Crimson & Christian York Removed, Peter Rosenberg At TNA Live, Impact Pass In Cleveland

Crimson & Christian York Removed

Crimson and Christian York have been removed from the Wrestler Roster page over on I cannot confirm if they have been released as of press time.

Peter Rosenberg at TNA Live

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg is scheduled to work as a guest manager for Velvet Sky in her match against TNA Knockout Champion Mickie James at Friday's TNA "Basebrawl" live event in Brooklyn, New York.

Pre-Sale to Impact in Cleveland

There is currently a pre-sale ongoing to obtain tickets to the August 29th Impact Wrestling tapings from the CSU Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio. You can purchase tickets now at this link using the password IMPACTOHIO.

  • Robert Olley

    Not good for tna madison rayne,christian york,crimson and maybe joey ryan

  • Charles

    Looked like they were pushing Crimson to the moon then they dumped him off a cliff. Quite a fall from grace.

  • Kenneth

    And yet Hogan’s still sucking air over in TNA. How bizarre.

  • Nostaljack

    Crimson wasn’t needed. Matt Morgan is already there and he’s a better worker. Don’t know who the other guy is.

    • LBP365

      Have u ever heard of the battle of the big men (kane/ undertaker) Crimson hopefully just sent back to OVW.

      • Nostaljack

        Of course. However, Kane can work. Crimson? Not so much.

  • LBP365

    Crimson, Madison Rayne. Two things 1 these two are good. 2 It’s a reason why the WWE wait till after there biggest event to announce releases because it allow them to set up storylines for next year. To operate like a big company u must at least try to think like one.

  • Jimmy

    Lol Peter Rosenberg is a joke with his old hiphop mind.