More On Controversial Decision To Include Over The Edge 1999 On WWE Network

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KDKA-TV, the CBS affiliate out of Pittsburgh, is reporting the decision to include Over the Edge 1999 on the WWE Network was made in the last two weeks.

News broke earlier in the week that the show, which was the one Owen Hart tragically fell to his death on, would in fact be included on the WWE Network. The pay-per-view was never released commercially on VHS or DVD and encore showings were canceled. A WWE spokesperson confirmed in a statement to KDKA the PPV would air with portions "edited out of respect for Owen Hart.”

Click here for coverage by KDKA-TV.

What do you think? - Should WWE include the show even in an edited format? Feel free to post comments below.

  • Mysterion

    Simply put. Hell no. It’s a terrible decision to include that show.

    • David C

      Agreed. I mean no disrespect to any of the roster that performed on that night, but i truly feel this as a product designed as entertainment is simply is not going to be an enjoyable showcase.

    • I agree – “hell no.” Human life is more important than a pro wrestling PPV. Even in edited form, this PPV is better off forgotten for good. I’d rather see it replaced with a 3 hour Owen Hart tribute.

      • Patrick

        I agree it is a bad decision for WWE to air the PPV even if it is edited. WWE is asking for trouble from a lot of people.

        • Mysterion

          It course you do

      • Venom

        Hey Richard, will they be airing the RAW is OWEN tribute show?

        • ron

          The Owen Hart tribute RAW show is on YouTube I watched it one night last week. I skipped through the matches but is was nice to see the different performers giving their thoughts and telling different Owen Hart stories.

          • Venom

            Yeah most of the stuff are on YouTube. Even the over the edge ppv. I know most disagree in watching it and it’s probably better WWE doesn’t put it since it does nothing for them. The only thing on that show for the sake of history (aside of course from Owen) was Undertaker winning the WWE title which they honestly could have cancelled since it was a case of getting through the night. I only watched the show on YouTube as I was in 10th grade when this happened and was away that weekend and found out about Owen when I got home. Back the there were no smartphones.

            I may be in the minority but I watched it cause I wanted to understand what happened that night. I know if I was in his family I would want that whole event forgotten. I even understand why Martha doesn’t want his likeness shown tv as sometimes seeing an old picture of a deceased loved one can bring emotional pain.

      • ron

        No disrespect but I disagree. Making it available via on-demand is the right thing to do edited or not. No one is being forced to watch it. It will be a personal decision whether you do or not. And it won’t be aired as a scheduled show where kids or anyone would watch it without knowing what it is.

        But with that said my personal decision will be to NOT watch it.

      • Mysterion

        At the end of the day we all know who Owen Hart was and how damn good he was. We don’t need some edited PPV to remember him.

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    Including or excluding the show will not change the fact that Owen Hart
    died tragically during the PPV. If fans really respect him, they would not watch it even if it is there. I believe in presenting the things as it is instead of hiding or banning it. Then let the people decide how they want to see it.

  • Vic Jose

    I would say to air it as an Owen Hart tribute!

    • Mysterion

      How is it a tribute to watch the show he died at?

    • Bob’s Diner

      What a crappy tribute.

  • eskymi

    I do not think it is necessary to show it, even edited. There is nothing to gain and I can not imagine a true fan of WWE would wanna see it anyway, unless they are morbid to think they might see something regarding his death.

    Of the hundreds of PPVs available, I can not imagine anyone being upset if it was never shown again.

  • Vince

    It’s not going to be worth the reward here. Many people won’t watch and many will protest and speak out giving WWE bad press. But aside from all of that as Richard said human life and respect for it is more important than 1 PPV which fans both die hard and seasonal alike would not mind forgetting.

  • Nostaljack

    WWE has the world’s largest professional wrestling archive with many, many hours of footage they can use…and they’re bothering with this? I agree totally with the consensus of opinion here: this pay-per-view is best done away with. If I’m Vince, I’m seeing to it that the tape is destroyed. It’s not something anyone needs to see again. I don’t remember it being particularly remarkable anyway as a show.

  • BIG M

    Even though I think WWE should not include over the edge 99 on the network I think people are overreacting a little.
    Yes there showing the PPV but do you really think it wouldn’t be edited to ensure Owen Hart’s accident is never even mentioned let alone shown.

    • Nostaljack

      I see what you’re saying but why even bother with it? There are thousands of hours of PPV footage they can use. Why use *this* show? Why bother editing it down? The card wasn’t great so it’s hardly essential viewing and there’s no way WWE doesn’t know people will react to what I think is a horrible decision.

      • BIG M

        True there is thousands of hours of programming on the network hey maybe even 30 or 40 hours of Owen’s work.
        Or should we get rid of that too because Owen died tragically.
        Maybe we should remove all of Eddie’s stuff to he died before his time tragically.
        Maybe we should get rid off all of Dean Malenko’s work as well since he was Eddie’s friend.
        In fact how about we get rid off all the work of Wrestlers who died, was related to another Wrestler who died, was a friend of another Wrestler who died or Wrestled a Wrestler who died.
        Given the horrible high number of Wrestlers who have tragically died young how many more Hours do you think will be left on the network.

        • Venom

          Well in my recent post I really don’t think WWE gains anything from putting it. The only WWE history on there is Undertaker winning WWE title. I’ve seen footage of the show where JR talks about it and it’s a real Intense thing to watch.

      • Jimmy

        I’m not not if it’s because of legal obligations or not but WWE promised their paying subscribers every PPV therefore not displaying is kind of false advertising.

  • kingdook24

    No. It shouldn’t. Next Question.

  • David F

    I wonder if WWE asked Bret Hart his opinion on showing this PPV on WWE network?

  • Ernest Bethea2013

    I couldn’t watch that PPV again if I tried. Gimme the Owen Hart Tribute episode of RAW. Seriously that’s three hours of programming on the Network that I will not be watching, and yes, it is a bad decision to include it.

  • ron

    I think people are losing the fact that it will only be available on demand. It will not be aired as a scheduled show on the WWE network. You will have to make an effort to find it and watch it. I think if they want to make it available fine but why advertise whether it will be there or not and there wouldn’t be am issue. People are making it an issue let it go.

    My personal decision will be to NOT watch it

  • BigMike

    next they will air the Chris Benoit Tribute show and include LOTS of pics of Nancy and his son