Curt Hawkins Says WWE Piece On Curtis Axel/The Rock Was A "Cold Blooded Move"

Curtis Axel -- whose real name is Joe Hennig -- spent time with The Rock in helping prepare him for WWE matches in his run with the company over the last three years. Dot com recently featured this connection in a new Q&A piece with Axel that we recapped at this link. Not everyone was pleased with the piece as they feel they were left out.

Former WWE star Curt Hawkins -- whose real name is Brian Myers -- Tweeted the following about the piece:

For those that do not remember, The Rock actually worked with both Axel and Hawkins to prepare for his WWE run that began in 2012.

Hawkins, a victim of WWE's 2014 mass roster cuts, recently made headlines for calling Mark Henry an idiot. He is currently training wrestlers at his Create a Pro Wrestling Academy. Click here for more information.

  • Michael

    He trained the Rock too.

  • Jay El Bee

    I guess Hawkins didn’t realize this was an interview with Axel, not some news piece detailing everything about how the Rock was trained for his comeback.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Actually, the article IS all about The Rock’s comeback – it is even titled “Building a better Brahma Bull”.
      In that context, he has every right to be offended as it basically omits his involvement.

      • Josh P

        Lol so for every good deed you need to be recognized for it? He’s not a WWE Superstar anymore… And although I can see why he would be mad I feel he’s just bitter and trying to stay relevant.

        • Bob’s Diner

          2 men helped work with The Rock to get him in ring shape. 2 years later, one of those men was fired. Then the other was highlighted in a piece that made it look like he was the only one to work with The Rock, therefore making him look like some sort of superstar because he has failed to connect with the crowd.

          That is a bit cold blooded.
          They could have done this article at any time in the last 2 years. Instead they chose now, when one of the men involved has been fired. Again, it looks to me like they have done it now because Curtis Axel has pretty much failed with every attempt at a push they’ve given him. Hawkins is probably a bit hurt because they never really gave him even close to the chances they’ve given Axel – and now on top of that they are giving him all the ‘glory’ of this article as well.

          • cv2k

            That’s true, they could have at least referred to him as a “former” Superstar.

      • Jay El Bee

        I can see why you would think that if you only looked at the first page of the interview, but in the second page he talked about being a Heyman guy and helping to train Lesnar. So despite the name of the article it wasn’t just about the Rock’s comeback.