Complete Injury Update On John Cena With Photo

John Cena suffered a right eye injury in his match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton at Saturday night's WWE live event in Orlando, Florida. As a result of the injury, Cena was pulled from Sunday's WWE live event in Kansas City, Missouri.

Saturday's match was actually stopped for a brief moment, while Cena was checked out by WWE's medical personnel. After it was determined Cena was OK, the match continued without consequence. However, the swelling likely got worse over night and caused his removal from Sunday's card in Kansas City.

A fan photo of Cena surfaced on Twitter on Sunday where he was seen having lunch with his girlfriend Nikki Bella where his eye was completely swollen shut. We've also included that photo below:

Randy Orton opened Sunday's WWE live event in Kansas City, announcing Cena was injured in their match on Saturday night. Orton took credit, saying he busted Cena's eye and hoped he'd never see again. He told the crowd the company was offering refunds through the second match. In-character, Orton said he was going to grab some Divas and some beer and go back to the the hotel and watch the Super Bowl.

Orton did end up working in the main event against Daniel Bryan, where he went over in a steel cage match.

  • Rus

    As much as I don’t like Cena on tv you have to take your hat off to the guy. His bruised and battered having a nice lunch with his gorgeous Nikki Bella and he still smiles for a piture with his fans who cant even be bothered remembering the 1st name of his girlfriend

    • Jimmy

      I’ll be the first to say i’m in not a fan of the John Cena character but you do have to give it up to him. No one deserves to be the face of WWE more than Cena, he does things much bigger than wrestling. Cena changes peoples lives with all his charity work, make a wish foundation and the Be A Star campaign and then to top it all off he still gets in the ring every week and works hard. Not to mention the amount of media coverage he does and is still able to keep a smile on his face at all times with barely getting time to breathe.

      • Rus

        Well thank you for saying pretty much the same thing I did but better

        • Jimmy

          Lol you opened the door, i just walked through it. Or in wrestling terms…. You’re the Bret Hart to my Daniel Bryan.

          • Rus

            Umm Bret Hart to my Daniel Bryan………. Please explain the meaning behind this statement (and it better be funnier than what it sounds)

          • Burt

            dum fagit thr is notin funi abt it r u dum lel

          • Rus

            This site isn’t full of the IWC its full of clowns that just like to be idiots. Totally vacuums away any enjoyment in posting any comments

          • opie

            When Bryan was really getting over last year, Bret Hart made a comment about how he’d opened the door for Daniel Bryan to be successful, implying that a smaller guy with great technical ability couldn’t have made it without what he’d done.

          • Burt

            r u a fagit or sumtin

      • opie

        The guy has held up better than any wrestler I’ve ever seen. He’s been “the guy” longer than Hogan was. He’s simultaneously one of the most over faces and heels, and knows exactly how to play both parts at the same time. His ring work isn’t terrible, and you can see that he’s been trying to add more to his arsenal. He’s charismatic, passionate, intense, and often funny. He’s a stand-up guy (or seems to be) who pushed to get WWE to rehire Bryan when he got fired.

        I hate him.

        • GOR

          How is a heel n face simultaneously ? He always wins clean, shown to b a nice, resonable guy on TV, is always praised n so on.
          He hasn’t been a heel for nearly a decade !
          n he’s not charismatic or intense or funny anymore. All thiz r things of the past.
          Now he’s just boring !

          • pcp88

            Ya Cena is so in love with his character right now………………………………………………………

  • Burt

    dem shos is #sweg

  • Some Dude

    Guess he can’t see me.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Wow. How does one even respond to that lol?

  • Venom

    How do fans get the nerves to interrupt someone while eating dinner to sign an autograph or pose a photo?

    • sage

      Because life is long so chill, they’re “famous” and they love the attention.

      • Venom

        Not when they’re eating. If they were done eating and getting ready to leave then it’s fine. But not during a meal.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      The word “fans” is the keyword here.

  • sdunne87

    The and one of the bella’s throw away line made me lol

  • Scott Davies

    A swollen eye would not keep him off TV I think. Cena will probably just cut a promo or something making a joke of his eye & that will be it. The good thing with Raw you can get away with doing that. Then on a PPV.

  • Mic Wazowski

    One of her boobs punched him in the eye!