Connect With Through Facebook & Change The Way You Read Your Wrestling News

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I am thrilled to introduce our latest interactive feature that is going to change the way you read your wrestling news! now gives you the chance to connect through Facebook.  This will allow you to share the content you read with your friends and bring the full experience of over to Facebook.

All you have to do to begin using our state-of-the-art application is click the Facebook login button  on the right side of the website.  The application will ask for your permission and you will be instantly connected!

Once you are connected through the Facebook Application, click the banner above each post and invite your friends.  We will soon be launching a contest where users will be able to obtain free access to Premium for who invites the most friends.

  • ayat

    that is nice
    it is great

  • AJG316

    How long until they go to twitter??? Start replying … NOW

  • vivalajady


  • Andy


  • Ken

    Looks like life is forcing me ever closer to Facebook, despite my opinion that Zuckerberg's the devil incarnate.
    I'm already blocking fourteen of fifteen trackers on this site. The last thing I want to have to do is make a Facebook account to keep up with the industry and have Zuckerberg and his goons profiling me and selling me to all and sundry or sneaking some spyware onto my PC while my attention's down.
    Or am I just being paranoid here?