Complete Audio Of Bobby Roode Media Call - TNA's Future, #August1Warning, 10 Reunion

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As we noted earlier here at, Bobby Roode took questions from the media in a conference call on Tuesday to promote the premiere of One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion on pay-per-view this Friday at 8 PM EDT. Complete audio of that call is now online and embedded in the player below:

For those interested in hearing my two minutes with Roode, recapped here, you can fast forward to the 25:00 mark.

To listen push the play button below:

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  • outkazt09

    Hope one day he can go to the WWE. He is amazing talent. Good look, good mic skills, good ring worker. He has all 3 traits to become successful in the WWE.

  • Ant_C

    I had a laugh at the back page of the sun “Barton’s banned for 12.” That Joey Barton just can’t stay out of trouble.