Cryptic Videos Once Again Linked To Chris Jericho Returning To WWE In 2012

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The rumor coming out of last night's Raw Supershow is the cryptic "lookwithin2012" video that aired on last night's show is for the return of Chris Jericho to WWE on Monday, January 2, 2012. The video is part of a series of cryptic videos that have aired on WWE programming over the last several weeks.

The only other name linked to the videos has been The Undertaker. I initially reported the videos were meant for Jericho but that it could have changed to Undertaker. Now it looks like things have been reverted back to their initial intention or rumors regarding Undertaker were sent out as a smoke screen. However, I will caution this has clearly changed and probably will again.

  • H.M.

    Lol I'm just going to wait until Jan 2nd, 2012 to see who it is instead of working myself into an over hyped frenzy only to be disappointed (ie. 2.21.11) by who it could be. I can only say that I HOPE it's Jericho.

    Regardless these video packages are well done, and really some of the best vignettes I've personally ever seen.

    On a side note, am I the only one who thinks that Undertaker would never refer to himself as a Prophet? Seems very Jericho-esque, considering he's claimed himself to be a 'savior' on many occasions in the past.

    Pure speculation but again, I'll just wait like an excited fan this time around.

    • lukey

      You are right I thought the same thing when I heard ‘prophet’ in the video, I thought to myself ‘taker doesn’t say that about himself it can’t be him’

      • guest

        could be calling himself a prophet of doom…..that would fit his persona

    • H.M.

      correction: only to be disappointed (ie. 2.21.11) by the end result.**

      • Matt scott

        It was never gonna be Sting. I font care that WWE branched out to him. it was always Taker.

  • Chris

    Double return again potentially for Jericho and Taker like they did for trips and taker this year?
    Jericho said he has nothing left to prove in the wrestling industry, but he’s never gone after the streak, which is about the last thing he could achieve (albeit lose undoubtably)

    • H.M.

      I might be in the minority here who doesn't want to see Y2J come back as a blip in 2011 only to feud with Undertaker and leave. I want him to stay for a few more years :/

      • Matt scott

        You’ll be alright there then. He’ll be a blip in 2012. Not 2011.

  • joe

    probably gonna be niether but someone either really unexpected or someone really uninteresting

  • Cyn

    Oh make up your damn mind already, Vince!

  • Hiram

    idk, i see them all pointing more towards Taker

  • keagan

    Despite any evidence, I still believe that it's the return of the legendary Brooklyn Brawler…

    • MVP

      or Bastion Booger.

    • James

      Enough with the Brawler stuff Keagan,enough. XD

  • Bryan

    Its brodus clay.

    • Josh in MN

      I hate to do it, but I need to agree with Bryan. John L. kept saying Brodus's re-acquaintance needs to be BIG. And in Brodus's earlier promo's, he referred to himself as"the beginning and the end".

      I don't like this one bit.

      • Gio

        Yeah, but Taker is getting older and as he and Trips have satated Taker will only retire if he loses at WM, and I doubt that WWE would use Clay this early, and crazy, it has to be either Taker or Y2J. When Jericho first arrived to the WWE, then WWF, he used the vignetts to the year 2000, which many people thought was the end of life as we know it, and 2012 is also the year where life is expected to die, so that has to point more to Y2J.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    'Taker? Jericho? Lita? Could be anybody waitin to come back besides Kane. Ya'll seen his promos? Scary Good.

    • Matt scott

      Nope. Missed em. Must have been quite inconspicuous them things. -_-

  • JR Texx

    I think its Jericho, since Punk is now calling himself "Best in the world" Jericho needs a new line, prophet suits him.

  • mark

    It'll be Jericho… WM: Rock vs. Cena, Jericho vs. Punk, Kane vs. Taker, Brotus Clay vs. Mark Henry, Orton vs. Daniel Bryan…

    • chopper

      i have already posted that taker will face foley in hell in a cell at WM28 but the site will not put it up

  • Love Chris Jericho, hope he returns to WWE. He’s super hottt and a great wrestler. My favorite is the best RANDY ORTON!

  • ram

    What would really be funny is, with all the cryptic videos…it turns out all a spoof and DX is behind it…WOO WOO WOO! SUCK IT! You could have the kid at his desk with all the cryptic talk…then you hear someone in the corner making noise, like a wrapper being unwrapped with a candybar…then you hear the smacking and chewing…finally you see the boy slam down the pencil and say, "Do you mind!"…Then the camera pans over and shawn Micheals is sitting in a too small desk and says, "Sorry…My bad."…..Then Hornswaggle can walk in, and since he's talking now say, "SUCK IT!"……
    If you can't figure out, these videos are getting boring. DX is about the only thing that will liven up RAW again. I thought it was going that direction was HHH as in charge. Now the strength is in whether to boo or cheer Cena? Give me a break!

  • ram

    Over the past few months, the only thing entertaining has been CM Punks rants and pipebombs. I hope he, or someone else mocks this video, maybe even spoofs it…but, like I said above, the best spoofers were DX. If this drags out much longer, even Monday Night Football might have more action. Who is this John Laurinaitis, sounds more like a disease…better yet sounds just like Super Dave Osborne… CM Punk should walk in wearing his 'stunt man' outfit!

  • marko

    I for one hope it is Jericho. His mike work is second to none and he would be the best to put over some of the younger guys like Punk. I hope to God it is not DX whose immature antics and constant penis references (makes you wonder which way they swing) are incredibly asinine and may make 14 year old boys think it's cool but not many of us older fans.