Concussion Controversy Involving James Storm & The Way TNA Handled It, Michael Cole Part Of The New Announce Style In WWE, What Kofi Kingston Is Doing This Weekend, How Justin Gabriel Makes A Living

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- There has been some controversy this week over the injury status of James Storm. In the midst of the biggest push of his career, Storm suffered a concussion at the October 26th Impact Wrestling taping in Macon, Georgia. The match aired on the November 10th edition of the show on Spike TV. Storm, who admitted the concussion was the third of his career and said the injury was legitimate, went on to work TNA house shows in California and Canada. In interviews this week, Storm said his contact was limited on live events and TNA was protective of his health. Storm suffered from post-concussion syndrome with side effects including lack of balance and sensitivity to light.  Storm is currently on the TNA cruise to the Bahamas before he is scheduled to return to the ring Sunday at TNA Final Resolution against Kurt Angle.

- Are you tired of the arguing between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on Raw Supershow? The office doesn't seem to be as they've been using the same style between Matt Striker and Josh Mathews on recent episodes of WWE Superstars.  Striker plays the heel role that Cole plays while Mathews is the babyface in the new argumentative format.

- Kofi Kingston is currently at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, North Carolina where he is visiting with troops and doing media for Sunday's Tribute to the Troops taping.

- Three out of the past six episodes of WWE Superstars have been opened by Justin Gabriel matches. He has had the opening bout on 11/3, 11/10 and 12/9.

  • sforester

    Argumentative commentating format is fine as long as it's not taking away from the quality of the matches, and in my eyes (and those of many others), Cole-Lawler has been doing just that ever since that started. They're no Monsoon-Heenan, who could pull off that format effortlessly while still promoting the wrestlers over themselves.

    As far as Storm, I really don't think he should be in the ring Sunday unless he is absolutely 100%. His health needs to come first. Concussions are no joking matter. As someone who had a serious concussion when I was younger, I can tell you that even nine years later, I still feel the effects of said concussion. I still get migraines that can be traced back to that concussion. In the case of multiple "minor" concussions, such as Storm's, the effects can add up and adversely affect his life and career.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      I agree with your point of view Big Van about Cole and Lawler it's to the point they are the center of attention and ignore the ring action. As you said they are not Monsoon-Heenan, I enjoyed listening to Monsoon and Heenan. But not Cole and Lawler Especailly Cole.

      I saw todays Smackdown on line earlyer and I could tell Cole was going over board by watching his reactions. I Couldn't hear him since I turned the sound off but him and Daniel Bryan continued their feud. I'm thinking it's going to lead to Bryan and Cole in the ring.

      From watching his actions he was runing off at the mouth again in a pissed off mood. I guess this is Vince changing his mind again at one point he didn't want the Ref's be called by name or the Announcers to be center of attention. Now Cole is the center of attention thanks to Vince's Man crush on Cole. It takes away what's happening in the ring Since Cole is known right now to talk about everything but the match.

    • Ricky

      I agree, back in the day with Monsoon and Heenan those two would bicker back and forth and STILL put over the wrestlers in the ring. While with Cole and Lawler all it is, is Cole screeching for five minutes and Jerry telling him to shut up. I don't watch NXT so I don't know if Striker and Mathews do a better job of it or not.

      TNA really needs to take better care of their talent. That's all I'm saying about that.

  • Wucifer

    I went to the TNA House show on October 27th in San Francisco, thats the day after he had that concussion and he worked a full match against Roode. They weren't working light either, they had a great match and did all the high risk spots. For him to say that he wasn't REALLY working after the concussion and just giving someone a super kick is false. He must be mistaken or trying to cover for TNA

  • Jaryd

    I used to love it when JR and King had an argumentative style because it wasn't too much and Lawler was a really good heel announcer I just don't buy him as being the face. When Heyman and JR were commentating together it was probably more over the top than Cole is but because Heyman is a million times better of a heel than Cole and JR always had great putdowns that worked too.

  • Boothmonkey

    I have to say I really hate this form of announcing, it was much better JR and King, Cole now is just an annoyance and says the same thing, Daniel Bryan the geek and has no chance, how CM Punk should not be the "face" of WWE and his obsession with Miz and we don't care he beat Lawler, the matches were a farce and went on too long, I actually get bored watching RAW I wish there was a way to mute commentary. Just think they have taken this angle too far