Create A Pro Wrestling, New School Of Curt Hawkins, Open For New Student Registration

The new pro wrestling school of Curt Hawkins and Pat Buck is now enrolling new students. The school, called Create a Pro Wrestling, is in Hicksville, New York.

Several WWE names visited the facility over the weekend as the company toured Long Island on Saturday night. Hawkins even did an impromptu meet and greet outside the Nassau Coliseum on the Marriott side.

Below are some photos from Twitter:

  • Bad News Barrett

    Im afraid ive got some BAD NEWS !! .. after visiting that pathetic excuse of a training school , i have come to the conclusion that no new stars will come out of the school , Mr hawkins will lose all of his money hes invested into it and the school will be closed down within a year hahhaha thank you, very much ..good day to you all !

    • BNB’s grammar and spelling would never be this bad. Hahahaha! Thank you very much for the syntax-shattering comment. Good day to you all!

  • Bob’s Diner

    Is this a Pro-Wrestling Video Game school? Where he teaches you how to play WWE 2k14 or something??
    Or how to read wrestling websites?

  • MaGayle AceVivid Starks

    I wish a decent wrestling school would open up in the Dallas area.