Current Plans For WWE Payback Next Month

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Kane is expected to take place again at WWE Payback on June 1. The rumored stipulation is a Buried Alive match, which makes sense given the fact their encounter at Extreme Rules was gimmick-heavy.

There are also plans to do The Shield vs. Evolution at the pay-per-view next month with current plans being discussed.

Initial indications were that AJ Lee would be back for Payback, however, that appears to be in flux. We have a complete update on AJ’s future in the company here on

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  • The Undertaker’s sexy gel pens

    Any chance CM Punk will return?

    • MadDawg

      Highly doubtful

    • Ricky


    • Mysterion

      For God sakes…

    • Dj Marvelouz

      well there is a report about cm punk being at the blackhawks game with a blackhawks jersey that says “punk” on the back…. if he was really gone from the wrestling world, wouldn’t he have a jersey with “brooks” on the back

      • Mysterion

        He hates being called “Phil” by fans and which name is his fame name? If I was famous as CM Punk and hated being called my birth name I wouldn’t then ask to be known by that.

        • Dj Marvelouz

          ok if thats the case, then why did he go by phil brooks on the talking dead?? he’s still signed with the company, so he coulda used cm punk, but he didn’t

          • Mysterion

            Or maybe, just maybe, he’s had that shirt for a long ass time. A lot like the CM Punk ring name he’s used basically his whole career. This isn’t some illuminati bulls***. He’s gone he walked away. Stop getting sad about the fact CM Punk doesn’t love you as much as you love him. He’s spoiled and self centred and, honestly, isn’t needed back. Get over it.

          • Pembroke

            Nice to see your actually contributing to the debate Mysterion rather than mouthing off at Richard for uploading Twitter pics.

      • Vic Jose

        He’s always used the name Punk so it doesn’t mean squat

    • Theophilus McFadden

      I love Rock N’ Troll!/so put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

      • The Undertaker’s sexy gel pens

        I donate every time I read one of your *coughs* articles.

    • Vic Jose

      There is No Chance In Hell, now shut the hell up! lol

  • Ricky

    Big mistake to do Evolution vs. Shield again. As I don’t see Evolution doing the honors twice and I don’t see how a loss to Evolution would do anything but hurt the Shield seeing that they just beat them at Extreme Rules.

    • David F

      unless if it something different like an elimination style match or one on one single matches between Shield and Evolution. I would be fine with that. Plus since its minor ppv on WWE network. WWE is not going to focus too much on it. Although the Chicago crowd will make it entertaining event

  • Vic Jose

    Well that’s a good way to put an end to the Demon Kane, bury him.