Crimson Works OVW TV Taping; Says He Chooses To Spend His Free Time Wisely

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Crimson, who hasn't been booked recently on TNA television, worked the Ohio Valley Wrestling television taping on Wednesday night. The former undefeated TNA star went over Randy Royal and cut a promo about how the OVW Heavyweight Championship was his number one priority.

After reports [from unreliable NEWZ sites] he was "sent" to OVW, TNA's official developmental territory, Crimson wrote the following on Twitter:


  • chelu671

    Oh how the mighty has fallen. Crimson received a huge push remained undefeated in Singles competition to lose to a returning James Storm. Once that happened, he was relegated to losing a TV Title match against Devon and that was it. Those last couple of weeks, Ive felt his promos & matches were being phoned in. He lost that intensity that made him on major attraction. TNA dropped the ball here…

    • Nostaljack

      Negative. *Crimson* dropped the ball by being about as charismatic as a doorknob. TNA put him in a position to succeed (as much as they do that with anyone). He blew it. Hopefully, he'll get himself together and eventually have the run he was set up to have.

  • Ger

    well the less time Crimson spends on TNA tv, the better. I really don't like either his character or his ringwork. I'd have understood his 'undefeated streak' were he a great worker in the ring, or very charismatic, but I never thought he was either. I hope he wins the OVW Heavyweight Title, and has a very, VERY long reign!!

  • Dougie

    Good lad, keeping in ring shape and helping the young lads. Caring for the trade!

  • Kevin

    I find it rather funny that Crimson was brought in as Amazing Red’s brother, then suddenly, Amazing Red vanished! Whatever happened to Amazing Red, anyway?