Curt Hawkins Speaks On Tyler Reks' Release; Comedian Amy Schumer Reveals A Former Relationship With Dolph Ziggler

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-Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks' former tag team partner, had the following to say about Reks' release today:

-Comedian Amy Schumer recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show and claimed that she recently dated WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler. Click here for more information. (Thanks to WNW reader Logan Walker for sending this in).

  • Really? Dolph couldnt do any better?

    • gpturbo81

      you'd motorboat em`

    • Ken

      She's not exactly top shelf material, but she's better than VIckie.:P

  • Dig Baddy

    I listened to Amy's interview. She was very fond of Dolph and had nothing but good things to say about him. She's pretty hilarious too. Everyone should check her at on you tube.

  • CrankyVince

    She said that sex with Dolph was too athletic like, he would throw her around as if they were wrestling. But said he was a sweetheart and she learned a lot about the business from him.

  • “The Nightmare”

    Looks like the party dancing/stripper gimmick that Reks and Hawkins tried out on RAW did him in. Would like to know if Richard knows anymore on this?

    • “The Nightmare”

      I recall this comment for not being smart enough to read on first, SMH! Sorry!

  • _JIM_

    Wait, I thought Dolph was Vicki’s boy toy? I can’t believe he’d cheat on her. So you mean to tell me that isn’t real? Lol.