Confidential WWE Documents (Including Raw Script) Leak Online - View Them Here

Two confidential WWE documents from this week have leaked online, including a draft of this week's Monday Night Raw script and a "To Do" list. I've gone over the documents and noted the following:

  • The internal injury report listed Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and AJ Lee.
  • While Del Rio was on the internal injury report and listed as unavailable, he was on the script to work Rob Van Dam in a match that happened.
  • The Miz (movie, off until 5/16), Summer Rae (movie, off until 5/16), The Great Khali (off until 5/24), Daniel Bryan (honeymoon, off until 4/20) and Brie Bella (honeymoon, off until 4/20) were listed as unavailable.
  • Stephanie McMahon is scheduled to be appear on this week's episode of The JBL & Cole Show.

You can check out the documents below:

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    How does something like this “leak” online without someone getting fired?

    • rtistic1

      I may be very wrong (wouldnt be the first time), but my guess would be that since Linda McMahon admitted that wrestling is scripted, kayfabe is not the fiercly protected entity it once was. People know it is scripted. Everyone knows that Vince has every second of what happens on tv planned out, and either he or HHH are on hand for every show to make sure it goes right. So physical scripts would go hand in hand with this, so it doesnt reveal any secret they may have, and the leak is after the show has aired. So basically no harm, no foul. These leaked documents just show physically what people already know exists. I am sure if they had some major twist, some huge surprise they didnt want anyone to know, and it got leaked before the fact, it may be different, based on the level of importance put on it being kept hush hush, someones job may be in jeopardy if they got caught leaking it, but a script from raw, leaked after the fact, I doubt anyone sweated a drop over it.

      • Michael Rubin


        • Cubed56

          Actually he is exactly right. Every second is mapped out. What you are saying is false, you are misinformed. The matches are mapped out for length by Vince and creative before hand, the talent goes over the match before hand so they know exactly what they are doing out there together.

  • sam

    This is really cool and gives all wrestling fans a more in depth look into what goes into the t.v. programming each week.

  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    Cm punk injured??? Tbd this may explain his absence

  • Kleck

    Interesting that Punk is listed as INJ-TBD on one of the later pages. Also shows Bo Dallas to re-debut as a heel. This document is a great find if authentic.

  • Jed

    The most shocking part…JTG is still listed in there…wow…

  • Kind of weird CM Punk is on the misc and SCSA is on the Ambassadors, but hogan is listed nowhere when hogan has been on tv more than both combined in the last month.

  • Mike McCarthy

    so THAT’S why Summer Rae & Fandango broke up

  • Dustyn

    It’s interesting to see what all goes into making a show happen.

  • Matthew

    Meh I don’t care, the leak didn’t contain Sting info lol! xD

  • 1molly23

    Maybe ADR’s listing was a warning to whoever works with him will probably be injured.

    • K!NG

      get over it. Del Rio is one of the best workers in WWE and is one of the few real tough guys in wwe. RVD has the same reputation for injury people dont hear anyone dogging him.