Contacting WWE, Wellness Suspensions & Pay, Thoughts On "Cena Sucks" Shirts, WWE Title At Wrestlemania

Is there an avenue for the fans to suggest things or give legitimate feedback to the writers of the WWE?

In case you haven't noticed, Vince McMahon is in love with Twitter right now. Tweet opinions to @WWE or interact with the company on Facebook. WWE listens to their fan base and run a very social network friendly organization - just look at how the company is developing original WWE Network programming by surveying fans then asking them to name the shows. The company also used the Internet to name B-level pay-per-views. It's very easy to get the attention of WWE officials.

When a worker is suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy, are they paid during their suspension?

When a worker is suspended under the WWE Wellness Policy their downside guarantee is suspended as well. This is how an injured worker can serve a suspension despite the fact they are already off shows.

What are your thoughts on WWE selling "Cena Sucks" t-shirts? Isn't this hypocritical of the anti-bullying policy?

WWE is cashing in on the John Cena heat without turning him heel. Not only are they making a profit from the merchandise but Cena is as well as the shirt bears his name. While I've clearly highlighted the hypocrisy in WWE's Be-A-Star campaign, I don't think making a shirt that says "Cena sucks" is bullying. Look at it this way. If it's bullying to say a worker sucks, is it going to get the point where a heel can't be booed because it's not nice? Cena is doing a great job of working fans on Twitter by calling the merchandise disrespectful while making a profit at the same time.

I'm looking forward to John Cena vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII, however, I feel putting the WWE Championship on Cena for the match would destory it because it would make it obvious Cena was going over. What is your opinion?

Anything is possible but I don't see the WWE Championship being involved in John Cena vs. The Rock. The title contenders for Wrestlemania XXVIII will be "selected" from the winner of the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. Obviously it would not be possible to follow this scenario if the belt was on John Cena. Furthermore, having the belt on someone other than Cena makes yet another main event.

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  • Dave

    Then, Cena's the real hypocrite.

    • outkazt09

      Its still real to you.

      • Dave

        What is?

    • Jaryd

      lol, incisive

  • snuggle

    I don’t think that vince and wwe are hypocrites with the anti-bullying because you can’t have wrestling without having a heel pick on a face. Wrestling wouldn’t exist without it richard everybody including the anti-bullying people know that wrestling is a striped no different then a movie they have to have bullies in wrestling because of nobody got picked on and everybody got along it would be boring. You have to have a heel to boo like wade everyweek picking a fight with orton who used to be the biggest bully as a heel a few years ago kicking people on the skull bullying is not nice in real life however it if necessary in the world of wrestling but just because they do it in storyline form just like the moves they do they do tell you not to try this at home or not to bully anyone because it’s not nice I applaud wwe because bullying has caused people to commit suicide or murder because they couldn’t take the bullying nobody in wwe has ever committed either because of the storyline that they have been involved in.

    • Jackwagon

      I the words of Santino … "That has got to be the longest run on sentemence of all the times". Punctuation is your friend.

      • Dreambooker


        • J-Dub

          GO JOE!!!!!!!!!

      • Scottyo614

        My mind just naturally inserted ,s for snuggle lol

  • Ribo88

    Ive got a terrible feeling that Cena will win the Rumble and face the WWE champ at Wrestlemania around mid card then take the Title into his match with Rock.
    I hope im wrong but i can see it happening!

  • TPtheKid

    Try using punctuation next time so people can understand what you're trying to say

    • Booger

      Try replying to the post and not starting a new comment chain so you don't come off as a moron

      • XKonn247

        That just made me lol

  • @RatedMKD

    Cena going "on the record" calling the T-shirt disrepectful probably helped generate a few sales in of itself. Clever ploy, John. Very clever ploy.

  • ricardo navarro

    is cena won the championchip belt before wrestlemania main event the rock how to get into royal rumble in win the royal rumble thast make this mach more interesting for the championchip belt

    • Dreambooker

      What are you trying to say?

    • just a fan


    • Johny Ace

      Does a championchip belt taste good. It sounds good

      • XKonn247

        Best Johnny Ace shoot ever

  • Patrick_OToole

    Here's what I am thinking. Kane is going to keep attacking Cena so that he can't have any matches at this time. It will keep Cena on TV but not involved in any matches thus taking away the threat of Cena getting injured and having one of the biggest and most hyped matches in recent history jeopardized.

  • Ilyas

    Cena is going to have afinity dollars,because there are some people that hate Cena,and some people that love Cena.And WWE keeps on capitolizing,when ever there are people that love a wrestler,and that hate a wrestler they always know how to capitolize.Like the Cena shirts that say that he sucks,and that say he's awesome!

    • XKonn247

      Well this is just a comment copied from last week. Every point you’ve just made we all made last week when these shirts got revealed! #WarOnMarks

  • John

    With or without the title, it's fairly obvious that Cena is going to go over The Rock at WrestleMania! I think most people can't wait to see the 'historic' match finally happen & you know that the atmosphere in the arena will be amazing, but the outcome of the match itself is not even in doubt.

  • rko3:16

    i also heard for wrestlemania that WWE is planning on screwing The Undertaker and making him lose by HBK being the referee for his match vs HHH