Contract Updates On Devon & AJ Styles

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Devon remains under contract with TNA Wrestling through October 2013. Bully Ray said that in his eyes, Devon's departure from TNA is a temporary thing.

AJ Styles has agreed to a short-term contract extension with TNA that runs through Bound for Glory in October. The two sides will continue to negotiate something longer-term.

  • T-Zone

    Congrats to AJ for now…. I would like to see him stay with TNA. If he decides to look at the bigger picture… I don’t blame him. What else can he accomplish in TNA?

  • Matt

    AJ is getting on now and has said he doesn’t want to do this forever. So if WWE is on his bucket list it’s probably now or never.

  • Lebron James

    AJ is staying in TNA. I’m pretty sure he fears having to start all over in the WWE with a new name, new character, and everything else. I don’t blame him.

  • Draven

    I know that it prolly will never happen just like with sting. But i would love to see AJ come to wwe the matches he could have with pubk,bryan,and a lot of others would be great.