Complete Order Of Entrants & Eliminations For 2014 Royal Rumble

Below is the complete order of entrants and order of eliminations for the 2014 30-man Royal Rumble match.

Order of Entrants:

1. CM Punk
2. Seth Rollins
3. Damien Sandow
4. Cody Rhodes
5. Kane
6. Alexander Rusev
7. Jack Swagger
8. Kofi Kingston
9. Jimmy Uso
10. Goldust
11. Dean Ambrose
12. Dolph Ziggler
13. R-Truth
14. Kevin Nash
15. Roman Reigns
16. The Great Khali
17. Sheamus
18. The Miz
19. Fandango
20. El Torito
21. Antonio Cesaro
22. Luke Harper
23. Jey Uso
24. JBL
25. Erick Rowan
26. Ryback
27. Alberto Del Rio
28. Batista
29. Big E Langston
30. Rey Mysterio

Order of Eliminations:

1. Damien Sandow eliminated by CM Punk
2. Kane eliminated by CM Punk
3. Alexander Rusev eliminated by a group (Cody Rhodes appeared to be last to touch him)
4. R-Truth eliminated by Dean Ambrose
5. Jimmy Uso by Dean Ambrose
6. Jack Swagger by Kevin Nash
7. Kofi Kingston by Roman Reigns
8. Dolph Ziggler by Roman Reigns
9. Kevin Nash by Roman Reigns
10. The Great Khali by Roman Reigns
11. Cody Rhodes by Goldust
12. Goldust by Roman Reigns
13. Fandango by El Torito
14. El Torito by Roman Reigns
15. JBL eliminated by Roman Reigns
16. The Miz eliminated by Luke Harper
17. Jey Uso eliminated by Luke Harper/Erick Roawn
18. Erick Rowan eliminated by Batista
19. Ryback eliminated by Batista
20. Alberto Del Rio eliminated by Batista
21. Big E Langston eliminated by Sheamus
22. Rey Mysterio eliminated by Seth Rollins
23. Luke Harper eliminated by Roman Reigns
24. Antonio Cesaro eliminated by Roman Reigns
25. Seth Rollins eliminated by Roman Reigns
26. Dean Ambrose eliminated by Roman Reigns
27. CM Punk eliminated by Kane (who came back out)
28. Sheamus eliminated by Roman Reigns
29. Roman Reigns eliminated by Batista

2014 Royal Rumble winner - Batista (also won in 2005 and entered 28th then as well)

  • josh

    And I as well as many others guessed the final four and winner

  • Meat

    Didn’t realize a wrestler could get eliminated by someone that was already eliminated lol

    • If the Miz who was WWE champion and not in the match could eliminate someone someone who was eliminated could eliminate someone.

  • Mr. Gray

    The worst rumble EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ant_C

      I don’t think it was that bad. How about the time Vince and Austin just fought all over the arena most of the time and were hardly even in the ring and Vince won. That one was pretty terrible. Or when Lex Luger and Bret hart were Co-winners because they both went out at the same time. Then they did not say who was going to wrestlemania until the a few shows latter. That was bad too.

  • Mike McCarthy

    Only counting 11 Roman Reigns eliminations here, not sure what’s up with that. On announce they were saying 12.

    • Radical Rex

      I count 12: Kofi, Dolph, Nash, Khali, Goldust, El Torito, JBL, Harper, Cesaro, Ambrose, Rollins, and Sheamus. They mixed up the Luke Harper and Roman Reigns part.

      • Mike McCarthy

        THERE WE GO, thank you.

        • Jesse Sherwood

          Yep, I noticed the typos myself. Fixed!

          • Mike McCarthy

            Thank you Jesse

  • Michelle

    How did sheamus get eliminated twice

    • Mike McCarthy

      It’s backwards on #21, Sheamus eliminated Big E Langston

      • Jesse Sherwood

        Fixed now.

  • me myself and i

    roman reigns eliminated the other shield members

  • thundr

    cm fuckn punk tho

    he came in first lasted until final 4 and got eliminated by a cheating scrub


  • Gar

    Really Kane