Competition In WWE, Kevin Steen Getting Signed, Sting Getting A Big Offer From WWE, Triple H's Title Reigns

What is the competition like in terms of WWE workers trying to outdo one another with their in-ring work?

The competition is very stiff in WWE as everyone wants to "steal the show" and put on the "match of the night." While outcomes are predetermined, how a worker gets over determines how they are booked which in turn determines how much they earn. No matter where a worker is booked on the card they are trying to show they are capable of more. I can assure you no one wants to go out and get no reaction from the crowd.

Do you see Kevin Steen ever jumping ship from ROH to WWE?

The wall has been demolished in terms of workers coming from ROH and having success in WWE. One thing Triple H has been very focused on is stockpiling the developmental system, knowing the future of the company is in his hands. With that being said, we've seen WWE go out and grab the top workers from ROH and other prominent independent companies. In fact, I heard earlier this week there has been interest in El Generico. So while some may be critical of Steen's look, he's clearly a top talent and I wouldn't be surprised if there was interest in signing him.

Is it true WWE is preparing a big offer for Sting?

WWE has shown interest in Sting in the past, remember the serious talks they had a couple years ago about a possible Wrestlemania match against The Undertaker? The Stinger has even said publicly that he was as close as he's ever been to signing with the company. Fast-forward to today and a lot has changed. First of all, TNA has an ongoing lawsuit against WWE that has prevented WWE from not only signing TNA workers with expiring contracts but anyone that worked for TNA while Brian Wittenstein was employed there. I don't see the situation with Sting being much different until the lawsuit is resolved. Sting's TNA contract is up at the end of the year as he works year-to-year to keep his options open at this point in his career. We'll wait and see but Sting is not in as good of a position as he would have been in years past with WWE already shelling out big bucks for Brock Lesnar and The Rock. Let's also not forget WWE's desire for Steve Austin and his desire to get paid big.

In late 2002-mid 2003, Triple H had one of the longest world title runs in history. Some have attributed the run to his heavy backstage influence and he was accused of "burying" and derailing the pushes of many wrestlers such as RVD, Kane and Booker T. Is there any truth to those claims or are these simply online rumors?

Even before he became romantically involved with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H has been a master of climbing the political ladder and getting in the ear of Vince McMahon. He has been able to manipulate the system as good as anyone and has gained so much of McMahon's favor it will be him, not Shane, that will ultimately succeed Vince. Hunter's lengthy title reign was due to several reasons but the fact of the matter is he was "the guy" at that point in his career. John Cena is currently in the position where Triple H was a decade ago but Hunter's backstage influence and overall abilities got him in front of everyone else.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    It’s really shame that no matter how big the influence Triple H got backstage, he never became as big as Cena or Austin. Look back in year 2003, it was Brock Lesnar who carried the company as the face of WWE and people always talked about Lesnar when it comes to WWE related topics, not Triple H. The same goes when Cena become the face of WWE right now. When people talk about WWE, John Cena will flashed in peoples’ mind, not Triple H.

    • Michael

      I have to disagree, Cena and Austin maybe some of the best in WWE history, but I think hunter has done the best, I mean he is going to be taking over from Vince.. the biggest seat in the WWE..

  • Doc

    I don’t think comparing HHH to Austin, Lesnar or Rock is a good comparison. I think the right comparison is Taker due to both men’s longevity and the fact that you could argue neither of them were ever “the man”. Rick and Austin both had relatively short runs in the WWF compared to HHH and Taker. Austin and Rock both also worked primarily as faces whereas more often than not, HHH has been a heel throughout his career.

    As for Cena, I don’t know that Cena is anymore known to the general public than HHH. In fact, I’d say if you were to ask the average person on the street to name a wrestler they’d be just as likely to name Taker or HHH as Cena due to their longevity.

    • Hardy

      If you asked an average person I personally would expect to hear the rock simply because he’s expanded from wrestling into acting. That’s my opinion.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Sting has already wrestled for wwe..

    • Richard Gray

      Sting has never worked for WWE unless you count the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro.

      • channesson

        Yes I do Richard count the final nitro as his only wwe match… I think wwe would hire sting since everyone knows he has worked on one year deals since he got to tna… Plus McMahon knows more ppl would buy mania and hall of fame tickets to see sting vs taker… I think McMahon is dumb not to pay up for Austin you could have 5 main event matches at mania ..

        1) Rock vs Cena

        2) Austin vs Punk

        3) Taker vs Sting

        4) Brock vs HHH

        5) Orton vs Sheamus

        • Guy Landau

          Which brings up the question – why do you need THIS stacked of a card for 'Mania? (also, Orton vs. Sheamus would not be anywhere near a main event match with the card you put up). Honestly, is there anyone who is not going to buy an Austin/Punk, Rock/Cena, HHH/Brock Mania that Sting vs. Taker is the thing that would convince them? WWE should save that match for, say, next year, as this year they aren't short on selling power at all.

          • Gary

            Not remotely interested in another Rock/Cena match or HHH/Lesnar match. As for Punk v.s Austin and Punk v.s Rock…the way creative has turned him into a full blown coward…his character now lacks any real "wow factor" in terms of match-ups. Based on his written character, its obvious he simply loses to both Rock and Austin. At least as a huge over baby face as he was or even a tweener getting big crowd reactions, there was suspense over this match-ups b/c they could possibly put him over….but now there just isn't.

  • Dru

    1st there is a major difference between cena and hhh I would compare hhh to this gen verison of the natural boy.hhh tells story’s in the ring.cena is nothing but a updated hulk hogan

  • Smelly Feet Fetish

    I count the final ep of Nitro as him wrestling for WWE!

  • Jambo Masai from Kenya

    sting should never wrestle for wwe. It will tarnish his legacy. Become the only most popular wrestler that never wrestled for wwe

  • _JIM_

    Steen has all the tools to make it to the WWE except for his look. The guy looks like crap and when they call him an athlete on ROH TV I lol every single time. Yeah he's talented in the ring and especially on the mic, but if he got himself in the gym and lost that spare tire he calls a waist line he could be making a lot of money. No way WWE signs him unless he does.

    Sting definitely made a mistake by not signing and taking the match with Undertaker a couple years ago. As much as I'd love to see him in the WWE I have to agree with Richard. I just don't see them having the interest that they once did due to all the cash they are shelling out already to Lesnar and Rock. Not to mention Sting's not getting any younger, and if they want Austin it's going to cost them an arm and a leg. I'd love to see Sting sign on though. He's by far one of my all time favorites and he hasn't gotten the recognition that he deserves IMO. But just imagine if WWE could put together a Wrestlemania featuring Austin, Rock, and Sting all having matches. That would be huge and would make enough money to make their salaries worth it.

  • Stinger splash

  • Razmos

    You can not count the nitro episode as wwe, it was wcw still aired as wcw on the channel that aired wcw, was also dubbed as the final wcw nitro, sting was not under a wwe contract and never has been!!!

  • channesson

    The final nitro was wwe wcw nitro.. They kept the name even and Vince McMahon had opened the show.. Wwe ran that show so yes Sting has wrestled for wwe…

  • Ross Perot

    Who gives a rats ass?

    • Dan

      Thank you.

  • 1-800-NWO-0242

    Hahahahaha @ Ross Perot

  • BigMike

    Cornette one time said something like this (( paraphrasing)) "the ones who call themselves an icon really are not he counts Sting and Undertaker as 2 main people who did their work and let it speak for themselves they got their pops by EARNING them" so as great as The Rock or Austin or Cena or HHH have been IMO the best have been Taker and Sting …..also……..While I am not the biggest fan of Steen and his look is not what WWE usually looks for, he does have mic skills and since Mick Foley they have been trying to keep more of a open mind as to what talent really is so I could see Steen going to ROH IMO personally I do not believe WWE is where the ROH people would be best as most work like a older ECW style of matches and they would do good in x division style matches I mean imagine Davey Richards against RVD for the x title?