Concerns About Ric Flair's Health At Indy Show Friday Night

Ric Flair signed autographs at Wrestle Jam in Ringgold, Georgia on Friday night. Apparently there was some concern about his health as his left ankle was visibly swollen. He participated in an angle at the end of the show, delivering a low blow Johnny Rokk to end the show.

Flair's girlfriend, FiFi The Maid, was on the show with him.

The Nature Boy was pulled from a scheduled appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw in March due to a blood clot in his leg. No word if the swelling Friday night was connected with that.

  • Blood clots can present with swelling on one side of your body – ankle being common – but also other heart problems can also present uneven swelling in the same way. I hope he’s getting the medical coverage he needs as both can be very serious.