Cruiserweights In WWE, Stephanie vs. Vince, WWE Interest In AJ Styles, Has Pro Wrestling Peaked?

Given what seems like a renewed commitment to the tag division do you see WWE revamping the cruiserweight division?

WWE wants to do a show based around cruiserweight talent that is featured on the WWE Network - the problem is there has been little to no movement on the WWE Network becoming a reality. When it looked as though these plans were a go, WWE was interested in numerous cruiserweight names throughout the industry but that interest has tapered with the lack of information regarding the WWE Network. If the network ever gets off the ground, I see this being something the company will look to bring back and it should create more opportunities for high-flying workers.

How do you see the rumored Stephanie vs. Vince McMahon storyline playing out after Stephanie getting introduced as the "owner" of WWE? do you see the pay off being at Wrestlemania for control of the company?

WWE introducing Stephanie McMahon as the "owner" of the company is apparently part of the storyline progression that will eventually lead to a Stephanie and Vince McMahon program that you mentioned. I have not heard about the future creative plans but there is clearly a lack of interest in the current storyline as was very evident with the abysmal viewing audience posted by this week's Monday Night Raw. WWE had hoped the current McMahon/corporation storyline would be enough to spike ratings against the stiffer fall competition but so far, things have gone the other way.

Why do you think the WWE is not interested in signing AJ Styles?

Let me start by saying AJ Styles is under TNA contract through December so he can't negotiate with WWE until then. We were told the WWE interest in Styles is mild. While they respect his talent and abilities, they see him as a guy they would have to start from scratch with at 36-years-old. From what I've heard, his chances of getting a WWE contract would be better if WWE had a date for their prospective cruiserweight show.

What do you feel that the wrestling industry needs to become relevant again or has it peaked in the late 90s and we will never see that sort again?

It's impossible for me to predict whether or not we'll see another "pro wrestling boom" like we had in the late 90s. I absolutely think it is possible and is evident when Wrestlemania draws over 1 million buys. Let's not forget, WWE is a huge company is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The business needs a viable competitor because I'll argue that storylines are better when they're written with an act of desperation. The current stuff in WWE isn't resonating with the fan base and that became more than clear with Monday's Raw audience. If WWE had someone pushing them, they would likely be forced to "step up to the plate" more on a weekly basis. Sometimes I feel as though WWE shows are "mailed in" just to produce new live TV each week.

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  • Santaisreal

    Incoming “It’s becuase they are pushing Punk and bryan that the rateings are down!” comments.

    • Kris Mystery

      And Orton… and HHH… and a blubbering Big Show.

    • Lavell

      Because it’s the truth. Look at ratings from 2005 thru 2009 and look at ratings from 2010 up till now. Ratings were so much better before Vince started pushing all these overrated ROH guys. He needs to stop catering to the IWC which makes up a small portion of wrestling fans and get back to listening to what the fans want.

      • Robert Olley

        I seroously doubt vince could careless about the iwc its a minority. Wwe is pushing bryan,punk etc because they get huge crowd reactions.

      • LBP365

        TRUE and FALSE. False cause the WWE has proven it can make a star out of anyone CM Punk who also came from ROH. True because they brand them with a stigma that they came from a lower league to a big league and fans sometime look at that as marginal CM Punk came in as a Chicago own hard knox one of a kind. Bryant came in as a guy finally made it to the big one when it comes to that people rather have WWE originals Randy Orton, Cena, and even old WCW guys like Steve Austin went from a beach looking guy in WCW to a hard ASS in the WWE.

  • Me

    AJ Styles is a main event talent in any company. He is far beyond Saturday morning cruiserweight shows.

  • Xavier

    AJ Styles is better off staying in TNA at this point. If he came over to the WWE he would more then likely get stuck in the midcard. Most guys who make the jump from TNA to WWE only have mild success in the WWE. It’s a whole different ball game in the WWE.

    • Kris Mystery

      Isn’t AJ Styles for the most part mid carded in TNA as well?

      • Xavier

        Yeah probably. To be honest with you, I haven’t really followed TNA since 2006. Wherever AJ is in the pecking order on the TNA card he’d more then likely be a lot lower then that in the pecking order in the WWE if we were to make that jump over to the big leagues.

        • Malboja

          I’d rather see Austin aires go to wwe than aj and aires allready has ties with wwe

        • Scott Davies

          But does AJ need the change though. AJ has done everything in TNA & even if AJ went for a year. It might freshen him up a bit.

      • Thomas M.

        I was unaware that the main event of their biggest PPV of the year was considered TNA’s midcard.

        • Kris Mystery

          This time yes he is in the main event. Where has he been the rest of the year?

          • Jesse Sherwood

            In a “rebuilding” mode which, while different, went absolutely nowhere due to TNA’s lack of direction at the moment.

          • Kris Mystery

            But Jesse isn’t the fact that they put him through a rebuilding mode in itself a cause for concern? For good or bad it’s a very rare thing for WWE to repackage their top players… other than flipping them from face to heal. Now don’t get me wrong i’m a huge fan of AJ Styles and his work but find it strange that they would repackage one of their supposed top stars.

          • Jesse Sherwood

            I agree that it was a very questionable move on TNA’s part, but these days does TNA do much that isn’t very questionable? TNA knows AJ Styles just doesn’t work as a heel, but they still tried to force the issue this year. Granted, I liked brooding AJ, but it didn’t click with most fans.

  • Nostaljack

    I think the “corporate” storyline is just great. Triple H. and Stephanie have both been absolutely fantastic and Big Show has demonstrated his acting abilities throughout to tremendous effect. Even Randy Orton has risen to the challenge, by and large. I’m really enjoying it and don’t know why it’s not resonating.

    • Kris Mystery

      I respectfully disagree. Who wants to see Big Show blubbering like a baby? The corporate story line (again) just comes off as HHH ego stroking time and Steph’s acting skills are deplorable.Randy Orton is still Randy Orton.. boring. And with skits like Heyman/Rybacks on Monday it almost embarrasses me to admit to being a wrestling fan.

      • Nostaljack

        Stephanie is doing a fanastic job, IMHO. She comes across soft one minute and totally controlling the next and she can flip on a dime whenever it’s called for. Big Show had to start off that way in order to arrive where he did this past Monday night. As for Heyman, he absolutely *killed* it. Rybread is a waste of space, for sure, but Heyman did an absolutely amazing job with that segment.

        • Anand Vijayakumar

          Pairing Ryback with Heyman is vince’s last ditch effort to save his pet project. All his earlier efforts have failed.

          Just hope this does not waterdown and affect the punk vs heyman rivalry…

          I say – bring back brock and have him continue the rivalry with punk…

    • smark calloway

      i agree Nos, im really diggin’ the product at the moment too. but one of the reasons i think the ratings arent as high is nothing to do with the product, its just that there are so many other ways to watch raw ( or any wwe show for that matter ) than having to watch it live on the channel its broadcast. i mean you can watch it for free ( we have to pay extra to get the channel which shows raw here in the uk ) and whenever you want ,on websites like youtube or dailymotion ( theyre not suppose to be on there i know, but people always upload them ) or you can even download the shows via a wrestling torrent.. ive done this for years .. and i think more and more people are watching the product in ways like this instead of on tv , so of course it will affect the monday night ratings .but the days of wrestling getting 6, 7 , 8 point ratings like in the attitude era is probably never to return due to this computer age we live in

    • BIG M

      A positive post from Nostaljack OMG THE WORLD IS GOING TO END.

  • Ricky

    WWE needs to start acknowledging other companies. I think AJ would be great in WWE given the chance, he has the move set and skill set. You think guys like Bryan, Punk and Christian would all vouche for him if asked.

  • Avalanchian

    The ratings being low are due to season premieres and top MNF games. I put the WWE on the back burner during “How I Met Your Mother” new episodes. and MNF draws because football is popular in the United States. Remove the new shows and MNF and the ratings would still be the same. The WWE needs to accept it will lose people during these times no matter what.

  • BIG M

    Half the current roster are cruiserweight’s.
    Two of of WWE’s best main event talent right now Punk and Bryan are both under the 100 kg (220 lbs) weight limit what would be the point of brining back the division.
    The cruiserweight movement in the 90’s did its job it revolutionised the industry made smaller guys more talented guys more popular and more bankable than slow clumsy big men.
    Apart from elevating some undervalued mid card talent I don’t see any point in brining it back.

    • Batman

      Well, that’s exactly what the point would be. Elevate undervalued talent. And give WWE more tv to air to fill gaps in the schedule. What more do you want, exactly?

  • Max Akh

    The storyline with the McMahon’s will kick into a higher gear when Shane O Mac makes his highly anticipated return this Monday night after Battleground!

    • BIG M

      As cool as that would be I knda doubt it.
      Last I heard VKM and Shane O still aren’t on speaking terms and Shane is in charge of some on demand TV company now that keeps him pretty busy.
      Besides why would he won’t to come back after he got passed over by Triple H and Stephanie in the succession for the future WWE CEO and Chairman spots.

      • PFA56

        Never say never.
        No one thought Brett Hart would come back.

        • BIG M

          Think that was more of a business decision on the Hitman’s part.
          Trying to make more money on his image with merchandise and DVD’s still don’t think he Likes VKM.
          We know he still doesn’t like Triple H never did never will.
          HBK on the other hand who knows.

        • BIG M

          He resigned as CEO but he is still Chairmen of the company so he should still be too busy to start doing WWE again as well.
          Even if he did come back it would probably only be an on screen gig.
          Apart from being a majority stock holder Shane O Mac hasn’t got the Time and in my opinion the desire to be a part of WWE again in any capacity creative or corporate.

      • Max Akh

        Shane McMahon just stepped down as CEO of the company.. My theory is he reconcile with his pops and they will give him a piece of the WWE pie.

        • BIG M

          He only resigned as CEO he is still Chairmen of the company last time I checked thats still a full time job.
          Apart from being a stock holder I seriously doubt Shane O Mac will have anything more to do with WWE at a creative or corporate level.

  • Nick K

    Clearly a lack of interest? No more like Monday night football.

  • Jay El Bee

    The Corporation has been great so far they just need someone better to feud with than Daniel Bryan, but since Cena & Sheamus are injured and Punk is still feuding with Heyman there really aren’t many choices left.

  • Jamie

    I liked the corporation to start with but then it just became Big Show crying every week along with other things

  • Alexi

    The reason, besides football and no competition, that the ratings are in the tank is because there is absolutely no direction the same stars are continuously being pushed because Vince has no idea how to make new stars i.e. no promo time for anyone not named Punk, Triple H or Cena, no compelling characters, and an absolutely horrible Corporation retread (it’s not 1999 anymore the fans/Vince need to stop living in the past.I’ve barely watched for a couple of months it’s gotten so bad, and I’ve watched wrestling for well over 10 years, but things really need to change or things will just keep getting worse.