Contract Signing On Tonight’s Raw announced that a contract signing will take place on tonight’s Raw for The Shield vs. Evolution No Holds Barred Elimination match scheduled for this Sunday’s pay-per-view, Payback.

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  • Bob’s Diner

    Nothing screams “We have no ideas for this week’s show” louder than a contract signing for a rematch 3 weeks in the making!

    • CJ Blaze

      This is something that happens often and it’s likely that more build will come out of it if there’s a brawl or something.

      • Vic Jose

        They haven’t brawled enough? That’s all they do.

      • Bob’s Diner

        They happen often, but I’m not sure how much build is going to come of it. Contract signings only mean something when it is an anticipated match. Now they just get thrown out there because no one in creative can think of any other ways to further a feud

  • Vic Jose

    And it’s going to end in a brawl, how predictable.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Even more predictable? HHH will make a ‘shoot’ comment about how contract signings always end in brawls so he can look cool and edgy