Crimson's TNA Status, 5 Shocking Moments, Lita & Trish Back To WWE?, New Title/Heel Cena

Plain and simple question: What is Crimson's status in TNA?

Crimson is still under contract with TNA Wrestling, getting seasoned in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He obviously wants to return to the main roster and Retweeted a Twitter follower Thursday night that asked when he was going to be back. You can keep up with Crimson on Twitter at this link.

In all of your time covering and watching professional wrestling, what would you say are the top 5 most shocking, jaw dropping moments?

In order to answer this question I have to pick a start date. Since I've been in the business for over 13 years but full-time since 2007, we'll start with 2007. The most shocking, depressing and outrageous story I've had to cover is the Chris Benoit family tragedy. Other shocking in-ring moments include Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels together again in a WWE ring in January 2010, The Rock's return to WWE in February 2011, Edge's abrupt retirement in April 2011 and the emergence of CM Punk as a top star. Lists like this can always be debated and since I'm doing it off the top of my head, feel free to add to or debate in the comment area below. I do feel I should mention the reason I list Punk's emergence here rather than other moments, Punk changed a lot of things in the business, especially how WWE views top independent talent which is something that will impact the business in the years to come.

Is there any truth to the rumors that WWE has been looking to re-sign former top divas Lita and Trish Stratus with the promise of lighter schedules? With Lita almost always on the road and backstage nowadays with CM Punk, has any effort been made in order to resign her to the company?

I am unable to confirm rumors that WWE is pursuing Trish Stratus or Lita to return to the company. Lita is dating CM Punk and would make sense because she is often with him. However, this wouldn't make much sense to me given how low of a priority the Diva's division is currently viewed although with Vince McMahon it's almost impossible to gauge the direction he wants to go.

If WWE puts the Rock over Punk for the title, could you see them changing the WWE Title belt design? Could you also see it as a way for Cena to turn heel and again feud with The Rock?

There are two questions I've given up on answering with the response, "I'll believe it when I see it." You have managed to put both into one question so there you go.

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  • Loren Goldstein

    I like your list of moments. And like everyone else I have my own top moments but one that I want to throw out there was Seamus’s win over DB last year at WM in only 18 seconds. The fact that they would just blow off DB’s reign to put over Seamus that quickly, tsk tsk tsk.

  • JB

    Foley going off the cage and thru the cage. Hulk hogan turning heel. and Miz cashing in. and your are great also Richard.

    • Gary Robert

      which one of these things doesn’t belong….lol

    • Jimmy

      How is Miz cahing in a great moment?

  • Ric Flair’s “Retirement” Match with HBK at Wrestlemania a few years
    ago. That was a classic. Jerry Lawler heart attack, pretty surreal.
    Where are comparing CM PUNK to someone who is ready to lead the next ERA
    of wrestling to workers like the ROCK, STONE COLD, DX, NWO. But what
    we really have to gauge PUNK in is he gonna put butts in seats? Right
    now, this very second I don’t think he is HALL OF FAME. The gimmick of
    look at me I’m an INDY wrestler who made it and spoke my mind “PIPE
    BOMBS” is just a repackaging of the STONE COLD. Although he does good
    work on the MIC and better wrestler than SCSA he doesn’t move the
    interest meter like the aforementioned wrestlers. What do you think?

    • Pluto

      Agree. Punk is a great worker, but a tad overrated IMO. He’s not the top draw that most of the IWC thinks and has become rather repetitive with the whole respect angle I’m gonna drop a pimp bomb stuff. You can only drop so many pipe bomb before it’s just considered a normal promo. What made his promo in 2011 so special was the fact that no one saw it coming, the problem with Punk now is that he set the bar so hign with that great promo is that everything he’s done since that has failed too live up too that. However, I do have too disagree with you on one thing. Punk is easily a Hall Of Famer, it’s crazy too think he’s not.

      • Gary Robert

        Overrated today but a HOF in terms of history…genius assessment.

  • For me, I’ll agree on the top spot as the Benoit tragedy, followed by Eddie’s sudden passing, Foley’s insane HiaC bumps, Edge’s sudden retirement, and the last spot is for the last 4 years of Taker’s Wrestlemania matches.

    • I certainly agree with adding Eddie if you go back that far. With so many moments in this business, you almost have to pick a start date if you are going to pick a top 5 although I will tell you I nearly included the recent body of work of Undertaker at Wrestlemania. It will never be duplicated.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    Just no! Enough already with Rock-Cena Part 2.

  • Stoney

    WWE need a new Championship design. Every time I see someone with the spinner i’m thinking ‘They’re holding it warm for Cena or that’s Cena’s belt’

    Stone Cold had the smoking skull championship, so Cena should hold the spinner amd every other champion from 2005 should’ve held the original design

  • Matt

    I agree that the Divas are not what they used to be, but I would love for them to sign Lita(Amy). Pair her up with Punk and Heyman, and reveal her as the one who hired Maddox and the Shield to save her man the title. It would allow her to reprive or heel persona she had and fit right into the story. That being said WWE Creative is probably to stupid to see it. ****Lita(Amy) is my all time Sexiest Diva*******

    • Jimmy

      Im not saying that its a bad idea but i think WWE has enough factions going as it is, eg, the shield, 3MB, Dolph, AJ and Big E. and i think the last thing they would want is for Punk to look like he needs more help when Wrestlmania is right around the corner

  • mick

    Just watched nwo : the revolution when hogan turned heel it changed the world of wrestling they still sold masses of merchandise, I would love to see the face of wwe turn heel there would be a massive increase in ratings and a renewed interest by fans who are bored of the current wwe script. Nexus, the corre,the shield will never work unless there is a big name in it. It’s time for character change for some of the big guys.

  • Cena will likely never turn heel so I don’t know why everyone always thinks he’s going to turn at every pay per view that comes up, give it up people, it ain’t going to happen!

  • Jimmy

    Cena sucks, bottom line. point blank. period. The fact that in the last year all the matches he has lost were by cheating is a joke to me. WWE should have let Doplh beat him clean, they should of let CM Punk beat him clean and especially how somehow Cena is the only wrestler who manages to kick out of every finisher is a joke. He wasnt good in the past he’s not better in the present and he’s not going to be good in the future. HBK and HHH were better than him, Sheamus and Randy Orton are better than him and Dolph and Punk are already better than him not to mention how much more developed they will be in the future rather than Cena who has been doing the same moves and has the same gimmick since 2006.

  • Jimmy

    Im a fan of “off script” moments or even moments that seem like they are off script so i would have my top 5: CM Punk’s Vegas promo, Lesnar elbowing Cena on Raw, Joey Styles rant on Raw before quitting, and of course the scripted moments i liked were Taker and HBK 1 and the ECW invasion.