Criticism Of Linda McMahon, Goldberg's Opinion Of Vince McMahon & Why He Left WWE, Top WWE Talent, Ryback's Push

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Do you feel Linda McMahon's past affiliation with WWE is hindering her run for a seat in the United States Senate?

Let's be clear; Linda McMahon didn't have an "affiliation" with WWE, she was and is WWE. While she left WWE to pursue a career in politics, Linda will always be connected with WWE not only because she is a McMahon and the wife of Vince but because she played an integral role as an executive of the company for almost 30 years. The criticism Linda has endured is part of the political landscape in America and anyone that runs for public office in this country can expect to be attacked for anything even close to being controversial. Linda has the money and resources to get in the public eye and as a result has a good shot at winning the race, however, there is something unsettling about a McMahon in Washington.

It is known that Goldberg was unhappy with WWE's storylines being adult oriented and not suitable for a younger audience. So, he left WWE. But, he was part of WWE for a few years and it would've been nice to see a wrestler of his popularity to make an appearance on the 1000th episode of Raw. What exactly happened between Goldberg and Vince/WWE? Did they part under unhappy terms?

You are correct. Goldberg left WWE because he was unhappy with the state of the product, specifically referencing the Super Hero In Training storyline (with Rosey), so he departed after Wrestlemania 20 when his contract expired. Goldberg said last year he doesn't have a positive thing to say about Vince McMahon and didn't like the way he handled his character. Regarding a possible appearance on next week's 1000th Raw, Goldberg said he wouldn't be appearing Monday on Twitter.

Who does WWE currently see as their top two guys right now?

John Cena and CM Punk are seen as the two top performers in WWE. Cena shouldn't surprise anyone but CM Punk earned his spot, by forcing the company to push him and meet his contract demands. Randy Orton's second documented Wellness Policy violation further solidified Punk's status as the second "face of the company" and has been deemed largely unreliable.

I enjoyed the segment on this week's Raw Supershow where Jack Swagger attacked Ryback only for Ryback to recoup and take him out. Who do you think looked strong and more in line for a push?

Ryback is being pushed as Vince McMahon is very high up on his look and gimmick. Jack Swagger, while he didn't get pinned by Ryback, has seen his stock plummet and doesn't appear to be in line for anything.

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  • Andy

    Goldberg is my favourite wrestler of all time – mostly because of childhood – but even I think he is slightly ungrateful when he discusses McMahon "didn't handle his character well". His year in WWE (as far as I remember) he only lost around 3-4 matches whilst winning the WHC and having a potential, yet flop, blockbuster match with Brock Lesnar. I think most guys in the business would have killed for that.

    • urnemystic

      Dont think anyone actually wanted to work with goldberg. He was sloppy, really hurt people in the ring, and in my opinion was highly overrated. Dont get me wrong he was strong as a bull and had a very chiseled, unique look, but i dont recall him ever having a 5 star match (that didnt involve someone like jericho, bret hart or triple h carrying it) and his mic skills needed a lot of work.

      • LoL, right. Anyone who ever considered Goldberg their favourite of all time never understood what wrestling is about. All he did were one dimensional 5 minute matches which would end in the same way with a spear and a jackhammer regardless of who the opponent is. One of the most over-rated wrestlers of all time. The max he will do is make an appearance at the Royal Rumble and probably get thrown out by Lesnar or Kane.

  • Dave Barton

    Goldberg was not in WWE for a few years…it was only 1 year.

    • Dave Barton

      Why do people feel the need to down-rep me for correcting an inaccuracy? Its not like I was a jackass about it. Goldberg showed up the day after WM19 & had his last match at WM20…that's 1 year.

      • joe

        i agree why would you down-vote someone for being correct?

  • havoc525

    Goldberg’s issue with “his character” shouldn’t shock anyone, after Jericho outted him for buying too far into his own hype in WCW.

  • Logan_Walker

    Thanks For Using My Question Richard

    What i meant and what you covered in the top Question about Linda, was that she was with the company so long that her past career with WWE is ultimately going to affect her chances on becoming a senate.

    And i've seen a few website that are showing the same footage that the reporter the other day was on about. but sadly they are just going to keep using that against her because they have nothing else on her and they keep bringing it up to keep it in light.

  • Dig Baddy

    They need to repackage or release Swagger altogether. While he is super talented, his new hair cut is goofy and his lisp makes it incredibly difficult to take him seriously. When I hear "Swagger" I think of the Shawn Michaels, Stone Colds, etc. This Swagger reminds me more of Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Just because you bounce around the ring and do push ups doesn't mean you have swagger. And with all that money you're making now see a speech therapist dude!

    • Logan_Walker

      No Doubt That Many Of the WWE Superstars Need to be Repackaged but the WWE doesn't have the time for them to push / repackage all of them

    • Brandon

      I couldn't agree more. Additionally, I would like to see him stop using the ankle lock. I feel like WWE wanted Swagger to incorporate some of what made Kurt Angle successful, specifically his move set and touting his athletic accomplishments, but Swagger is no where near the level of Kurt Angle, and so for me his character just doesn't work.

      • Mr.Love

        Swagger is a cheap knock off of Kurt and honestly has the most boring matches along with adr

  • Anand

    Thanks for answering my question on Goldberg Richard 🙂

    I was and am a huge Goldberg fan and it would've been great to see him in wwe.

  • Blake

    Ryback rules

    • n1ck

      let me guess, your 13 years old?

      • Dunstan


        • Jonom83


      • joe

        he actually likes a current wrestler? must be naive right? nice logic there champ

  • opie

    And what he’s saying is that there is no “past affiliation” with WWE. She is still affiliated, and will forever be affiliated. Her opponents and detractors use that footage because she was the CEO of the company while they were producing material with which many people weren’t comfortable. That was the last job she had before running for senate, and she is responsible for the product she sold. I’m not judging Linda or the product, but don’t be surprised that people are holding her actions against her in a senate race.

  • Charles

    I like Swagger’s look (not including the new haircut) and in ring skills but the guy just seems void of personality, and for some reason I find his entrance kind of cringy.

  • Gary

    Swagger looks like a fool with that new hair-cut, lol

    • Mr.Love

      He looks like his mom is dressing him

  • Kevin

    Ryback’s gimmick will soon get over with the audience. It’s hard to take a guy serious when he’s beating local jobbers, but with Monday night, him going over a former champion. I see bright things in his future. But then again we saw Brodus clay pin dolph and that did nothing for him so we shall see. I hope ryback gets a creditable match at summer slam.

  • Erissa Geldrig

    Ryback is about as impressive as a newspaper full of parakeet poop. Beating up on jobbers? Even two at a time? Really? What a joke, the only people he's taken on worth a crap have been Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger. Sure he beat them, but other than that Ryback is a Snooze Zone Instant Cure for Insomnia. Aka ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZVille.

    • Bill Clinton

      Even Goldberg fought creditable people. Hell, he beat Hugh Morris in his first ever match. And Hugh Morris was a mid card WCW wrestler that was well known.

    • Razmos01

      Yeah its called building him up, you will be back on here in a few months when Ryback is beating top talent singing his praises, smark!!!

  • Sebastian

    Saw my first glimpse of Ryback at Money In The Bank this week.
    Gotta say I love the character, nothing wrong with him other than lack of real opponents to squash. “Goldberg” chants are funny but I love the “Feed Me More” chanting, very catchy, best of luck to him and to you haters, shut the hell up! How can progress ever be made if you all bury every new character that comes on the scene, give it a rest already!

  • Nobody

    Ryback is definitely a Goldberg-revisited and i wouldn't be surprised if it was also – partially – Vince's way to have a go at Goldberg himself.
    As far as Ryback's matches go, they are indeed boring, but at least after 33248 squash matches, including a PPV one (sic!), he got mid card jobbers now and well well well, not able to slam both of them at the same time anymore ? Too bad, move along.