Confirmed List Of Five TNA Talents That Have Been Released

We're able to confirm that both Crimson and Christian York have been released from their contracts with TNA Wrestling. The updated list of roster cuts is as follows:

  • Crimson
  • Christian York
  • Joey Ryan
  • Taeler Hendrix
  • Madison Rayne

Rayne's contract expired as she's currently out on maternity leave, the rest were let go for financial reasons.

  • Nostaljack

    “For financial reasons”. Look, another tape library is about to become available.

  • steve pritchard

    Is tna bout to fold? Some of those listed were pretty decent talent . Could those sting videos on raw mean Vince is reaching out to him? Because Vince knows how bad the situation really is in tna .

  • dunlap84

    I know most people dislike him but Joey Ryan is a really talented wrestler and that’s exactly what TNA needs to hold on to he had a good gimmick and I hate to see him go, hopefully he shows back up in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood so I can still watch him on tv. Channel 219 on direct tv Thursday mornings and Sunday nights it’s on if your looking for another option outside of WWE, TNA, and ROH.