Cryptic Rusev Tweet - Are He And Lana Done With WWE?

There were some rumours and speculation earlier in the week that both Rusev and Lana had asked for their release from WWE after being unhappy with how the former's career had been handled on the Smackdown brand thus far.

Lana responded to the report on Twitter, stating it was inaccurate and then that was followed by Rusev's odd tweet today, which may just be him 'trolling' the fans as he is known to do sometimes.


  • Asukalanchian

    Can’t really say WWE treated him like he should have been billed. At one point they should have turned him into a face to go against Mahal instead of Orton. I felt he would have benefited from that

  • Vomkrieg

    I hope rusevs losing streak is just part of him discovering he needs Lana, and for her to drop being a wrestler and go back to managing him again. They work far better together than apart.

    • ROB-1.

      Yes, and she is not much of a wrestler.

      • Vomkrieg

        Yeah, but I don’t think she ever set out to be one. Its a bit rough to rate her, with limited training, against women who have been at this for a long time.