Comprehensive CM Punk/WWE Update That's Gone Viral, Secondary WWE Titles, John Cena Era, Axel's Disappointing Run

Did CM Punk take his ball and go home?

Basically, CM Punk took his ball and went home. However, I want to use the lead question of Ask WNW to try and clear up as much as possible. This isn't something that just suddenly happened and Punk flipped out and quit the company. Punk has been unhappy with the direction of his character for months, with people speculating it was either out of boredom or the fact he just wanted more. One of his biggest goals for this year was to be in one of the top matches at Wrestlemania XXX. We've gone as in-depth on it as possible, touching base with multiple sources, despite the fact Punk isn't talking to anyone. You can catchup on our coverage here, here and here.

I will add that Punk was never told 100% that his proposed match with Triple H at Wrestlemania was off but word going around backstage at Raw was that Daniel Bryan might get that match in response to what happened at Royal Rumble. The word regarding Punk was that his issue with Kane might stretch to Wrestlemania when it was originally supposed to be blown off at Elimination Chamber, leading to the Punk vs. Hunter bout at the show in April. Punk went directly to Vince McMahon and wanted assurance that he would be in a top match at Wrestlemania or otherwise, he was going home. According to a source, Punk felt Triple H was playing favorites with Batista coming in, going over at Royal Rumble and onto the main event at Wrestlemania XXX. Punk felt he wasn't one of Hunter's guys. Vince originally suggested Triple H vs. CM Punk at Wrestlemania so they could play off some of the real-life heat as an option for Triple H if they went with John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (which is where they are now going).

We're told Vince is not giving up and wants Punk on the Wrestlemania XXX lineup. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee, who is Punk's real-life girlfriend, is seen as the company's only line of communication to him at this time.

What's the future of the WWE United States Championship? Dean Ambrose hasn't defended the title since October.

I have Dean Ambrose's last WWE United States Championship defense the night after WWE Hell in a Cell, on the October 28, 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw. Since then, he's defended the belt on live events but he hasn't defended it on television or pay-per-view. Let's also consider that Big E Langston hasn't made a TV or PPV defense of the WWE Intercontinental Championship since the December 30, 2013 episode of Raw and you'll see both secondary titles are essentially inactive. There were rumors WWE might unify them in the first part of this year, but so far nothing. I can't tell you for sure what will happen with either belt but I will let this serve as caution for anyone that suggests WWE should introduce more titles. I would favor a unification of the WWE United States and WWE Intercontinental titles because it could be an attempt to reset the prestige to the secondary title. If WWE does in fact remain with only one world title, the profile should be raised. However, let's not forget that Randy Orton is still carrying both title belts as of this week.

Why do people go nuts for Triple H but hate on John Cena? It's not like Triple H had a wide array of offense, both have charisma, yet I can't remember anyone booing Hunter like they do Cena.

Triple H got his fair share amount of heat when he was on top in the early 2000s, regardless if he was babyface or heel. However, John Cena gets the heat because there is a segment of WWE's audience that are burned out on his character and compare it to a modern day Hulk Hogan. While I'll be the first to admit I'd like to see more progression for the Cena character, I am completely aware that WWE needs Cena. I did a radio interview on Wednesday where I asserted that post-Andre the Giant, WWE's Mount Rushmore of "faces" is Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena. I know that's going to be debated but when you look back and see where Cena is compared to those before him, that's his spot. No one works harder than John and no one is more important. This will not last forever but I believe when Cena's run is over and we look back, we'll look back on this era as the era of John Cena. As I get older and the longer I cover the business the more I respect and appreciate what John Cena has done.

How much of a failure do you think Curtis Axel's push was? I mean he was repackaged, had Paul Heyman behind him, was competing in matches with Triple H and John Cena only to become an afterthought who wasn't even in the Royal Rumble match.

Not only was Curtis Axel not in the Royal Rumble match, he and Ryback didn't even have their entrances televised when they "did the honors" to the Usos Monday night on Raw. It's been quite the free fall for both workers, however, it's Wrestlemania season and even guys that were working in the middle of the card are going to take a backseat to Wrestlemania programs. But make no mistake about it, there were huge aspirations for a repackaged Curtis Axel. He was seen as a guy with limitless potential but it just didn't translate.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2012: Do you believe that the CM Punk craze has worn off like the Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin craze in their respective sports? - This is an interesting perspective, as I’ve never thought about it like that before. CM Punk is not currently at the level he was this summer. Punk peaked at Money in the Bank in July and has leveled off to where he is now. He has clearly established himself as a main event talent and he’s not going back to the mid-card like he did after previous title reigns. Punk was the Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin of the summer but it’s “breakout moments” like this that demand the attention of the public. The key is getting the public’s attention and being able to keep it for as long as possible. He made everyone take notice and advanced his career because of it. Being WWE Champion at Wrestlemania is a very desirable position but the show is being centered around two main events – John Cena vs. The Rock and The Undertaker vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee. WWE is giving these matches priority which is why you may notice a lack of hype for Punk vs. Chris Jericho.

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  • Isaac

    Although this was a drastic measure on his part, I kind of side with Punk cause they have underutilized his talents recently and it looks to have taken away Punk’s passion and intensity. But I do have a feeling this will get resolved as WWE obviously needs him more than he needs them.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I read that CM Punk said if he doesn’t get a main event at ‘mania, he’s walkin’. He did that.

      Personally.. I think it’s going to take a hell of a lot to get him back. But if Vince wants him back, I’m sure it will happen.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    I’d be annoyed if I was Punk too, the matches with The Shield have been interesting, but that was it, Skinny Jean shouldn’t have won the Rumble. They should have shoved him with the Authority and Orton.

    Bryan v Punk at Wrestlemania, I don’t care if it makes sense. Stick HHH in there if you want make it a Triple threat, add Kane, whatever. Fact is, Punk has had poor direction recently and I agree it sucked.

    I totally forgot about the US Championship. Unify them EC. Defend it in a hell in a cell. Jobs a good ‘un, and give it value, Ziggler, Miz, Ambrose, Big E, Sandow, Curtis Axel?.

    I like HHH current gimmick, it’s interesting, and sometimes I actually agree with what he says so people can relate, because it’s “what’s best for business”

  • Smark Fan?

    I don’t think the CM Punk thing is a work but I think the WWE could/should take full advantage of it. Have Punk “Quit” and not be on television for a while. Have Bryan screwed out of the title at the Elimination Chamber causing Vince to come back to television and say that the Authority is out of control and he is still CEO.

    Set up Vince vs HHH at Wrestlemania for control of the company. With Vince’s guy being Bryan and HHH either representing himself of picking someone abitrary like Kane. Leading up to Mania have the Authority continue to screw Bryan leading to Punk returning to help Bryan and setting up a tag match a few weeks before Wrestlemania of HHH/Kane vs Punk and Bryan.

    Punk then turns on Bryan in the match as a major swerve that he is in fact HHH’s guy.

    Punk vs Bryan at Wrestlemania and the smarks go home happy

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      long shot but its good.

    • Jbreed

      The last thing we need is Vince McMahon in a match at WM. Maybe somebody could represent him.

    • GOR

      I would rater have DX vs Punk n Bryan [the goats]. Its a dream match.

  • Rachel Miller

    Looking at the Curtis Axel question, I have a question about so-called jobber entrances (AKA not having your entrance televised). I noticed that RAW and SmackDown feature a lot of jobber entrances (usually, it’s mid-carders and Divas who are prone to this, but there have been instances where this has happened to a main eventer but never John Cena) where as Superstars and Main Event do not as a rule in order to make room for more in-ring segments, promos, movie trailers, recaps, backstage segments, and the like.

    My question is why does the WWE use a lot of jobber entrances and should the WWE abolish entrances, after all RAW is three hours? Thanks!

  • Jbreed

    John Cena always gets credit for being the hardest worker but I wonder. Maybe he is in the gym but as far as working in the ring goes, well he doesn’t always wrestle on Raw and he’s never on Smackdown. Fandango probably wrestles more than Cena does.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Watch the Rock V Cena Once in a lifetime. You’ll see how much Cena does.

      • Chalon

        And you have to go looking for a match against a semi-retired wrestler to find this.

        • Judas

          JR was referring to the DVD release “Cena vs. Rock: Once in a lifetime”

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            Yes I was, should have been a bit more clearer. Sorry about that!

  • Stoney

    ‘No one works harder than John Cena’

    That’s a bit insulting, maybe WWE don’t put the effort into pushing other wrestlers as they do into pushing john Cena, for gods sake they use charity to try to get some people to like Cena , which is the opposite of heel heat

    • Draven

      I agree and wwe is the one putting him through all of the interviews its not like he goes out to radio and tv stations and says hey let me tell ya about wrestling. Im sure there are a lot of other guys on the roster that would jump to do all the charity and interviews cena does to get some of that exposure.

  • Draven

    Vince really needs to put his foot down cause it seems like all hhh is doing for the business is whats best for his friends and not whats best for business. Thats exactly why a locker room guy shouldnt be put in charge hes undoubtly gonna push his buddies.

    • Jbreed

      But the thing is Vince McMahon probably approves of guys like Batista and Orton himself.

    • Jake

      Everything comes down to Vince Mcmahon’s approval. Plain and simple.

  • Venom

    Regarding WWE needing Cena. That’s true and I agree he is a hard worker. He was in Vegas promoting his product, flew across the country to work a dark match main event then flew back to Vegas for the WWE Network press conference. However, WWE put themselves in that position. Sure I bet a lot of people who get injured and are told to be out of the ring for 6 months they take advantage of it. Cena will work hard to come back in 3. But WWE still could have evened the playing field instead of having Cena beat everyone. What happened with Damien Sandow still pisses me off. Apart of me thinks WWE likes to humble young up and coming guys cause of douche bags like Brock Lesnars who get pushed to the moon when they’re 25 and then quit while they’re still on top before putting others over. This way years later fans will only have high memories of them. If ryback had quit while he was undefeated years later we’d want to see him come back.

    As for Curtis Axel, I think the word Hennig has to be a taboo on WWE television. They want to give him a name they can own so they give him Michael McGillicutti (I like the name for someone else) and the storyline was that he’s using his mothers maiden name to not ride his fathers coattails. They decided to rename him, could have just called him Michael Hennig. He can’t own that name and if he left hell just use Joe Hennig. Pretty simple.

    • Jbreed

      Well Cena owes it to the WWE more than anybody else to do all those extra curricular activities.

      • Venom

        Trust me I’m not a Cena fan at all. I was when he got the rap gimmick over, came out to home team jerseys and was US Champion and became WWE Champion. But and this isn’t a knock at Sheamus, he had a leg injury and was out since the summer and came back at the time that was allowed. CM Punk gets burned out and got 2 months off last year. And it’s normal, I’d probably do the same. Cena works injured and has good work ethics. But again, my post is more about why WWE needs Cena. They put him in the focus for the last 10 years even when he’s not the champion. The guy main evented a ppv against Laurenitis. How lame was that?

        My other issue with Cena, aside from him always main eventing and being Superman, is he loves stealing people’s momentum. I consider Cena like the uncool parent. Let’s say in high school you added highlights to your hair and got an earring cause it’s populae, then your dad does the same thing. When fans were doing the fandango dance or th yes chants when they first started John would acknowledge it in his matches so fans can cheer him. Him doing it makes it so uncool.

        I know we’ve discussed this before on previous askWnw but Cena does ruin things even if it is subconsciously. What about when Brock returned? He gives Cena a bloody mouth and you see rather then Cena selling it, he smiles.

        Sorry I know I went off topic but felt like venting.

        • Jbreed

          You make some good points actually.

        • Xavier

          YAWN! Another Cena buries people rant that’s so far from the truth it’s not even funny. CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Rob Van Dam, Sheamus & Edge are all people who Cena has put over in a huge way. Not too mention that guys like Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes, Big E Langston & The Miz have said how much of a help and mentor that Cena has been to them backstage.

          BTW, in the 8 years that Punk was with the WWE who did he ever help elevate?

          • Venom

            Well let me ask you this… Who is CM Punk to help elevate? Even though he was WWE champion for a year and a half he was never the headliner since Cena was always closing the matches. The titles really just props. Aside from Evan Bourne who screwed things up for himself, where are the guys you mentioned now in their careers? Cody is always stuck in tag teams, Big E. will be a background player with WM coming up and his career won’t be doing much just like all previous IC champs in the past few years (wade, kofi, ezeikial, axel, miz, cody and so on).

            And this isn’t the first time you mentioned these names saying he helped their careers but how is that so? I bet you the night after WM The Bizzaro crowd are going to chant something that will be trending all night (yes, fandango) and Cena will get booed but then acknowledge the chant to capitalize on it. They could be chanting 3MB all night and cena will do something to imitate them so crowd can pop for him.

          • Xavier

            So what you’re trying too tell me is that Cena never put over Edge, Sheamus, RVD, CM Punk & Bryan? Have you not watched any wrestling from the past decade?

            Big E is the IC champ and his stock is still rising, he’s been with the company for less then 2 years, so of course he won’t headline Mania. How many people main event Mania that early in their careers? And hoe do you know what Big E will become, that’s just an assumption on your part too justify your silly hate for Cena.

            So your basically telling me that Cena fandagoing for 5 seconds is the reason why Fandango hasn’t moved further up the card, dudde that’s laughable. You seem to want to hate on Cena for the most petty things.

            Oh and you brought up Miz but last I checked he headlined Mania with Cena and went over. Seems like he’s had a pretty nice career IMO, if that’s not doing much then what would you call doing a lot.

            And Cody teaming with Goldust seems to have gotten him & his brother pretty over. If you asked Cody I’m pretty sure he doesn’t feel that he got stuck

            But yeah, keep hating bro.

          • Venom

            Where did I say Cena dancing for 5 seconds is why Fandango is down the card?im saying he likes to feed off the crowd in that if they’re fandangoing hell do the dance to get the crowd to pop for him. Or if they’re doing the yes chant he’ll imitate the Daniel Bryan finger pointing. He even used Daniel for the crowd o cheer for him the Raw before TLC or do u not remember that?

            Do u think in the attitude era a mid carder could or should win a match hitting the stone cold stunner or the rock bottom to get the crowd to pop for him since they are Austin and Rock fans? Maybe to get the crowd to like him hell hit a sweet chin music.

            And can u tell me since winning the IC title what program has Big E been? Cause I literally don’t know.

            And do u really think Cena really put over Miz at WM? He was a background player in a Cena/Rock feud. Rock had to rock bottom Cena for Miz to win and he then lost the title to him a month later and never looked back.

            What about Punk when he was champ? How many ppv main events was he in? No the ones he was in we’re against Cena. I’m not saying its all Johns fault people don’t get over or get pushed. I think WWE puts him with guys like Ryder thinking it’ll help them but it actually makes them bit players. I forgot Ryder was even on the roster until I saw backstage fallout. Do u think Cena helped Ryder’s career? Call me crazy but I think Bryan and Ryder and others got fan support and then Cena got involved. But ever since
            Ryder got deposed for whatever reason Cena is no longer by his side.

            Maybe they should put Cena with someone who hasn’t gotten over on their own and give them the rub.

          • Xavier

            Yeah I remember the promo from TLC. And in no way was Cena trying too steal Bryan’s thunder. The crowd was s****** all over that segment too the point that you could barely here what Orton was saying. So Cena being the smart person that he is decided too work Bryan into his promo to A.) get the crowd too settle down and B.) get the crowd too pay attention to what was going on inside the ring without having too yell over 15,000 people. How else should Cena have handled the segment, should he have let the crowd just completely hijack the segment? Have you ever tried talking over 10,000-15,000 people before? BTW, that was a great promo by Cena that got huge marks from fans and WWE officials backstage.

            When has Cena ever tried using a stunner or the rock bottom too get over with fans?

            And according too the Miz he said Cena did a lot to help him out in his career, those are Miz’ words not mine. So if Miz himself said Cena helped get him over then he helped get him over, why else would Miz say that? BTW your boi CM Punk who ypu love too defend completely buried and bad mouthed Miz in his DVD. If Cena had did that I’m sure you’d be on here complaining about how Cena is a bad guy but because you’re a Punk fan you turn the other cheek to that.

            And is it Cena’s fault that he was/still is a bigger draw then Punk? Cena isn’t in charge of booking PPVs in case you hadn’t realized. And if I’m not mistake Cena was the guy who went too management to and asked too get Ryder featured on TV. Once Ryder got his foot in the door it’s up too Ryder himself to stay OVER, nobody else can do that for him, should Cena have held his hand or something too make sure he stayed over?

            Oh and they’ve put Cena with people who had not gotten over yet. How the hell do you think Sheamus became a main eventer. Cena put that dudde over clean as a whistle in a PPV and Sheamus had barely been on the main roster six months. When’s the last time someone like Punk ever did that? Oh the anwser to that would be never. And when Austin had a chance to put Lesnar over back in 02 when Lesnar was fairly new he threw a hessy fit backstage and walked out on the company. I never hear you being that up.

            Get back at me when Cena tells a fan too drink poison and die, or when he goes into the crowd and hits a fan, or when he calls a fan a f** at a house show. Or better yet complain when Cena walks out on the company. Sounds too me that all the stuff that you hate on Cena for his pretty petty bro.

          • Venom

            Xavier man you gotta read carefully what I wrote. I said what do you think would happen if a mid carder did a move that’s imitating rock or Austin just to get the fans to pop for him. It’s kind of like what Cena does when he tries to have fun with the crowd.

            And you really believe he put Sheamus? Sure he lost to Sheamus but really Triple H is the one who helped Sheamus.

            And I’m not really a CM Punk fan. But to me him wearing the championship was more of a prop during that time because he never main evented matches.

            Now I’m actually a Miz supporter. In fact I’m a Dolph Ziggler fan and as I was watching raw I really didn’t know who I want to win. I was even thrilled to see Ziggler in person when I was front row at a live event.

            Back to Miz, he’s actually a professional and even said good things about punk after the comments Punk did saying something like “if you’re not upset you’re not in the main event of wrestlemania then you shouldn’t be in this business”. He’s obviously not going to say bad things about the face of the company unlike Punk who speaks his mind.

            Again, zack Ryder got himself over and then Cena started commenting about him. Acting like a supporter. And he beats him in a match at TLC ’11 for a championship match’ then feels bad so he gives up his championship spot so Ryder can face Mark Henry later that night for a US shot. And again the only way Ryder won is because Cena interfered. Yes, that’s really elevating a guy.

            The only thing I won’t disagree with you on is Austin walking out for not putting over Lesnar. But looking back its a blessing as Lesner quit the company when he realized he was going down the card. Which is y ithink WWE is hesitant about pushing young guys before humbling them so they don’t do what
            Brock did.

          • Xavier

            Triple H didn’t do ish too get Sheamus over, as a matter of fact Triple H beat Sheamus at Mania and pinned him at the Chamber? How is that getting Sheamus over? Cena put Sheamus over multiple times before Sheamus and Triple H even started feuded. C’mon bro, your seriously gonna try and say otherwise?

            And like I said once Cena got Ryder’s foot in the door it’s up to Ryder himself to stay over. Don;t blame Cena for WWE creative’s direction with Ryder, take that up with them not Cena

            And Miz was asked about workers who had helped him and the 1st anwser out of his mouth was Cena, that wasn’t Miz being polite that was Miz telling the truth.

            Punk’s title reign was 434 days and most people saw it as more then just a prop. Punk’s merchandise sales went thru the roof right after his feud with Cena in 2011. Punk’s title reign was a huge deal.

            And Cena isn’t a midcarder. There’s a huge difference between a midcarder trying to steal a main eventer’s finisher and a main eventer dancing for 5 seconds in the ring.

          • Venom

            I have no idea why you repeated yourself in the post above…

            Well just so u know Nikki and Cena were dating over a year ago cause there was a picture of them at a high school reunion. But it was stated the push for Bryan was also when Total Divas started and they wanted the main event to be Bryan and Cena with Bella’s in each corner.

            Again with Ryder, Ryder did everything on his own in the net. After the fans and signs supporting him its when Cena tried to jump on the band wagon as he wants more fan support.

            Btw, and this is no insult to u. But after reading these convos I went to listen to The Rocks Cleveland Rock YouTube video specifically when he called out the Cena fans I thought of your avatar picture.

          • Xavier

            First things first, Bryan isn’t even the 1st one to start doing the YES chant. He stole that from MMA fighter Diego Sanchez who was doing that years before Bryan picked it up. Secondly, guys like Big Show, Titus O’Neil & Tensai have also done the YES chant at live events so how come you never accuse them of stealing Bryan’s thunder if that’s the case? Thirdly, Cena was having fun with the fans just like at the beginning of the show when he literally turned his heal in reference to smarks wanting him to turn heel. Is Cena Fandagoing for a whole 5 seconds was him just having fun. Cena is the top guy in the company so why would he have to steal the thunder of a midcarder that isn’t nowhere near as over as him? And as far as the TLC promo goes the fans were s****** all over the segment, you could barely hear what Orton or anyone else was saying. So Cena being the smart person that he was incorporated Bryan into his promo to get the fans to settle down so he could cut his promo and 2.) Get the fans paying attention to the segment again. What was Cena suppose to do in that situation, try to scream his promo over 15,000 people? Or better yet, how would you have handled that if you were Cena? BTW, that promo that night by Cena was great and got high marks from WWE officials & fans alike.

            When as Cena ever tried to perform the stunner, rock bottom or sweet chin music to try and get over with fans?

            And according to Miz himself he has gone on record as saying that Cena helped put him over, those are Miz’ words not mine. So if Miz feels that Cena put him over then who are you to try and say that he didn’t. BTW, your boi Punk that your sticking up for literally went out of his way to bury Miz on his DVD. Had Cena had dome something like that I’m sure you’d be on here crying wolf about how bad a person Cena is.

            Last I checked Cena is not in charge of PPV booking so why even bring that up? If you have issue with Cena headlining over Punk then take that up with WWE agents, they book the PPVs not Cena. Speaking of Punk though you Punk fans crack me up with all your Cena hate sometimes, considering that it was Cena who jobbed to Punk in back to back PPVs in 2011. Cena more then any other wrestler on the roster has done more to help get Punk over then any other wrestler, Punk himself would be the 1st too tel you that himself actually. For the record Punk has said on numerous occasions that Cena is one of his all-time favorite guys to work with. Here’s a clip of Punk singing Cena’s praises at a houseshow a few years back. I’m sure you’ll still continue to overlook all that being the true Cena boo bord that you are though

            And as far as Ryder is concerned you conveniently forget that it was Cena who went too WWE managment and asked lobbied to get Ryder on RAW. Cena’s the reason that Ryder got his foot in the door in the 1st place. Once Ryder got got his foot in the door it was up to him to stay over. Should Cena have held Ryder’s hand the whole way to make sure he moved up the ladder?

            Didn’t Cena already work with a guy who hadn’t gotten over on their own before? Did you not see Cena/Sheamus at TLC 2009 when Cena put Sheamus over clean. Sheamus had barely been on the main roster six months at that point and Cena not only put him over clean but he put him over for the title as well. When’s the last time Punk has ever given someone that kind of rub? The answer is NEVER. Austin had the chance to do something similar with Lesnar in 02 but instead he threw a fit backstage and walked out of the company but people never wanna bring that up because God forbid should someone call Austin out on all his bull****.

  • Jbreed

    Curtis Axel’s push never worked out because he’s basically Michael McGuillicutty with a different name. Besides the name change everything else about him stayed the same. Sure he was aligned with Paul Heyman but an alignment with Heyman doesn’t automatically turn everybody into stars.

    • rod mayo

      just needs to find some sort of charisma…the skill set is there

  • Christen

    That is what happens when fans start bitching although if we end up seeing CM Punk has parted ways with WWE on they will be even more pissed. I don’t blame punk for being upset if that was his match to begin with they should keep it that way. Just because fans are being cry babies about Dainel Bryan not being the RR match even after he stated he wouldn’t be in it they shouldn’t take that match from Punk. I hate to say this but Daniel Bryan craze is not going to last at all. Fans will get tired of him and eventually start pushing someone else. It happened with stars like Cena,Orton,Batista,Dolph Ziggler,Zack Ryder etc they cheer and push for awhile then eventually they get tired of them and they are faded out. There is plenty of time to do Daniel Bryan vs Triple H don’t take Punk’s match away from him. Knowing WWE they will do anything to keep Punk cause they know if punk leaves they are screwed. So they are probably thinking right now what to do to keep Punk in the company to resign.

    • Venom

      Triple H doesn’t even wrestle all year does he even need a match at WM? Yes, I know Undertsker does the same and isn’t on the road like Triple H but at least fans want to see him defend the streak. To be totally honest the only match I ever get invested in is Undertskers at WM.

      If Daniel Bryan couldn’t be in a title match and neither CM Punk just have them tear the house down in a #1 contenders match. Have them try and upstage the title match nobody wants to see.

      On a side note, I was listening to The LAW and it was mentioned have Daniel Bryan main event against Taker since every year people just care bout UTs match, and it’s the match of the night, might as well put it on last.

  • Matt

    Everyone says TNA is like WCW, WWE is starting to turn into WCW, not financial wise but product wise. Titles don’t mean much anymore (I know Punk had a 14 month reign as champ but the majority of his reign took a backseat to John cena, the Rock returning, brock returning, HHH, and even John Laryngitis),always keeping the same people in the spotlight, bad storylines, and people getting unfairly pushed. WWE won’t be around for much longer if they keep putting themselves above fans.

  • monty

    all of the haters who say all PUnk does is bitch and moan just look around. Batista comes out of no where and wins the RR, Lesnar comes out and declares himself the #1 contender yet no one says anything

    but for punk or DB or ziggler to get a shot its hard

  • monty

    all wwe has done with DB and Punk are 3 on one matches

    DB faces Wyats
    Punk vs shield

    why is it that wwe could only do one stoyrline for main event and nothing else, during attitude era we had excellent mid card stories too. But now its just Authority vs main event guys and everyone else just ride along

    • Bob’s Diner

      It is because you have someone else in charge of creative before it goes to Vince; back in the attitude era you had guys like Jim Cornette and Pat Patterson working with Vince, now you just have a bunch of non-wrestling people answering to HHH before it goes to Vince

      • monty

        you know all this talk about how HHH will run this company much better, not gonna happen. He plays favorites like Vince

        IMO the best person to run this company was Shane but he left. I still hope shane comes back because i think Linda Mcmahon really thinks highly of him. and she can give him control of the company

        • Bob’s Diner

          HHH is MUCH worse than Vince in regards to playing favourites. At least Vince actually listened to the fans instead of forcing his own agenda all the time. People forget that Austin and The Rock would never have been pushed if The Kliq had gotten their way

          Shane would have been great. Hopefully one day someone can force a hostile takeover and at least get Stephanie removed from all executive responsibilities

          • Rod Mayo

            stephanie actually seems responsible and can handle the ball just fine….but man she’s caught in between her father and husband

          • Bob’s Diner

            She got demoted recently because creative is so bad. Oh yeah, she’s awesome

  • smark calloway

    will everybody please stop talking nonsense and just look at the business as what it is ..a business !( and on another note please stop with the punk vs bryan thing !! they had two ppv main events in a row back in 2012 and the ppvs they headlined didnt exactly get huge record breaking buyrates or anything) . in the world of wwe it is all about the dollars and cents, thats all what matters . .. now, why does nobody apart from me ( and that includes a lot of my fellow wrestlers ) not see the bigger picture ? batista is in the main event of mania and will probably hold the wwe world heavyweight championship over the summer not because he is buddies with hhh or anything like that, but because he has a big role in one of this summers blockbuster movies ( a marvel comics adaptation called guardians of the galaxy ) . think of the mainstream media attention they will get when ” the wwe world heavyweight champion and star of guardians of the galaxy batista ” is at the premieres and on talk shows hyping up the movie with the title around his waist . think of the mainstream exposure the wwe will get ( and we all know how much they crave attention from the outside world ) . now , if people that watch the movie like daves acting and becomes fans of his , they will probably start to watch wwe and thus wwe has some new fans which equals more money and more ratings for the company .which also means more money for the performers too , so everyone benefits . having punk or bryan as champion after mania isnt going to get them mainstream media attention is it ? . but having batista as champion is ! .why does nobody realize these things ?.. i remember when the rock came back and some of the wrestlers were moaning because he was ” stealing their spots ” and he said ” its a shame that a lot of the boys dont understand the business side of the business ” . the rocks return garnered big box office which they all would have got a share of in their cheques, why complain about getting a bigger pay cheque ? .. i even remember hearing people moaning back in the day because they were paying mike tyson 5 million to appear at the rumble 98 , some raws and wrestlemania 14. but vince said he will be worth every penny because if people tune in to see tyson then they will hopefully like the rest of the product and become fans and watch the show every week . and thats exactly what happened. after tyson appeared in wwe , it finally started beating wcw in the ratings and then we had the huge boom period of the attitude era everybody, get out of your bubbles and start looking at the bigger picture please..batista is only the rumble winner , and will be in the main event of mania and will probably hold the title over the summer because it is a smart business decision . it makes sense business wise . when the movie comes out it will get the wwe big media coverage , credibilty ( as one of their top stars is in a legit summer blockbuster ) ,attention , new viewers to the product and most of all more money … it is a cliche at the moment , but look …having batista as the champion and headlining mania really is best for business right now

    • Bob’s Diner

      The problem is, if the product is crap when they are getting attention, then they won’t make any new fans or money. If someone tunes and sees the title match getting booed out of the building for being terrible – which is what is going to happen at WrestleMania if they go through with Batista vs Orton – then what makes them want to watch more? You make new fans by offering a product that is exciting and fresh. Just look at WrestleMania 14; they got massive publicity thanks to Mike Tyson and won new fans that night due to how excited the crowd were and how much better the overall product had become. Rehashing a feud that is 10 years old isn’t going to win back the old fans and showing you can’t entertain your current fans isn’t going to win any new fans

      • smark calloway

        yeah but the new fans wouldnt have seen that fued and wouldnt understand a bad match or anything like that . they will just tune in to see ” that guy from the movie ” and then hopefully like what they see , like the rest of the product, buy the tshirts and keep watching every week..thats wwe’s logic anyway

        • Bob’s Diner

          Like I said, a new fan will tune in and go ‘Wow the crowd hate this – why the hell would I want to watch this if the people watching it don’t like it?’ and any mainsteam media will pick up on it as well. Look at WrestleMania XI; they had massive mainstream publicity because of Lawrence Taylor, but the show was so bad they lost even more fans afterwards

          • smark calloway

            thats not completely true, wwf and wrestling on a whole was on a downward spiral in 1995 anyway, and was since 1991/92 due to the steriod scandels and bad press . it had a big black mark against it them … as history shows nothing helped the business until 1998 when all that bad stuff was forgotten and we had the monday night wars , attitude era etc and business really picked up …..but heres an example about new fans for you . when i was a little boy and first started watching i was a huge ultimate warrior mark. i didnt care that his matches sucked and that he only did 3 moves or that his interviews were unintelligable . i just thought he was really cool , and just wanted to see him on my tv screen . it wasnt until i saw bret hart vs mr perfect at summerslam 1991 that i realized ” wow that match was awesome ” and wrestlers like bret hart became my favourites fans will just want to see the characters like dave when they first watch , they wont care about workrate and stuff like that . but then over time if they really get into it they will start to enjoy the punks , bryans and the rest of the ” real wrestlers ” and by that time they are already watching every week

          • RVD4Life

            I do agree with your logic about Warrior.. That’s exactly how I got into wrestling at 5 years old. And then came summerslam 91 and my mind was blown from the Bret/Perfect Match. So yes your logic has fact to it. BUT Batista is not the Warrior. He can’t get over in this generation just because he was in a movie or two. I agree that WWE is trying to garner new fans, but Batista is not the guy to do it

          • smark calloway

            as much as us internet fans dont like it…the kids still do like to see a big larger than life muscle guy like dave going through everybody ..thats why they still like cena..its a winning formula for the young target audience

          • Bob’s Diner

            Warrior had charisma – whether we like him or not, he had something that drew people to him. Batista does not

          • Bob’s Diner

            I will explain to you again – Lawrence Taylor brought in huge mainstream publicity for WWE. But WrestleMania Xi was terrible. WWE was terrible. So having him come in was a waste of money. because they gained ZERO fans from it.

            Now Batista is coming back to win the title. The product is average right now and his match – the one you claim is going to draw mainstream attention – is going to be destroyed by the fans. It will make WWE look stupid and gain them nothing.

            Besides which, Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t come out until August. Batista is still a nobody in Hollywood, so how does him main eventing WrestleMania attract anyone?

          • smark calloway

            yes but they could have brought in anybody at the time and it wouldnt have helped the business . it was in a slump and nobody cared about it , due to lack of stars and all the bad press it had .they even brought in pamela anderson at the rumble 1995 and wm 11 and she was in the prime of her baywatch career and it still didnt help them. the product has never been about match quality. look at the 80’s when hulkamania ran wild . he wasnt in any ” 5 star matches ” and the business was booming . look at the attitude era . that isnt known for its 5 star matches . it was just known for all of the crazy antics, catchphases and wild storylines. most of the viewers who watched it then then didnt watch it to see a ROH NJPW calibre match , they just wanted to see their favourites ….wwe is in a much better state financally and in the public eye now then it was all those years ago at wm 11 ..look at all the sponserships , look at the quarterly reviews. stocks in wwe have risen , the network is just around the corner . its in a good place at the moment…..dave will win the title at mania so he can have a summer title reign in time for the movies realize . new champions after mania always have a lengthy run. and they cant give it to bryan at mania anyway because he is getting married to brie bella in april so will need time off for the honeymoon and things..a new champ cant have time off straight away

          • Bob’s Diner

            You just proved my point with your first half – you can bring in whoever you want, if the product is bad no one will care.

            I’ve never mentioned anything about 5 star matches or whatever else so I don’t know why you are bringing all that up.

            I repeat, even if Batista was a Hollywood star and brought in a million extra fans, they wouldn’t stick around because all they will see is their hero getting booed and the overall product is not good right now.

            Look at The Rock – he brought in a lot more fans… look at where ratings and PPV buyrates have been since he left

            So no, he is not best for business

          • smark calloway

            yeah you did because you said wm 11 was terrible ( and it was from a match point of view ) .and you keep saying about batista being booed and having bad matches , but the new fans wont care about that , they just wanna see a big muscle guy going through everybody …and i bet a few new fans started watching when the rock returned and they are probably still watching now , you cant prove that everybody deserted after he left ….everyone likes to make out wwe is doing terrible business right now , but look at the monthly quarterlys , look at the stock rising recently ,its hardly in the deep dark depths it was in the mid 90’s… other wwe superstar apart form dave is going to get wwe mainstream media attention this summer . no one else is going to be on the red carpet as ” the wwe world heavyweight champion ” representling the company for all the world to see .nobody else will make wwe look credible in the medias eye , no other wwe superstar is goin gto be in a major motion picture summer blockbuster this summer apart from batista .. and that is why it is best for business if he holds it after mania. im not saying i like it just stating facts and just stating how wwe do business

          • Bob’s Diner

            I have heard your argument before… from Vince Russo, when trying to justify David Arquette being World Heavyweight Champion

            I never said WrestleMania XI was terrible from a match point of view. I said in general. WWF was terrible then, which is why the mainstream attention got them nowhere. How can you not understand that you are saying the same thing?

            The WrestleMania main event is going to be killed by the crowd. There is no doubt about this – I would imagine right now some people have already decided they are not going to give it a chance. Children are like sheep in that if you tell them something is really cool, they will believe you. So if kids tune in and see how much no one wants to watch Batista, they will think he isn’t cool either. If mainstream media are paying attention because of Batista, they will report about how badly his match does with the WWE fans.

            This angle has never been about attention – it has been about Batista’s ego and HHH pushing his friends into the spotlight. He could have come back as a heel and faced someone over and it would go down great. Instead, this is the path they have not only chosen, they have refused to try a different path despite the fans completely rejecting it. They expected Batista to be welcomed back as a face – he hasn’t been. They expected Orton to be a killer heel – he isn’t. Yet they are pushing ahead with the feud no one but HHH wants to see.

            This match will not go on last. It will not be the main event. Not even WWE are that stupid

          • smark calloway

            exactly kids are like sheep..if wwe tells them batista is the man they will like him..look at all the sheep kids at the events in full cena merchandise..they dont care if he gets booed or not , they still like him

          • Bob’s Diner

            Kids aren’t cheering Batista now and they are getting told he’s the man

            HHH pretends to like a lot of people. No one can argue with all the people that got a good pay day from the Royal Rumble that he is looking after his boys

            And no offense, your name dropping doesn’t impress me. I could pretend I am the lead guitarist from a popular band – it is the internet. People lie.

            Unless you were in Chikara. Then I take back everything I said and want to be your friend

          • Bob’s Diner

            BTW If he needs the title to do all that press stuff, give it to him later. I can’t imagine Daniel Bryan isn’t beating him for the title at Extreme Rules, being in Seattle

      • Venom

        But we do have to admit though, mostly us did want Batista back a few months ago and he publicly stated he hates the pg product. He’s not even coming part time it says he got 2 years. I think Vince and company thought they’re giving us what we want by bringing him back. In reality we wanted him back and work his way into a title picture, not come in for Royal Rumble, win it then main event wrestlemania against a guy he’s already feuded with in the past.

        • Bob’s Diner

          I never wanted him back. I don’t hate the PG product or care for Batista in any way.

          And the way things are looking right now, WrestleMania may be his first match back

          • Venom

            Sorry I meant to type “most of us” but auto correct changed it. But bust a lot of people including myself wanted to see him back just not thrown in the main event especially for WM.

    • RVD4Life

      No Batista is not best for business. His Ring work sucks. He’s got a short fuse when it comes to the fans booing him. He doesn’t take criticism very well. It will blow up in Vince’s face when WrestleMania comes around and he gets booed out of the building.. Imagine batista getting booed by 75,000 fans and him flipping the bird on live tv. He’s a guy that just doesn’t translate to todays generation of fans.
      As regard to Punk leaving. I agree with him that he deserves more. Sure he deserved to be in the main event at WM. But when you don’t get your own way, You’re gonna go home like a spoiled child who didn’t get his cookies after dinner. That I don’t agree with.. Punk is digging himself a huge hole and Vince isn’t gonna be pushed around by a guy who he used to refer to as “String Bean”.

      • smark calloway

        when you have a starring role in a mainstream summer blockbuster , it doesnt matter if your ring work sucks or not …you are gonna draw and get the wwe mainstream attention, thats all that matters to the wwe ..did you not just read what i wrote

        • RVD4Life

          YES I read what you wrote, and you’re completely wrong

          • smark calloway

            ok then tell me how long you have been watching wrestling , how many shows you have appeared on , how long you have been around the business, how many top name wrestlers you have been given advice by and what i am completely wrong about then ?

          • RVD4Life

            I’ve been watching wrestling since 1988.. and have never stopped with the exception of the last few years. The product has been stale for atleast the last 5 years

          • smark calloway

            so you havent actually been in the business and been in the ring or been given advice by veterans about how the business actually works ?

          • Bob’s Diner

            And you have? You’ve worked WrestleMania with Steve Austin?
            Sorry didn’t realise I was getting advice from a pro, here

          • smark calloway

            ive been given advice by people that have worked steve austin, yes..and have been on many shows and in many matches

          • Cubed56

            Ok then, with all due respect, could you please share your ring name with us. I’d like to test your credibility.

          • RVD4Life

            LMFAO! Sure you have, Big Shot.. What’s your ring name then so we can check your credibility

        • Jbreed

          So basically even though a guy sucks we need to just accept the fact he’s in the main event because he needs to promote a movie. Anybody who will spend their hard earned money on WM 30 is an idiot.

          • smark calloway

            all what matters to wwe is dollars and cents yes..they dont care what the 10 percent of the audience that makes up the internet wrestling community think

          • RVD4Life


          • smark calloway

            that is very not a troll!! ..i have raised some very valid points , just because a dont follow the status quo and i look at the business as a business i am called a troll ..ok then

          • smark calloway

            that is very not a troll!! ..i have raised some very valid points , just because a dont follow the status quo and i look at the business as a business i am called a troll ..ok then

          • Jbreed

            But there’s the problem a lot of people don’t get these days. Instead of putting more time and effort into creating new must see WM calibre mian eventers who could make even bigger bucks for the company, they just take the easy way out. And us fans have to put up with the same crap over and over again.

          • smark calloway

            look at the yearly quarterlies ..stock in wwe has risen due to the network , wwe is still making big bucks, it still gets good ratings and they are appaarently on the verge of making a huge lucrative amount from a new tv deal as well ( as well as having their own network ) .. it has no need to drastically change or take chances at the moment

          • Bob’s Diner

            That is an archaic way of looking at it – this isn’t 2000 anymore where only a handful of hardcore fans are looking at stuff on the internet. Everything WWE does is aimed at an online market – so in WWE’s ‘Universe’ ALL their fans are “internet wrestling” fans

          • smark calloway

            no it is only 10 percent of fans who look at a wrestling website …weve had this discussion on here before and richard himself stated that it is indeed only 10 percent of the viewing audience

      • Jbreed

        You forgot to mention Batista’s mic skills. He still struggles to remember his lines which I find hilarious, in a sad way of course.

    • Jbreed

      If Vince McMahon had any balls than there actually are better things for business than bringing in Batista in the main event at WM. For example, turning John Cena heel and making him turn on Daniel Bryan, setting up a John Cena/Daniel Bryan main event at WM. There’s what’s best for busness. But like I said before, the WWE doesn’t have the balls.

      • smark calloway

        john cena brings in $100 million a year for wwe from merchandise , sponsership deal etc ( google it up, you will the facts ) if they turn him heel they will loose a whole lot of money from all those kids not buying his merch anymore ..and that my friends is bad for wwe’s business..why would they do that ?

        • Jbreed

          But they’ll get back hundreds of thousands of fans who abandoned the WWE because they’re sick of not only John Cena but the whole direction of the WWE.

          • smark calloway

            they dont know that for sure..ive spoke about that before on here..its a big gamble on wwe’s part , they have a lot to loose. and plus they have people in their ear like the sponsers and whatnot who want cena to appeal to the kids still as he is making money for them as well ( the clothing line deal with kmart for example )

          • Jbreed

            But they could actually improve on ratings and ppv buyrates. Cena biggest strength is selling merchandise, but he doesn’t exactly send raings and buyrates through the roof.

          • smark calloway

            yeah but merchandise is a HUUUUUGE moneymaker . for the wwe and the performers. they dont wanna mess with that

          • Jbreed

            You’re right. And the problem is there’s no competition for the WWE which means it could run things any way it wants. The biggest problem is us fans are being deprived of a quality product because these days the WWE’s top priority is to sell merchandise. And as long as they keep their 5 to 10 year old fanbase than than they’re satisfied.

          • Jbreed

            But they could actually improve on ratings and ppv buyrates. Cena biggest strength is selling merchandise, but he doesn’t exactly send raings and buyrates through the roof.

          • Jbreed

            I don’t think it matters to K-Mart who they sell merchandise to. Even if it’s not to the children, as long as they’re selling merchandise to somebody they’ll keep sticking around.

          • smark calloway

            the john cena range at kmart is directed to kids and young teens..they only do them in their sizes

        • Brandon Billings

          The same was said about Hulk Hogan in his WCW days and look how that turned out. They almost put WWE out of business.

          I respect what the guy does for the company but same ole s#!t different day only goes so far.

          Heck keep him face but change his character up a little

    • Malboja

      There is one thing wrong here , yes Batista as champ dose equall more money but that only goes to vince the guys in the ring have set contracts no matter how many people watch , if Batista is champ then ppl are buying to watch him and thus taking away a chance for others to be in the spotlight
      So while I agree with you that Batista is what’s good for bosses this year it will not help any other guys

      • smark calloway

        no no no !! youve got it all wrong . yes they have contracts but that is just the guranteed amount they make a year but they get more money on top of that for each show they appear on ( $500-1000 for tvs and house shows during the week ) , they get more money if more tickets are sold . they get more money if more ppv’s are ordered , they get more money if they sell a load of there own merchandise, more money on where they appear on the show and lots of other factors ( including a huge wrestlemania if wm does big business they all get a massive extra payday ) ..having someone like batista attracting new fans creates buyrates and ticket sales which everyone benefits from

  • Bob’s Diner

    I’m really disappointed in all the hate being thrown at CM Punk right now. NOTHING has been confirmed as far as why he went home or has been taken off shows. All that has been confirmed is that he has been unhappy for months – we all knew that – but everyone is just assuming that is why is not there. The only people that know right now are him and Vince, and probably AJ Lee. There could be a million reasons; he could have a family emergency, he could be injured, he could hate WWE and want to leave – all of it is speculation. People are jumping to conclusions

  • pow

    If Punks gone please take the woeful AJ Lee with you,her act is well passed its sell buy date.

  • Lebron James

    Punk has been misused for a while now. I don’t blame him for being frustrated. He should be main eventing without a doubt along with Bryan. Punk and Bryan get the best reactions out of the entire locker room and yet they are pushed to the side for guys like Cena and Orton. Glad he had enough. I just hope Punks tantrum wakes the WWE up.

    • Danny_Boy

      Lol that’s laughable. Fans could care less about Punk. Bryan is 20x more over then Punk ever was. Punk is just mad that Bryan replaced him in the feud with HHH.

      • Bob’s Diner

        You are right – they could care less. A whole lot less
        ZOMG LOLZ

  • K!NG

    $$$$ is the almight reason Punk isnt in a main event at Wrestlemania

  • Jimmy

    WWE consists of 2 divided groups right now…. The wrestlers (Bryan, Shield, Cesaro etc…) and The entertainers (Cena, Batista, Orton etc….). To put it simply there’s just a bunch of Hulk Hogans and Bret Harts in the WWE as of right now. Where’s the HBK’s and Ric Flairs? The guys than can wrestler and are sure as hell entertaining as well. In my opinion WWE could and should do alot bigger and better things with guys like Punk and Ziggler.

  • JJ

    Vince has never been big into technical or smaller guys he’s always been big into the roid rage beastly type; he knows money and that’s what he’s after; if he sees a hit in money he’d change things, but he won’t..because people will continue to buy into cena, hhh, batista, orton..

  • Jay El Bee

    I don’t believe Cena’s heat is because the audience is burned out on his character, he’s been getting a similar reaction since late 2005 when he was a fairly new to the main event.

  • Tim

    As a huge punk fan for years. I totally agree with his decision. It may suck because one of the few reasons i watch wrestling anymore is gone. But me myself wasn’t to thrilled with his feuds in awhile. Anyone who has a problem with punk walking out is a hypocrite. We all would do the same if our jobs did the same to us. Of course if we made as much as he did. Going against HHH is the same as going against taker at mania. You already know who’s going to win. Taker is just a amazing wrestler tho. Wwe doesn’t need Batista. Batista said he won’t come back until the pg crap is gone. Well it’s not not at all. So HHH had to play favorites and guarantee him a main event match at mania and this is why wrestling is be a bigger joke when HHH takes over. It will be a real life nwo.