Can Ryback even put on a good match? I haven't seen much of his FCW days, but is he a believable storyteller in the ring? Does he have good technique?

    That is what will be interesting to see as he grows.

  • Moose666

    Regarding the surprise appearances, I hope it is real surprises and not the same "surprises" we are used to seeing. Vader Monday night was excellent. Not only was he a fresh surprise, but he put on a good match for a 57 year old. Not that I have anything against Slaughter, Hacksaw, or Piper, but different faces are definitely needed to make the 1000th episode stand out.

    • Anand

      I wanna see HBK & Taker at the 1000th episode. The two guys who were there in the 1st deserve the honor of being in the 1000th episode 🙂

  • Alex P

    Wasn't the Mysterio thing similar to the R-Truth suspension late last year in the sense that they knew he failed before Survivor Series, but they didn't formally suspend him until after Survivor Series?

  • A.C.

    I'm NOT IMPRESSED with the Ryback character at all. I'm NOT saying that he isn't talented or doesn't have potential, but WWE needs to go ahead and put him against Big Show, Kali, Kane, or maybe even Brock Lesnar. Opponents like them are sure to put him over the top. Better yet, what if he beats Big Show and becomes a big threat to Big Johnny. That would be awesome!

    • Anand

      Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. all the names you have mentioned (Except khali) here are top stars in the company. So, first ryback has to beat solid lower mid-card and mid-card wrestlers before he can even think of getting to the likes of upper mid-carders like khali or anyone else.

      The best way is to put him in a meaningful feud with any of the other new squashers like Brodus or Antonio Cesario so that both parties can establish themselves as solid competitiors

  • Blazeking

    People see Goldberg in Ryback but I see Pitbull #2 from the old ECW. Just because he's big and has a bald head doesn't make him Goldberg-like imo. Goldberg didn't even wear a singlet.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Big Show vs. Ryyyyyyy-backkkkkk. (sorry) Can u say SUMMERSLAM DREAMATCH?

  • BigMike

    WWE has been trying to package Ryan Reeves aka "Silverback" Ryan Reeves formerly of Tough Enough Season 1 aka Skip Sheffield AKA Ryback.. he has size and some ability but he just needs that spark anfd if he dont get it soon he wont get it at all Brodus is a fun cross between Flash Funk and the Godfather but he needs a real storyline as well as does A Train I mean a hairless Matt Bloom

  • DC

    Ryback shouldn’t be going over anyone established until he’s proven himself, has gotten over with the crowd, and shows he deserves a main event push. It will take time, quite possibly years. Simply booking him to beat someone established won’t automatically get him over.

  • fletch

    Ryback was around a year ago..he does not need 5 monthes of squash matches we know who he is

    Time to start beating heath slater and primo atleast

  • kenny

    I don’t like Ryback. And in my honest opinion, people are chanting Goldberg because that’s a match that they wanna see, not because they think he’s the next Goldberg. Id love to see Bill Goldberg back in the ring to run over Ryback and put him on his ass. That would be my dream match.