Coverage Of TNA Impact Wrestling's Live Event In Glenville, Why Sting Is "Done," More

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WBOY 12 is West Virginia has a video report online from Sunday's TNA Impact Wrestling live event in Glenville. You can watch the report embedded below:

- TNA is promoting the following Tweet posted by Sting:

As the storyline goes, Sting is "done" after the attack from Bobby Roode. Here's the video clip from Impact the company is using to promote the remarks:

  • Jeff Kansas

    Who's Bobby Road?

    • wnwdotcom2

      and who calls it the Spike Television Network? #justsaying

      • Patrick_Peralta

        come on Richard if he is a new wrestling fan how is he supposed to know Bobby Roode.. "think , think man. just saying

        • wnwdotcom2

          Still kind of funny he got road out of Roode. It's OK, when Kofi debuted I called him "coffee. "

    • I remember every one of these truly great eemorims, and I agree putting Rock beating Austin at Mania is number one. Such a huge win for him as he was getting ready to make the transition to hollywood. kudos to Austin for doing the job.

  • Kevin

    So is Sting really done? Was this attack just a way of allowing him to retire? Or is it possible that the storyline will run this way: Sting tweets "I'm done." Bobby Roode and company give him a hard time about it (much the way UT did HHH on Raw) and Sting challenges Roode for the belt. Sting wins, then vacates the belt and sets up a tournament to determine a new champion.

  • Frank Mir in theory didn’t have as much to worry about being taken down with vaihng monster jits xp and that didn’t go so well. Reem doesn’t have the skills Mir does on the ground so he better pray Brock doesn’t spear the s#*t outta him coz if he goes down he’ll stay down.