Confrontation With Brock Lesnar Leaves John Cena Bloodied

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John Cena's mouth was bloodied during the melee in the opening segment of tonight's WWE Raw Supershow. Jerry Lawler said on commentary that Cena lost a few teeth, however, I cannot confirm the legitimacy of his claims at this time.

A close-up of Cena's bloody face was shown as the segment concluded.

Richard Reacts: The opening segment of tonight's show was one of the best I've seen in a long, long time.

  • British bulldog

    Epic start!!

  • dusty588

    Awesome opening, for sure one of the best in a while!

  • Justin

    Crowd seems dead so far tonight…

  • Code

    I Know Its All Scripted And Everything But That Was An Incredibly Real Looking Fight…Totally Sucked Me In

    • Dread

      What's with the caps on the start of each word??

      • Code

        What Is Your Problem With That?

    • Alex

      I feel it was pretty legit..but then made t a work cause they both seemed pretty pissed.

    • Ted

      Well yeah it was scripted but that punch wasn't both guys have bad blood between them in real life so i wouldn't doubt Lesnar did that on purpose and is gonna blame his mma background

    • mike

      it wasn't scripted he really laid the punch in, it's not all scripted you're wrong!

      • Eddie

        lesnar comes back from UFC, the next ppv is extreme rules and he makes cena bleed…… u think this was not scripted??
        u think wwe would not use lesnar’s UFC background for building up to their bout at extreme rules?
        well if u don’t think so…. then u need to face the reality my friend… its all scripted….. sometimes they let people saystuff on the mic… but had lesnar actually busted cena up, it would hav created problems for himself… cena is the face of wwe now….. not some upcoming superstar…

  • gibbons08

    I loved it! Locker room clears to break up a fight like old WCW Nitro!

  • dstudie

    Brock Lesner is a no talent piece of s**t. What ever possessed the WWE to re-sign this stupid ass? Then they have to get John Cena to put him over because no one else can make Lesner look good even when he sux big time. And when is that sorry assed Chris Jackoff going to retire permanently? That's one idiot that has never been missed when he left. WWE certainly has gone to the dogs. The shows suck, the characters suck. It's become an embarrassment to television and entertainment.

    • Big D

      Troll harder, son.

    • Ross

      Don’t watch it then?

    • Prprince

      I may agree with Brock but IMO I would say that jerico is still good to have on wwe tv. I like to see brock but for him to just leave for 8 years and turn his back on us was messed up. Remember his last match was at mania 20 at msg the last we saw was him flipping us all off

    • Andrew


  • snuggle

    I think Lesnar forgot he was back in the wwe, cause he went straight ufc on cena.

    • @KyleGordon91

      I kinda thought that was the point of the whole legitimacy thing no?

  • Ross

    The 2 had a fight backstage before lesnar left in 04 and the two of them despise each other. Was a genuine fight

    • Wwe4L76

      Yeah, right

    • Razmos01

      Are you being serious? If you believe that was a real fight you must be deluded!! #YouMustWrestleInARealFight

  • Jg

    Brock is a bum.. It’s wwe not UFC. He is a jerk!!!!!

  • Ricky Valdez

    Brock got bitch slapped for everyone to see, how awesome was that, love cena or hate him, that was beautiful, did not expect that. Brock was a was a force to be reckoned with in times back, time will only tell if he can still dominate the way he use to.

    • jdl

      Lesnar has never been a force to be reckoned with, he's a muscle bound oaf with a glass jaw and a tissue paper gut. He's a massive draw, but he's not going to be able to keep it up, unless he's somehow grown a pair since his last WWE run, he's not going to be able to hack the travel. I look forward to how they'll handle it, but Cena's better on the mic, in the ring and when it comes to stage presence and personality. I don't even like Cena, but he's coming off a feud with the Rock, where he actually one upped the Rock several times. Brock isn't in Cena's league anymore.

      Go ahead, mark my post down, doesn't change anything. 😛

  • Got to admit am getting tired of the soaps!
    Can’t wait till jericho loses again.knew lesnar was coming back to bad he hasn’t
    Changed all
    Muscle no talent!!

  • Ricky Valdez

    What cena did to Brock tonight on raw was PRICELESS, damm y couldn’t he have done that to dwane johnson, good for you cena.

    • Paul

      I agree it was brilliant, who in their right mind would slap Brock lesnar?!

  • wwe

    cena got owned and rightly so, he cant fight and could only beat lesnar in a fake wwe match.

    • Paul

      It was kinda like Brock forgot it was fake for just a second when he punched cena, it’s was brutal, Brock Lesnar is so dangerous it’s awesome.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Fake blood

    • mike

      no it wasn't fake! it was real!

      • Eddie

        real blood or not, it was scripted… they’re just using lesnar’s ufc background to build up extreme rules….. after all.. there has to be blood when u go extreme….

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Richard’s comment sums it up perfectly.

  • Val

    See the exact same type of opening segmemt every week on Impact.

    • Paul

      No you bloody do not!

  • Paul Archer

    Do you think anyone reminded Brock he has to pull his punches again now?

  • Guzzie1984

    I got back into WWE in a big way over the last year or so, circa rumble 2011, however bringing lesbar back may well make me switch off, as i have done anytime previous, did not like him before and his mania match with goldberg was enough for me to never respect the jerk again

  • Sage

    Cena got his ass whooped

  • Bryan

    That slap was awesome, Haha

  • Tripp

    I totally agree Richard! Lesnar is a beast and makes the show way better. Wish he was doing more dates! Compelling stuff tonight way to go wwe!

  • PainOfDemise

    I am just glad they aren't doing the whole waiting a year gimmick. At least they are settling things at the next PPV.

  • Stan smith

    I really dont wanna see Brock and Cena again its old news come up with new story lines

  • Jester

    Lesnar being back in the wwe is awesome. The fact that people say he was no talent is crazy. Go watch some off his matchs from his first run, lesnar can go toe to toe with anyone on the roster. As for me I’m once again torn with who I want to see win this feud. I’m a huge Cena fan and a rock fan. So I really didn’t know who I wanted to win wrestlemania. Now I’m a huge Brock fan as well. I think lesnar beats Cena at extreme rules and hopefully this will lead Cena down a darker path. Questioning himself after losing to rock and Brock.

  • Adam

    Dont matter what every one wants wwe will do what they want when they want