Curt Hawkins Calls Mark Henry An Idiot

One recently released WWE star is none too happy with Mark Henry boasting about his upcoming 18th year anniversary with the company on a day where 10 workers were released.

Curt Hawkins called Mark Henry an "idiot" for the Tweet. The following is from Twitter:

While Henry's Tweet is certainly ill-timed, Curt Hawkins is much braver than I am.

  • Zack

    He’s not wrong

  • Josh G

    WWE is actually trolling us all and the released stars will return as a faction to attack those who wronged them. Lol.

    • Tom Mayer

      That would be an excellent setup for a work.

      They had an edict of not firing/releasing people, but just letting their contracts run out… So this kinda contradicts the law of the land at the moment.

  • Ricky

    Today is not the day I would go and post that Mark.

    • Patrick

      Did Vince tell Mark Henry he was letting go some of his colleagues before He tweeted about his up coming anniversary? I Doubt it. so he had no way of knowing.

      • Eddie Edwards

        Except the releases happened at 11 AM and Henry tweeted that at 12:58 PM. He must have missed it

        • Jay El Bee

          You’re assuming he reads the dirtsheets as much as us. This Twitter post was probably the only time he was on the internet all morning, if he even posted this himself.

          • Eddie Edwards

            You’re right. It’s purely coincidence that he tweeted about being in the company for 18 years the same day 11 people were fired.

          • Jay El Bee

            No the only coincidence would be that those 11 people were fired on his birthday. If you looked at his Twitter timeline you would see that he posted 7 pictures that day from various times in his WWE career, and Richard just happened to post the last one up above.

  • Cory S

    Richard might have the best looking twitter screenshots on the net.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Dick move by Mark. 18 years in August. Well it’s June currently so what other kind of reason did he have to post that?

  • theburningfire

    There’s a very legitimate chance that he didn’t know about the releases, or just had a moment of absent-mindedness. It happens to everyone. Hawkins calling a guy names (and a guy who could demolish him no less, but won’t now that Hawkins won’t be anywhere near the locker room) is immature and rash. I’ve heard and read interviews with Henry before. He always comes across as a professional class act. I seriously doubt he was trying to rub salt in any wounds.

    • Justin

      I highly doubt he didn’t know about the releases.

      • theburningfire

        There are any number of reasons he may not have become aware within the few hours between the announcements and his post. I’m just saying it’s unlikely that he was being deliberately malicious. But Hawkins just became unemployed, so I suppose he could use a little grace too.

        • Justin

          It looks very suspicious that he’s tweet that the same exact day 11 people were fired.

    • Nick K

      Mark Henry is a large slow man I’m his 40’s Hawkins would mess him up in a fight. 5, 6 years ago no way but now is a different story.

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      Bullshit. It’s either a storyline or Mark is just plan stupid for an August anniversary in June

      • theburningfire

        I’m doubting either of those, but I’m cool with agreeing to disagree.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Who cares about your 18th anniversary in AUGUST, it’s currently June. Not quite sure why Mark had to go there on a day 10 people lost a job.

    • Dave Barton

      He could’ve just been thankful he was not one of those who got released.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Then say that

  • Seth

    Open mouth…insert foot.

  • Justin

    I agree with Curt. Mark should know better.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Maybe he thought he was getting released?