Cowboys Stadium Out As Potential Wrestlemania Host

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The Dallas Observer is reporting that Cowboys Stadium won't host Wrestlemania, at least not in the next two years. The publication spoke with Cowboys Stadium spokesman Brett Daniels. He said the following:

We can't host WrestleMania the next two years because of NCAA Regional in '13 and Final Four in '14. We've talked with them and gave it a shot but couldn't make the schedule work.

  • scorpio21

    Damn this sucks!

    • David

      No it doesn't Texas has hosted Wrestlemania 17 and 25, let another state have a turn.

      • Kerri

        It was in Houston both times!! This is Dallas- completely different and a much better town when it comes to having a wrestling history than Houston.

        Plus your making it seem as though other states haven't hosted more than one WM. I beg to differ:
        NY- 4 WMs. Chicago- 3 WMs, Detroit- 2 WMs, New Jersey- 2 WMs (back to back, in the same place) Houston- 2 WMs, FL- 2 WMs, Toronto- 2 WMs and how about California? 5 WMs.

        • David

          I never claimed Texas was the only one. I just thought somebody from a state who never had a chance to see a Wrestlemania, should get one. And if you Houston and Dallas are two completely different cities, than Detroit only hosted one. Because Wrestlemania 3 was in Pontiac, Michigan, which is completely different city than Detroit.

      • No let UK have a go

  • Patrick V

    Come to Cincijnati and have it at paul brown stadium so it can be outside

  • Jman72485

    Let the 619 host one! The only ppv that’s been here in san diego recently was one night stand a few years ago….

  • SC hasn’t hosted any.

  • Lebron James


  • Chris

    Indianapolis with the recent opening of Lucas Oil Stadium

  • Wrestlemania at wembley would be amazing

  • Fikret ozan

    Wembley arena

  • Zach

    Wrestlemania 30!

  • Sam The Man.

    Montréal olympique stadiium!!!

  • Josh in MN

    As soon as we get our new Vikings Stadium, MN will have the best Wrestlemania of all time! (Santino Voice)