Concern In Orton vs. Bryan, Big Johnny, Booking To Survivor Series, Sami Zayn

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From a storyline standpoint, why should we believe that Daniel Bryan has any chance to beat Randy Orton at Night of Champions on Sunday? Given the fact that Triple H and company have continually "screwed" him, why wouldn't they just do that again on Sunday?

This is the concern many observers have with the Triple H and Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan program. The worry is they've made Daniel Bryan look too weak and the corporation unstoppable. I spoke with one person close to creative that told me they were on the verge of making Bryan look completely inferior. My hope is it leads to some type of storyline progression as Daniel Bryan's chase for the title  against the McMahons increases but I can tell you that you are not alone in your concern.

Do you see John Laurinaitis returning to WWE with the return of the corporate champion?

John Laurinaitis still works for WWE as a producer so there is always a chance his on-screen character could return although I haven't heard anything as of this writing.

The story between Daniel Bryan vs. the corporation feels more like the build to a Survivor Series match than a singles title match. Do you see it continuing that long?

I haven't heard how long WWE plans to book Daniel Bryan in his current program. I would assume it will go past Night of Champions but there will be some type of storyline progression by Survivor Series in November. The one piece WWE is going to have to address sooner than later is the corporation looking completely unstoppable, perhaps with a third party alliance. That was part of why Edge was booked in the role that he was on this week's Raw.

What do WWE officials think of Sami Zayn?

Sami Zayn, the former El Generico, was on the road with the main roster over the weekend. Not only was he given time in his match in Montreal against Antonio Cesaro but his reactions on all shows (Saturday night in New Jersey and Sunday in New York) were said to be very good. WWE takes promising developmental stars on the road with them to get a handle on how the audience will react to them and how they do against main roster stars on main roster shows. If this weekend was any indication, Zayn has a very bright future.

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  • ohyoudidntknow

    I wouldn’t be surprised if big show screwed over daniel bryan at NoC.

    • kingdook24

      It’s that obvious to you, too?

  • Scottyo614

    DB has the money in the bank problem. Get em to the spot, kill their momentum only to build them back… Really though there should have been no reason to do that in this program

  • The Breaker

    Zayn is a tremendous talent. I can’t wait to see what he does once he’s inevitably called up to the main roster. I think he’ll end up being the ‘sensation’ WWE promised us Sin Cara would be. From what I’ve seen and heard, he isn’t having issues working the ‘WWE style’. The company seems to be receptive to the idea of matches with a bit of an Indy flair too though, considering what we’ve seen recently from the work of Daniel Bryan.

  • smark calloway

    breakin grayfabe – the 50 shades of (richard ) gray ..coming soon to to all good bookstores near you !

  • Xavier

    It’s funny how so many people claimed to be tired of Super Cena winning. It was always “why does the good guy always come out on top” complaint. So the WWE finally “GIVES THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT” and delivers us a feud with a stong heel stable and now 4 weeks into the whole thing people are complaining about the bad guy always coming out on top, go figure. There should be no cause for concern, we are only a month into this whole feud. This is exactly how things were booked during the Monday Night Wars, NWO, Corporation, McMahon-Helmsley Regime, Corporate Ministry etc etc. I thought “fans” wanted more heel stables, edgier storylines, less Cena, The underdog getting a push etc etc. I guess the old saying is really true. Be careful of what you wish for.

    Personally, I’ve enjoyed the hell out of this feud. Bryan, Orton, Big Show, Shield , Cody, Triple H, Stephanie have all played their roles in this feud beautifully so far and creative has been on point so far in the way they’ve mapped out this feud.

    • kingdook24

      I won’t thumbs down this, but i’ll add alil’ more to the DB/HHH/Orton situation:

      You make good points. However, you should really start saying “most” people. I am a huge Cena fan, never got tired of him winning; that would be like me getting tired of seeing Austin win w/ me being an Austin fan. I’ve been saying they need to build this storyline alil’ more along the lines of the Austin/McMahon feud. Growing up during that era, seeing Austin take on McMahon & the Corporation – I actually believed that Austin had a chance to one up the Corporation every night.

      That’s not the story here with DB/Corporate Evolution – aside from last night, DB has been squashed every single week. IMO, it shouldn’t be onesided – they’ve built this storyline to the point where I honestly BELIEVE DB will NOT win @ NoC. I love that DB is chasing for the title, though I would love if he was actually Champion – but it’s more entertaining to see each DB one up the CE on occasion than just seeing him get squashed every week.

      • Xavier

        I think the mistake people are making here is constantly comparing this feud with Austin vs McMahon when in reality this is more like Rock vs Helmsey-McMahon regime in late 99/early 2000. The regime constantly one upped the Rock on RAW & Smackdown until Backlash when Austin finally came to the rescue.

        • kingdook24

          Another good point, I grew up during that feud as well. I didn’t like it either. Though the Rock had a mouth & could get under their skin, Rock would always get one upped.

          I don’t mind if WWE wants to build a dominate faction, I’m okay with all that. What I don’t like is how they put a Superstar in a feud or make that Superstar chase for a title, but place him/her in situations where they flat out can’t win. Last night, IMO, though I’m glad DB got the one up finally (yes, I know it’s scripted) but it was all luck pretty much w/ Big Show & Orton talking & the camera was off DB – That gave DB time to recover & kneelift Orton.

          I guess I just wished this storyline, great as it is, was written more like the Austin/McMahon feud. I want to cheer for DB, but it’s very difficult to cheer for someone when I know they’ll be dismantled every week.

          • Xavier

            I understand where you are coming from. But as great as Bryan has been the past year, he just doesn’t have that rebel badass type personality that Austin had, the only person who on the roster who remotely resembles that is CM Punk. So the next logical step for creative is to book Bryan as a super underdog. I’m sure a whole lot of people will disagree with this but Bryan’s PERSONALITY is a lot closer to someone like Mick Foley then it is too Austin’s. Like Foley, Bryan has this underdog aura about him.

          • kingdook24

            I can see Foley, but my God – If they start doing DB the way Foley had been treated over the years, I’d lose my mind. Watching this promo, this IS the DB/HHH/Orton story right here:

          • Xavier

            Trust me that won’t happen. In terms of personality & aura Bryan resembles Foley. But in terms of Bryan’s spot in the company and where he is at in the pecking order he’s in the exact same spot Rock was at this point in 2000 while Austin was out hurt. Bryan is in the main event to stay for good

    • K!NG

      i 100 % agree , bryan is an underdog and as an underdog you don’t look like super man. you endure and rise up from the most impossible situation at the most unexpected time. its funny people complained about Cena when he beat everyone but people want bryan to do the same thing.

      • Xavier

        “its funny people complained about Cena when he beat everyone but people want bryan to do the same thing”

        My exact same thoughts exactly

        • Snap

          Maybe it’s because Cena never made anybody other than Cena look good and couldn’t be bothered to actually sell anything other than merchandise from show to show.

          What happened after losing the WWE championship at SummerSlam, Cena is all smiles and goofing around like it’s just another day at the office. Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, SOLD that he was screwed out of the WWE championship.

          There is a HUGE difference between Cena being the “underdog” and Daniel Bryan being one. Perhaps if Cena didn’t act like such a tool, there wouldn’t be so much complaining about him.

          • Xavier

            Oh you must have forgot how Cena put Bryan over after the match by shaking his hand or in his promo the night after where he sang Bryan’s praises. Or the time he made CM Punk look like a million bucks by putting him over Multiple times in 2011, or time he jobbed forever cementing Punk as a main eventer. Did you also forget about the time he made Sheamus look good at TLC 2009 when he lost to him clean as well. You must of forgot about the other times as well when he put over Edge & RVD in 2006 giving them their first world titles. Cena haters never seize to amaze me smh lol

          • Snap

            Yes, Cena put Bryan over clean at SummerSlam but he didn’t SELL that he lost the WWE championship the next night on RAW. His music hits and he comes out like he’s having the best time ever and nothing can faze him.

            How can you even say he put over CM Punk multiple times in 2011 when he’s had EXCUSES why he lost each and every time. That’s just “losing” it’s NOT “putting someone over.” Then, to top everything up, Cena eventually cuts a promo calling CM Punk’s entire WWE championship reign irrelevant because HE wasn’t constantly in the title picture. Way to bury Punk, Cena. Cena lovers never CEASE to amaze me with the pathetic blinders they have.

            Edge and RVD? Well, Cena had just gone through an Elimination Chamber match when Edge cashed in his briefcase and Edge speared Cena to allow RVD to pick up the win.

            Some of the reasons I hate Cena are BECAUSE he acts like such a massive tool, not to mention uses the Make-a-Wish kids as a shield when he’s getting pummeled on the microphone. “Oh shit, this guy is more over than me! I gotta mention the sick kids, NOBODY can boo sick kids!” It’s nothing more than a pathetic and disgusting exploitation of something which should be a special, private moment between him and the kids in question and NOT something to force people not to boo him.

            Finally, yes it is just my opinion but no more or less valid than yours, I don’t find him entertaining at all. That’s why I didn’t watch WWE from WrestleMania to SummerSlam. Now that he’s mercifully absent, I can watch for a while and tune out once he shows up to hog the spotlight again.

            You’re welcome.

          • Xavier

            This has to the poorest attempt at a comeback I’ve ever seen. For a lack of a better term. The Hate within in is strong my friend. Do you actually believe the stuff you just said.

    • Matt

      You make a good point.

  • Ricky

    I do hope Zayn gets brought to the main roster soon.
    I’m all for the Ultimate underdog but right now it looks more like Bryan is getting buried rather than pushed. Good thing is they didn’t end the 7th TV show straight with him laid out. It’s pretty much fact that Bryan will be cheated somehow at NoC.
    I would like to see big Johnny return this time as a face and say The Board Of Directors don’t like some of the choices he’s been making. It would be in stark contrast to last year when Big Johnny was the one abusing power.

    • Xavier

      Bryan isn’t getting buried in the least bit. YOu have to look at the bigger picture here. There’s no suspense if Bryan is the one getting the upper hand here. Bryan will come out on top of this feud when it’s all said and done, right now creative is establishing Orton. Triple H. Stephanie McMahon, The Shield as a unstoppable oppressive regime while establishing Bryan as the sympathetic underdog face. It would look really bad if Bryan took down this regime by himself within a month of them forming. Eventually more faces will align themselves with Bryan around Battle Ground.

  • Lebron James

    This is completely irrelevant, but I’d like to let you all know that Antonio Cesaro was amazing last night. He NEEDS to be pushed soon. Maybe make him the corporate muscle. The man is just too good! This whole pairing him up with Swagger crap just isn’t working. Both Swags and Cesaro need to be established as singles competitors. Hopefully they pair Cesaro with Paul Heyman. Something has to change. Cesaro is the best.

    • kingdook24

      I agree – but I do love that though their group are heels, some fans love saying:


    • Xavier

      Agreed on the Cesaro part. His pairing with Zeb never made sense to me at all. I’ve always said that Axel should of been on the with Zeb with Cesaro being paired with Heyman. Punk/Cesaro would of been a million times better then Punk/Axel. As far as Swagger goes, he’s proven time & time again that he’s a lower midcarder at best. Fans could really care less about him, and he’s pretty average at best in the ring and really bad on the mic.

    • 1molly23

      Ok Cesaro is really really good. Thwagger – is really really not so much. His ring presence, wrestling and mic skills absolutely suck! Actually feel kind of bad for Cesaro having to be connected to Thwagger.

      • kingdook24

        LMAO – THwagger.

      • BIG M

        You obviously have not seen Cesaro’s matches against Sami Zayn on NXT tv.
        Instant classics the problem is putting him with a no talent idiot like Swagger.
        If it was just him with Zeb Colter he would get over easy even if it makes no sense for a guy from europe to be with a tea party American.

        • 1molly23

          this time i’ll write it slowly – Cesaro is really really good. no criticism, no sarcasm, merely a statement. then…

          Thwagger is really really not so much – no criticism, no sarcasm, merely a statement.

          If you’re not defending Thwagger you obviously chose to not read what was written. Cesaro is really really good.

  • Jeremy

    The only problem with the Daniel Bryan-Randy Orton feud is the fact that everyone seems to be forgetting that before Daniel Bryan beat John Cena cleanly to win the WWE title he WAS beating every single person he faced left and right. Including Orton cleanly in a no holds barred match. He ended The Shield’s losing streak when he beat Seth Rollins one on one, He was the one gaining the winning pinfall when The Shield were beaten for the 1st time in a 6 man tag match. He mowed through nearly every single person every single time he got in the ring for months. So it is perfectly plausible that he should be able to take out The Shield and Orton all the time since he was doing that before he won. Daniel Bryan is no longer an underdog since he has done something that only a few have done before him, and that is pin John Cena cleanly in a one on one match. So the fact that they are pretending like that did not even happen and he is suddenly a weakling is stupid booking. It is not interesting at all, it is insulting that the WWE continues to think that their fans don’t have memories and are pretending like Daniel Bryan wasn’t being built up as this unstoppable bad ass that just kicked the crap out of everyone to being someone who is being demolished every single week by guys he was taking on single handedly and taking out.

    • craig

      it was christian and usos that beat the shield in there first lose wasnt it on smackdown

  • Jeremy

    And the whole story line of no one being man enough to help Daniel Bryan because they would be fired, is stupid too. What will Triple H do if every single one of those guys banded together as a group and helped Bryan out. Would he really fire every single one of them. I don’t think that would be “good for business” as Triple H has been spouting out of his retarded mouth for a month now. How would he have a show with half of the roster gone. So all the heels would just be ganging up on Daniel Bryan over and over. Since WWE is not very smart to do heel vs heel matches, that would be their only choice. Than Randy Orton would be forced to defend the title against Daniel Bryan for months until John Cena comes back and because he is the only guy who is man enough to stand up to anybody he would be the only guy to help Daniel Bryan. Again would Triple H fire John Cena. That, again, would not be good for business. I am not a fan of Cena whatsoever, but I wish he wasn’t injured so there would be someone that would actually do something to stand up for Daniel Bryan, unlock every other pussified wrestler in the back who is constantly worried about being fired.

    • Gary Robert

      I think what you may see if a face turn by Vince. It only makes sense, especially after Triple HHH really emphasized in his promo that this was his building, his stage, his SHOW etc etc I feel that could turn McMahon babyface because, if anything, regardless of family, WWE is HIS, not Triple HHHs…and if they do that, then Triple HHH would lose the authority to fire people and allow a baby face stable or contingent to oppose the “Corporate Stable.”

      • kingdook24

        Vince is with HHH & Stephanie. I seriously doubt Vince would turn face after being one of the main people who didnt want DB to succeed either.

  • Jeremy

    Oh and another thing, if they want Daniel Bryan to give up his title shot, why don’t they do just fire him for some frivolous reason like Cody Rhodes. He is constantly getting in their business so they can fire him for putting his hands on their champion. Instead of threatening The Big Show, who btw has an iron clad contract which protects him from exactly what he is being threatened with, since that is the storyline given for why he was gone for months after his match with Orton is because of his iron clad contract. He should be able to do whatever the hell he wants without threat of being fired. He doesn’t have to compete he can choose to do whatever he wants. And please please explain to me how the hell he is broke. Doesn’t the WWE pay him. That is too inplausible to believe that a guy that gets paid multimillion dollars a year is suddenly broke after 3 months of being gone.

  • Scott Davies

    I don’t think WWE is trying to bury Daniel Bryan, but create enough heat for Orton to give a huge Babyface reaction to Bryan, with a heel faction you need to book them dominate at the start. A PPV or 2 with them Winning & a Title switch would have to occur somewhere too.

  • Jay El Bee

    So Bryan is starting to look inferior because he can’t beat up 4 or 5 guys on his own, if you say so.

  • smark calloway

    have you ever noticed it looks like cesaro is wearing stockings when he wrestles

  • Stoney

    I’ve been watching Zayn on NXT, he almost got a win over a former world heavyweight champion (Swagger) and I’m becoming quite fond of him.
    He’s a star in the making

  • Gary Robert

    To me, its obvious that Bryan will continue to be thwarted and a baby face stable will emerge with Bryan, Rhodes and Ziggler as young up and coming guys to challenge the corporate stable…and I think the very slow build will add anxiety to the whole thing and leave people wondering if Bryan will ever actually go over…and in the end, he will, and that long awaited payoff will be sweet (similar to Rock feuding with Triple HHH for months and finally winning the belt).