Court Documents Reveal Ric Flair's Termination Date From TNA Wrestling

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TNA Wrestling terminated the contract of Ric Flair on May 11, 2012 according to court documents filed as part of the company's ongoing litigation against WWE.

As we've reported many times here at, Flair is trying to return to WWE.

  • Matt

    I can't wait for him to come home to WWE

    • Alex Barie

      Hope you weren’t one of those people complaining about him in TNA.

      • kbunyon

        A little cranky today Alex?


        • Alex Barie

          Nope, Kendra. Just find it funny how people can’t stand when Ric is on TNA but then want him on WWE. Doesn’t make sense.

  • LeftyTosser

    That may be the smartest move of the decade!!! Now if they can just get rid of EB.

    • just a fan

      and hogan

      • Blaze

        and brooke

        • kbunyon

          Yet, they won't!


        • Marq

          And Garrett

  • adam

    Eric bischoff isn’t an on screen charcter any more. He is a producer and a good one at that. I don’t agree with having hogan as Gm, ill give him credit he is doing a better job then he was. He put Austin aries over big on Thursday. He took the spot light of himself and put it on aries he did it to bobby roode the other week too. If he continues to do that he can be benifital to impact.

    • kbunyon

      Bischoff is pulling the wool over Dixie's eyes, just the way Hogan is. Neither of them should be in TNA as they're getting paid huge money and are not doing much to push the company in a direction that will help them grow. There's a lot of things that need to be done in TNA, but obviously Hogan and Bischoff aren't doing them as they've been there for a couple years and things haven't been fixed.

      I'm not at all impressed with either of them at this point.


      • Kevin

        Amen, sister! Hogan and Bischoff (although I prefer Big Pappa Pump's "Bitchoff") are going to drive TNA into the ground if Dixie doesn't open her eyes and get rid of them.

    • Kevin

      What are you taking? Eric is a good producer? You're either on some weird medication, or just plain CRAZY! Eric Bischoff drove WCW into the ground, and he'll do the same with TNA if they don't get him and Hogan out of there.

      • XKonn247

        I do agree but to be fair in order to break WcW first off he had to build it up. Which he did. Brilliantly.

  • Boothmonkey

    Flair lost all credibility after his WWE retirement match with HBK and then the farce press conference with Hogan, time he hung up his boots and retired or worked behind the scenes, you can see how old he is getting and probably more kin to injury now, but I think it all a question of money now with various divorces and the collapse of his investment company. Sign him to Legend's deal but leave him doing promotions!

  • nWo 4 Life

    Raw GM..?