Critic Rips TNA "Basebrawl" Live - "Their Priorities Truly Are Backwards"

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Evan Ginzburg attended Friday night's TNA "Basebrawl" live event from the Cyclones Stadium in Brooklyn, New York and some pretty harsh criticism. Below is his report followed by comments:

1. Eric Young w Jesse Godderz 2*
OK but instantly forgettable

2. Mickie James W Velvet Sky 1 *
Nothing much here.

3. Devon W Joseph Park 1*
Lumbering. Pretty awful.

4. Samoa Joe W AJ Styles and Bobby Roode 2*
7 minute rush job disappointment. Roode submitted to Joe.

5. Jeff Hardy W Austin Aries 2 ½*
Aries always topnotch but I’ve seen him in far better matches and pretty much on every show when he was in ROH.

6. Gunner & James Storm W Daniels/Kazarian 2*
Watchable but no better than a TV match

7.Bully Ray W Kurt Angle 2 ½*
Angle’s always great to watch but ultimately the match was nothing special.

A- Approximately 3,000

This show pretty much felt like any meaningless indy albeit in a nicer venue with top names attached. Most matches felt rushed or going through the motions. All this talent sadly added up to nothing more than a mediocre night. When meeting Dave Hebner or taking a picture in the ring with a wrestler gets a bigger reaction than the matches themselves, and the intermission to hawk the merchandise is longer than half the card, their priorities truly are backwards.

n Evan Ginzburg

  • Robert Olley

    Who is this guy and whys he being so harsh?

  • Mohan Ramnath

    wel i cant see the matches but we know tna has epic matches compare to wwe but lately it feels boring the smaller X division guys keep it interesting, but some of the wrestlers are doing the 5 move syndrome and 1 order whic killing it

  • Peter Brian Hoover Jr

    I’ve been to a few TNA house shows in Windsor. I can see this authour’s POV about it being nothing special. It does have that indy promotion feel to it. However, even buying the $50 rigside seat, I’ve never felt ripped off after the show was over. It is what it is.

  • Mike Lano

    Evan and I do a weekly syndicated radio show called Legends( Not just wrestlers and MMAs, but also rock, comic and tv/movie/acting legends. I often disagree because I enjoy TNA as others have said. “It is what it is.” The 3 way for the X title the other night that turned into just Aries v Sabin was off the charts and only equaled in the Whiff lately by Bryan Danialson Brian when they let him show his stuff agst a former top indie guy. TNA(well when they’re not bringing back a Crimson to put over, but then release him soon after along with other talent let go) much of the time has better talent allowed to “go,” and the women’s division at times, is really stellar(Gail Kim, Mickey, VIctoria/Tara, etc) and on the level with the top X divis boys. They have pared back the slower, older veterans and at least their Aces & 8s outsiders thing has more going for it currently than the tired 3 man “Shield.” We’ll see how it compares to the 3 man “Why” brothers team of “insane” heel Duck Dynastiers starting manana. That might be a breath of fresh, scary air for their demographic. Anyway, Evan really puts over the indies and has done a lot for ROH in particular. We both put over Dragongate, Chikara(hope they continue), PWG, APW, etc. And before Robert asks who I am, I’ve been a newstand magazine photographer/writer/columnist from ’66 to present for all the magazines and still freelance under various names for WWE’s own magazines and books. I have a ton of shots on the upcoming one hour Steve Austin major interview debuting on cable this Friday. TNA house shows I’ve covered have been really great so maybe it was just the baseball stadium venue(they appeared there I believe last year too). Support your indies!