Corey Graves Works Raw Match, Ryback Wants The Rock, Matt Striker Update

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- We've had a lot of questions from readers wondering who are the next WWE developmental prospects in line for main roster call-ups. While several different names come to mind, Corey Graves worked Friday's Raw live event in Asheville, North Carolina against Zack Ryder. You can view his profile at this link.

- Ryback cut a promo following his WWE Championship match against CM Punk at Friday's live event, saying he will beat Punk for the title at WWE TLC and when The Rock asks if he smells what he is cooking, he will answer "Feed Me More!"

- Speaking of Friday's live event, Matt Striker worked as ring announcer.

  • JS1987

    Absolutely no hope in hell of The Rock agreeing to work a match with Ryback! He’s an accident waiting to happen in the ring.. The Rock isn’t going anywhere near that guy at Royal Rumble.

  • Nick B

    I know everybody has been saying rock beats punk, cena wins Rumble, wrestle mania rematch. But I feel like the shield could interfere at the rumble and possibly elimination chamber, then punk vs rock for wrestle mania. Thoughts?

    • izblack

      Horrible idea

    • Ian Myers

      This would be brilliant, but what I think would enhance it even more is Punk having Shield on his side making Rock get some back up of his own: Austin. Punk drops title to Rock, Punk blames Austin, sets up SummerSlam match between them.

  • willie

    No. Chance in hell……… Do you pay attention Rock wonna be champ again so he go beat punk at rumble. Cena go win Da rumble & Vs The Rock for the belt. At Wrestlemania

  • Brentos22

    I think Lesnar will get involved in the match at the rumble and it will lead to a Lesnar/Rock/Cena match at mania, I hope anyway

    Punk doesn’t deserve to get the belt taken off of him to give to a part timer after a year, it would be a complete waste!

  • Jay Riverz

    What i dont get, is WHY in the blue hell does WWE keep giving Ryback all of these title shots KNOWING that the WWE Universe KNOWS that they have NO plans in giving him the strap?! As Ryback would say,”STUPID!!” Theyre obviously just buying time til Rumble. So predictable. WWE TLC is completely irrelevant this year…SMH…its time to let go of ur “blankey” Let the NEW ERA BEGIN!!! PG is DEAD!!!

    • Frenchfry

      Calm down

  • Didn’t rock face ryback at backlash 2003?

  • Sean512

    PG era isn’t dead!! It’s in full force every week in and week out. (PureGarbage era)

    • Batman

      Yet you keep on watching…

  • Landon

    I think The Rock Vs. Cena Vs. Brock Lesnar as a triple threat WWE Championship match would be explosive. However Rock carrying the belt to WM 29 would be the longest I would imagine and Lesnar’s 1 contract makes he hope WM 29 will be his last match. Meaning Cena would probably have to win the match. However this would leave us with a possible Undertaker Vs. Punk or Stone Cold Vs. Punk. If the latter match takes place I would like to see Undertaker facing Wade Barrett.